November 29, 2015 - Saint Anthony of Padua Church

Father George Aguilera, Pastor
F at her Elmer Empinado, Associat e Pas tor
D eac o n A nt o n i o H u er t a
Parish Address & Office Hours
1050 West 163rd Street Gardena, CA 90247
Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 1:00PM & 2:00PM - 9:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Office: (310) 327-5830 Fax: (310) 327-6440
Web Address: http://saintanthonygar dena.or g/
Parish Contacts
Faith Formation
Madonna Castro, Director (310) 323-0860
Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil Mass:
Sunday Masses:
5:30PM (English)
7:30AM (English)
9:00AM (En Español)
11:00AM (English)
1:00PM (En Español)
5:30PM (English)
Weekday Masses: Monday - Friday
6:30AM & 8:00AM
Saturday Morning:
High School Confirmation Program
Mr. Chris Patao, Coordinator (310) 327-3953
Office of Youth Ministry - LIFETEEN/EDGE
Mr. Chris Patao, Coordinator (310) 327-3953
Parish Music Program
Mr. Minh Trinh, Director (310) 938-6461
St. Anthony Elementary School
Mrs. Angela Grey, Principal (310) 329-7170
St. Anthony Day Nursery
Sister Yadira Villalobos, M.C., Director (310) 329-8654
8:00AM only
1st Friday of the month:
7:00PM (Mass) Adoration until 10:00PM
1er Viernes del Mes:
7:00PM (Misa) Adoración hasta las 10:00PM
Confessions: Saturday 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Baptisms in English: Pr e-Baptismal classes are held on the 1st Wednesday of each
month. Parents and Godparents are required to attend. Baptisms are on the 1st and 3rd
Saturday of each month. Stop by the rectory to Register.
Bautismos en Español: Clases pre-bautismales se ofrecen los primeros 3 lunes de cada
mes. Es requisito que padres y padrinos asistan. Los Bautismos se celebran el 2o y 4o
sábado de cada mes. Pasen a la rectoría para inscribirse.
marriage/Arreglos para Boda
Prayer Services
Engaged couples are strongly encouraged to contact the parish office for
Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help appointments and classes 6 months prior to proposed wedding date.
Contact the parish office for details.
Every Wednesday, 6:30PM in the Church
Rosary - Legión de María (En Español)
Every Tuesday, 9:00AM in the Old Church
Parejas que desean casarse necesitan ponerse en contacto con la
parroquia para empezar hacer arreglos por los menos seis meses antes de
la fecha propuesta.
First Sunday of Advent
November 29 2015
Mass Intentions
Monday, November 30
6:30 AM
+Irame Hernandez+
8:00 AM
+Ricky Compean+
Tuesday, December 1
+Sara Gastelum+
+Josefina Brizuela+ (27th anniversary)
Wednesday, December 2
Intentions of Robin Dinnoo
+Maria Javier & Victoria Gallenero+
Thursday, December 3
+Joseph Lee & Maria Kim+
+Edgar Knapp+
Friday, December 4
Intentions of Robert Ruiz
+John Paul B Aquino+
Saturday, December 5
+Rafael Navarrete+
+Maria Miuccio+
Sunday, December 6
+Ron Foley+
+Socorro Marquez+
+Guillermo de la Torre+
+Dudley Simmonds+(26th anniversary)
All Saint Anthony’s Parishioners
Keep them in your Special Prayers
Our brothers and sisters who are ill, especially: Alber t Br uce,
Molly McMillan, Mike Orozco, Hannah Cook, Mike Orozco, Betty
Ambrosi, Bert Yoshida, Vickie Walters, Diane Sanchez, Maria Luisa
Bravo, Richard Ramirez, Connie Lozano, Ingrid Leggott, Margaret
Walsh, Catherine Dinnoo, Erneel & Joycelyn Vanderhorst, George
Park, Mona Rodier, Rae Evans, Helen Karas, Marguerite Thackeray,
Salvador Peralta, Dolores Campos, Antonio Jacob, Nelson Salazar,
Steve Herrera, Florpina Loriega, Conrad Alegria, Wendy Nacion,
Michelle Chong, Valentine Hobayan, Fernando Plaridel Papa, Baby
Josue Perez, Vidal Sonny Dungca, Bert De Santo, Florence Larson,
Stephanie Authur, Charlene Padilla, Eileen Lujan, Susan Gutierrez,
Kimberly Mathely, Luis Gonzalez, Cecelia Ward, Asmeret Abraham,
Gloria Allain, Arturo Marin, Joshua & Jeremiah Peralta, Martha Lan,
Yolanda Hernandez, Laly Savoy, Norma Lee Hoy, Elisa Hernandez,
Rosa Medrano, Alejandro Borror, Lorraine Bojorquez, Mary Tata
Ocano, Emil Angeles, And remember those who have recently been
called from this life especially: Lor etta Ber o
It’s that time again to purchase
Hawaiian Raffle tickets for the
St. Anthony of Padua School
Fundraiser! Tickets are only
$1.00 each for a chance to win a
trip for 8 days and 7 nights to
beautiful Hawaii! Tickets are
on sale in the school office or in
the rectory. Many thanks for
your support!
Becoming a Knight of Columbus can
transform your life. Gardena Valley Council
4038 serves the needs of our parishes and
local communities, including St. Anthony of
Padua, Maria Regina and the Korean Catholic
Center. Join the Knights of Columbus. Visit
For more information please call:
Gerry 310-989-4276
Juan 310-245-7258
Jesse 310-538-4508
Kent 424-221-3022
Eddie 310-384-6350
Lawrence 310-9406196
Advent Retreat for Adults
Sunday Hospitality
November 29th
Filipino Ministry
will be selling coffee, donuts and other food items after masses to
raise funds for their program. Y our support is appreciated!
The Rosary will be held on Monday, November
30th at 7pm at the home of Jackie LaBouff (3810
W. 173rd St.) For more information please call
(310) 329-7029.
“ Advent is a journey towards Bethlehem…let us be drawn by the Light
of God made man.” Pope Francis
Sunday, December 13th, 10am – 3pm, Mass at 2pm
Includes lunch. Freewill oering greatly appreciated.
Please RSVP by December 11th
to 714-557-4538 or Š‡ƒ”–‘ϐŒ‡•—•”…̷•„…‰Ž‘„ƒŽǤ‡–
2927 S Greenville St. Santa Ana, CA 92704
Primer Domingo de Adviento
Upcoming Events
EDGE Winter Fair December 17,2015 @6
-9:00 pm in Parish Hall
Office of Youth Ministry
Christmas Tree Pre-sale
Advent is a time rich in family traditions. Many of
them have been so effectively absorbed into our
culture that their religious origins are hidden. Some
of us will set candles in our windows tonight. The
custom began in Ireland during the so-called "penal"
days, extending from 1691 to the "Catholic
Emancipation" in 1829 and beyond. There were
harsh penalties and fines for not attending the
government church. Priests were forced into hiding,
but people were resourceful and determined in
guarding their faith. At Christmas, Irish families,
particularly in the countryside, placed a lighted
candle in the cottage window and left the door
unlatched, hoping that a priest might come by and
celebrate the Christmas Mass for them.
The possibility of the Mass coming into the family
home gave rise to other Irish customs at the
beginning of Advent. The cottage received a fresh
coat of whitewash, the threshold was swept
especially clean, and fresh curtains were hung in the
windows. The house was scrubbed until it gleamed,
including all the pots and pans, and all garments and
table linens were laundered. The custom of the Irish
window candle was so admired in Catholic Europe
that it was widely copied there, and now finds a
welcome in households that may not exactly expect a
--Rev. James Field, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.
Bodas Comunitarias
Las Bodas Comunitarias son una
compromiso de amor con tu pareja.
contactarse con Noemi (310) 8190253 o Estelita (310) 293-2543.
29 de Noviembre de 2015
When secrets become dangerous
There is no better time of year to review the important family rules that help
to keep all children safe. It takes just a few moments to review with your
children what to do in an emergency, who the special and safe adults in their
life are, and the importance of not keeping secrets. Some secrets, like a gift
for a special occasion, can be fun and safe to keep. Secrets that hurt others,
involve any kind of unsafe or inappropriate touching or anything that bothers
a child – are secrets that are NOT safe to keep. Help your child understand
the difference. For a copy of the VIRTUS® article “Back to School:
Secrets,” email: [email protected].
Cuando los secretos se vuelven peligrosos
No hay ningún mejor momento durante el año para repasar las reglas
familiares sobre la seguridad de los niños. Tome sólo unos minutos para
repasar con sus hijos qué hacer durante una emergencia, quiénes son los
adultos especiales en su vida con quienes están seguros, y la importancia de
no mantener secretos. Algunos secretos, como un regalo para una ocasión
especial, pueden ser divertidos y seguros de mantener. Secretos que hacen
daño a otros, que implica contacto físico inapropiado, o cualquier cosa que
molesta a un niño, son secretos que NO son seguros de mantener. Ayuda a su
hijo a entender la diferencia. Para una copia del artículo de VIRTUS® “Back
to School: Secrets” (Regreso a la escuela: Secretos) envíe un correo
electrónico a: [email protected].