ANNUNCIATION PARISH - Annunciation Catholic Church

February 1, 2015
PASTOR: Fr. Tony Rinaldo, 573-635-6143 [email protected]
DEACON: Ed Schepers, 573-694-9331 [email protected]
PARISH OFFICE: 573-796-4842 or [email protected], Hall 796-3568
PASTORAL MINISTER: Sr. Mary Ruth Wand, [email protected] 796-2654
SECRETARY: Ruth Ann Jobe, 796-4842, [email protected]
PARISH COUNCIL PRESIDENT: Doug Distler, 644-3127 [email protected]
BAPTISMS: By appointment. Please call for Parental Sacrament preparation
WEDDINGS: Please contact at least 4 months in advance
RECONCILIATION: Saturdays @ 3 PM before Mass – Sundays @ 9 AM or by appointment
Jan. 31
4 PM – Mark Imhoff
Feb. 1
10 AM – Parish
Feb. 1
Noon – Spanish Mass
Feb. 3
8 AM -- Alma Hile
Feb. 6
8 AM -- Bill & Gertrude Roll Family
Deceased Members
Feb. 7
4 PM – Parish
Feb. 8
10 AM – Don Heinen
Feb. 8
NOON -- Spanish Mass
Feb. 2
5:45 PM – Prayer of Holy Rosary
Feb. 3
7 PM -- RCIA
Feb. 4
6:30-8 PM - PSR/EDGE/HS
8:15 PM -- Mustard Seed
Feb. 5
7 PM
-- Holy Hour
Feb. 8
9 AM–Noon -- Confirmation
Monthly Goal: $23,100.00
1st week: $3,537.87
3rd week: $2,040.42
2nd week: $5,910.63
4th week: $5,220.72
Mustard Seed: $55.00
Building Fund: $40.00
Short of Goal: $6,390.36
Pray for the sick: Alan Irey, John Dorn; Allyson Imhoff
(granddaughter of Vince & Gloria Imhoff); Teresa Kirchhoff;
Lu Girard; Casey Garber, Norman Wood; Carlene Blickhan
(SMR sister); Nanette Boessen (sister of Alicia Taube);
Anthony “Tony” Taube Sr. (father to Mike); Barbara Reichl
(Bill’s mother); Jim Wand (SMR brother); Fr. Ed Schmidt;
Gary Bardwell; Max Williams; Joy Whitaker; Carole Barbour;
Sheila Stark (daughter of Earlene Elliott); Joel Rivera; Francis
Knaebel; Kenny Fischer; Betty Gombkoto; Russell Milligan;
Catherine Bruemmer (sister of Rosina Loethen & Bev Frank);
Phyllis Rimel (sister of Sandy Schaeffer); Morris Burger; Carol
Rackers; Charlotte Baker; Gertie Leonard; Irene Hodler;
Philip Imhoff; Carol Baker; Doris (Tiny) Walters; Bob Winkler;
Betty Edwards; Alvin Nannemann (Becki Collier Uncle), Kay
Krewenka, and Mary Wood.
Please notify the office if your phone number or your
email changes.
Information for the Bulletin needs to be submitted by
Wednesday, 8 AM for publication in the weekend bulletin.
Pastor’s Notes . . . .
February 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
“He taught them as one who had authority…” The
people in the synagogue at Capernaum were amazed that
Jesus taught with authority, because only the Scribes and
Pharisees had the authority, or power, to teach. His teaching
and his “stamp of approval” came directly from God.
The Church gets its authority to teach from three sources:
Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium, or teaching office.
Scripture is obvious, of course. We believe that the Bible
is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and “All scripture is inspired by
God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and
for training in righteousness…” (1 Timothy 3:11)
Tradition: Here we differ from most other Christian
believers. The Tradition that we hold to has been handed
down to us from the Apostles. This includes those things
such as the writings of the Church Fathers and the Rosary,
novena prayers.
The Magisterium: This term may not be familiar to many
of you. The Church, in response to the need to understand
and interpret Scripture and Tradition in light of an ever
changing world, devotes itself to study and prayer. Guided
by the Holy Spirit, according to Jesus’ promise, the
Magisterium offers authentic teaching for all Catholic
believers. Examples are things such as medical issues
regarding end of life decisions, such as the use of life support
for the terminally ill. With new medical knowledge, situations
arise that demand an answer based upon Church teaching.
Other things that the Magisterium studies are marriage and
family questions in today’s world. So, in brief, we can rely
upon and put into practice the teachings of the Church in our
lives with full confidence that she is guided into all truth by
the Holy Spirit.
Fr. Tony
Sympathy and prayers to the family of Ida Mertens, a long-time
parishioner. May her soul be granted eternal rest and comfort
be granted to her family.
Please donate old palms in preparation for Ash
Wednesday. There will be a box in the back of church.
The EDGE group will burn the palms from last year to
make ashes for Ash Wednesday.
The first of the year is a great time to sign up for automatic
withdrawal for Sunday contributions. This can be done
anytime. Automatic withdrawals may be made on the 5th or the
20th of the month OR on both dates. These contributions may
also be increased, decreased or stopped altogether at any
time. This is a great way to give back to God the first fruits!
Contact the office to have a consenting form sent to you.
2014 CONTRIBUTION Envelopes are in vestibule of
Annunciation Teens on the Right to Life March in Washington
DC. Thank you for taking a stand and representing
Annunciation Parish at the March. The teens are thankful for
the prayers prayed for their safety to Washington, D.C. and
back. Thanks to Matthew Hurt, Jack Johnston, Sydney
Labruary, Brooklyn VanLoo, and Peyton Hampton for going on
this pilgrimage. Thank you to Chris Hurt for being their
Please Pray for Vocations
Song Leader
Mustard Seed
Eucharist to
Shut Ins
Feb. 7, 2015, 4 PM
Feb. 8, 2015, 10 AM
Don & Jean
Russ & Lisa Anderson
Pam Brauner
Becky Collier
Dane & Denise Clutter
Ethan Bloch
Seth Bax
Paul Bloch
Sandy Deraps
Michelle Sumner
David & Mary Jo
Russell & Donna
Marian Fleischmann
Betty Pringer
Russell Anderson
Eric Schroeter
Sr. Mary Ruth
Garrett Ferguson
Colden Imhoff
Mark & Rosemary
Helen Bolin
J. Gattermeier
Mary Lou Porter
Floyd & Bev Cain
Alicia Taube
Mona Marshall
Margaret Bieri
Judy Scott and DiAnne Naros
Ruthie Adams is now taking charge of the PSR program and
other youth activities. Ruth Ann Jobe is still working at the
parish, but fewer hours. For the next several months she will
be Babysitter Extraordinaire for Baby Max a couple of days a
The next Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday, February
10 at 7 PM.
Lent begins on February 18. This year our parish will again
offer the opportunity for small group faith sharing. It will be
Father Robert Barron’s spiritual study: Seven Deadly Sins &
Seven Lively Virtues. Join a small group by contacting
Sister Mary Ruth at 796-2654. In these groups you will have
a better understanding of sin and learning practical advice on
how to instill a life of virtue. If you have participated in a group
in past years, contact your leader and invite a friend to join
CONFIRMATION is Wednesday, March 18 at 7 PM. Other
important dates for Confirmation Candidates are:
Sunday, March 1, Retreat at Camdenton
Sunday, March 15, Vocation Reflection Day at Cathedral
The William H. (Bill) Simon Scholarship Fund
The Fund awards scholarships to Catholic students who are in
financial need for the purpose of attending an accredited
college or university of the student’s choice. The deadline for
submission of the application, SAR, and letters of
recommendation is March 31, 2015. Applications and more
information are available in the back of church.
Sr. Mary Ruth has many pictures taken over the years. They
will be in the church basement after this week-end masses
and at other opportune times for anyone to take.
K of C Scholarship Fundraiser
Sunday February 15th...
Will be serving our Famous Rope Sausage
Biscuits & Gravy, fresh scrambled eggs, pancakes,
orange juice & coffee..
At Annunciation Catholic Church Hall
8:00AM to 11:30AM
Carry-outs available..Free will donation
Incoming Freshman Informational Meetings
Helias Catholic High School will hold informational meetings
and registration packet pick up on February 3 and February 5
at 7:00 PM in the Commons. Parents should plan to attend
one of these sessions. No sign up is necessary; just pick one
of the meetings. Registration materials and class schedule
information will be explained at the meetings. Packets will not
be available before February 3. Information concerning
financial aid and tuition grants will be included in these
On Friday, February 6, come and join us for a Eucharistic
Celebration in Honor Of The Sacred Heart at St Peter Parish
Chapel in Jefferson City. The evening begins with Praise and
Worship music at 6:45 PM and Mass at 7 PM. Everyone is
welcome to come and share and experience lots of singing,
sharing Scripture, celebrating Mass, the Sacrament of the
Anointing of the Sick, and individual prayer teams for additional
prayer requests. For more information call (573) 635-4373,
(573) 619-5136.
MARRIAGE MATTERS: Learn Natural Family Planning, and
it will change your family dynamics forever! It's faithful to the
Lord's teaching on how we reflect the Image of God in
marriage and family life. The winter series of personal
consultation classes begins February 1 in Jeff City at St.
Joseph and February 8 in Linn at St. George. Find out
more on Couple to Couple League, RSVP for the FREE Intro
Session or register for a full consultation course, visit Questions? Call 660-298-3683
YOU Can Help Your Marriage – 25% of surveyed couples say
they are “Happily Married”. For everyone else there is
Retrouvaille. Are you frustrated or angry with each other?
Does talking only make it worse? For information on the
Retrouvaille Program, visit the website at or call 800-470-2230. The next
program begins the weekend of February 6-8, 2015.
World Day of Consecrated Life will be celebrated in the
Church on February 7-8. Please pray for all those who have
made commitments in the consecrated life, and be sure to
thank them on their special day. May they continue to be
inspired by Jesus Christ and respond generously to God’s gift
of their vocation.
Cursillo School of Leaders: Please join us as Ron Dunn
leads a discussion on what the purpose of the School of
Leaders is. Deacon Joe Puglis will also be presenting on
“Allegiances-Paul or Apollos.” Tuesday, February 10, 7-9 PM
at the Chancery offices of the St. Joseph Cathedral in Jeff City.
The St. Elizabeth K of C Fish Fry is scheduled for Friday,
February 13 from 4-7 PM at the St. Elizabeth Community
Center. Adults: $10, Children (6-12): $5.
It’s an evening of fellowship, fun, food and laughter! Join us on
Saturday, February 14 at 6 PM at St. Michael’s Hall in
Russellville. Cost: $35 per Couple. Meal is being catered by
Reinhardt Circle (Jefferson City). Contact Bruce & Gina Kudo
for tickets. 573-338-6772 or 573-338-6371.
The Diocesan Mass for World Day of the Sick will be held on
Sunday, February 15 at 2 PM. This celebration will be held
at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 903 Bernadette Drive,
Columbia, MO. The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
will be administered to those of the faithful of any age whose
health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age and are
properly disposed for the Sacrament. The public is invited
and all are encouraged to attend and to pray for the sick on
this special day. This Mass will fulfill the Sunday obligation.
Mark your calendars now for the 2015 Renewal Day on
February 28, to be held at the St. Thomas More Newman
Center in Columbia. Registration begins at 8 AM with Mass
following at 4:30 PM. Fr. Dennis Wait and Mr. Ed Wills will be
speaking on “Listen to Him”. For more information check the
Catholic Missourian. Weekend sponsored by the Catholic
Charismatic Renewal of the Jefferson City Diocese.
Engaged Encounter is for couples planning marriage who
desire a richer, fuller life together. The weekends are held at
St. Pius X in Moberly. The cost is $100 per couple and next
date is March 6-8, 2015. Registration at,
click “Our Church, Life & Marriage, Engaged Encounter”. The
cost for the weekend is $100 per couple. A $25 deposit made
payable to Engaged Encounter is required and to be included
with the registration form.
Pilgrimages to Medjugorje, Fatima/Camino di Santiago.
We have pilgrimages scheduled to St. James Church in
Medjugorje and to Fatima/Camino di Santiago. Bosica
Bartulica (who grew up in the Medjugorje area) will be
conducting the pilgrimages. The dates are: April 27 – May 1
for $2,750 to Fatima and 10 days on the Camino di Santiago
(The Way), and to Medjugorje May 11-19 for $ 1,975. The
price includes all flights, accommodations and many meals.
Prayerfully consider joining us. If you have questions, please
contact David Lankford at 573-694-8362 or
[email protected], or Bosica Bartulica at 816-2794509 or [email protected]