Parish Bulletin - St. Gregory the Great

Parish Bulletin
St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church
7 Church Street, Picton ON K0K 2T0
Web Site:
St. Frances of Rome Church (Mission)
65 Belleville Street, Wellington ON K0K 3L0
Reverend Thomas J. Thazhappally, OSH
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Telephone: (613)476-6276 Fax: (613)476-7293
Office Email: [email protected]
We extend a cordial welcome to all our visitors today. Please sign the register on the table in the
vestibule. We are happy to have you with us. If you are staying with us, consider filling out a
registration form which is available in the back
of the Church. If you would like to get involved
in this wonderful parish, glance over the names
of the groups and ministries that are active here.
We encourage your active participation.
St. Gregory
the Great is
Church encompassing people of different ages, talents, and
backgrounds. We are a faith community with a small town
feel of welcome and hospitality. The mission of St. Gregory
the Great Church is to respond faithfully to God's call as a
Catholic Community through worship, fellowship, service
and education. "Where love exists, it works great things. But
when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist." - St. Gregory the Great.
Parish Staff
Secretary: Dona Geggie - [email protected] Custodian: Donald Geggie 613-476-8213
Ministries, Committees, Groups
Parish Pastoral Council
Parish Finance Committee
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Parish Pastoral Care Team
Junior & Senior Liturgy
St. Vincent de Paul Committee
Altar Servers
Screening Committee
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers
Ecclesia Group
Parish Choirs
Catholic Women's League
Knights of Columbus
Legion of Mary
Youth Ministry
St. Gregory School
Grand Knight
Barbara Lyons
Leo Finnegan
David Bongard
Shirley Slaven
Danita Norton
John Hallam
Parish Office
Eric Chapman
Tim Ernst
Parish Office
Dirk van Binnendyk
Greg Garrett
David Bongard
Colleen Hill
Wayne Brown
Shirley Slaven
Gail Mac Dougall
Kevin Dorey
(World Day of Prayer & Awreness Against Human Trafficing)
February 7
05:00 pm
Frank Dyer
February 8
10:00 am
For the members of the parish
February 10
12:30 pm
Bernardine & Dirk van Binnendyk
February 11
12:30 pm
Archbishop Francis Spence
February 12
February 13
(World Day of the Sick)
02:00 pm
Marjorie Wannamaker(Hallowell)
08:30 am
Unannounced Mass
9:00 am – 9:30 am
Exposition & Adoration
February 14
05:00 pm
Archbishop Francis Spence
February 15
10:00 am
For all members of the parish
Sanctuary Lamp: burns this week for the intentions of the members of this parish. Feel free to add a relative or
friends name to the list in the book at the back of the church, indicating if it is for their intentions or in their memory.
A donation of $5.00 would be appreciated.
Welcome to our Parish Community: We extend a cordial welcome to all our visitors. If you
are staying with us, consider filing out a registration card which is available at the back of the
church and place it in the collection basket. For your convenience there are visitor offertory
envelopes and boxed set of envelopes for the year, on the table at the back of the church.
Catholic Women’s League News: The general meeting will be Tuesday, February 10th starting
with Mass at 12:30 pm, followed by the meeting at 1:00 pm in the rectory meeting room. All
ladies are invited. Ladies aged 16 and up are most welcome to join the League.
Knights of Columbus: Our monthly meeting is scheduled for Tues. Feb. 10th at 7:15 pm in the
rectory meeting room. All members are encouraged to attend.
Kindergarten Registration: Registration for St. Gregory Catholic School kindergarten beings
February 16th at the school. Children who will have their fourth birthday in 2015 are eligible to
begin kindergarten. Please register your child/children as soon as possible.
Nicholson Catholic College News: Parent information night for grade 8 students will be held
Wednesday, February 11th at 6:30 pm at Nicholson in the Learning Commons.
World Day of Prayer & Awareness against Human Trafficking: February 8th, the feast day of
St. Josephine Bakhita, a Sudanese slave who became a Canossian nun and was declared a saint
in 2000,the first International Day of Prayer & Awareness against Human Trafficking will be
marked in all dioceses and parishes in the world. Through prayer, we not only reflect on the
experiences of those who have suffered through this affront to human dignity, but also comfort,
strengthen, and help to empower survivors.
World Day of the Sick: On February 11th the Church celebrates the World Day of the Sick.
This is an opportunity for us to highlight the healing ministry of the Church and our call to
serve those who are ill. It is also an occasion to recognize those who care for the sick: doctors,
nurses, health care workers, pastoral care givers and family members.
Lift Jesus Higher Rally: Could you use a boost of pure joy, inspiration and encouragement?
Then plan to attend this year’s Lift Jesus Higher Rally on Sat. March 7th from 9 am – 5:30pm
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St. W. The theme this year “The Happiness
Factor” will fill you with certainty of abiding love and joy that God has for His people. For
tickets and bus information contact Ann Lyng at St. Mary’s Cathedral – 613-542-7612.
Lenten Guided Retreat: “The Look & Feel of Lent”: The retreat will be held Friday, March
13th, 7:00 pm to Sunday March 15, 1:00 pm, with Fr. Trevor Scott, SJ as retreat master. To
help us to grow in this hopeful spirit of new life into which Lent invites us, this weekend
retreat will be one of imaginative meditation upon the creative and spiritual images of new life.
Call, 613-542-8826 , Providence Spirituality Centre by Feb. 27th to register. The cost is $165
which includes meals and accommodation.
Weekend Collection $2,206.00
February 8, 2015
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)
Mark’s Gospel does not mention anything about Christ’s childhood; it
begins with his adult life. In the first chapter, St. Mark writes about
what the media would refer to as a day in Capernaum. Jesus: came to
Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God (Mk 1:14). St. Mark
presents three main components of a typical day:
He proclaimed the Gospel,
He cured the sick and those afflicted by evil spirits,
He prayed secretly to his Father.
We might say that Jesus’ life could be characterized by what he
would give and what he would receive. On that day in Capernaum, Jesus gave a great deal: he taught in
the synagogue, challenged and drove out evil spirits, and went to Peter’s house where he cured his
mother-in-law. Then a crowd of invalids appeared, along with others who were possessed by evil spirits
- each begging to be cured. What a day and this was the first in Christ’s recorded ministry!
We might ask where Christ found the strength to give of himself at all times. He found it when he
was able to receive. He could not have been so giving unless he had taken time to receive. But receive
what? Receive the desire and joy when he gave of himself, the strength to confront misunderstanding,
lack of comprehension, and hostility, and the courage every day to continue his mission. Who would
give this to him? Only his Father whom he encountered in personal, silent and often solitary prayer.
Christ connected to God’s loving and powerful Presence, which he would reveal.
Jesus’ prayer was thanksgiving, a request for enlightenment with the decisions he had to make, and
a call for assistance. He called upon the Father when he preached to crowds (Lk 10:21) who welcomed
the Good News about the Kingdom that God has prepared (Mk 14:23-24). He prayed to the Father for
guidance as he chose his apostles (Lk 6:12-13). Finally, he prayed to the Father as he suffered and died
(Mk 14:32-39). From the depths of his distress, Jesus continued to pray. God always heard his pleas
(Mk 15:37). They never went unanswered.
Christ taught us how to pray and establish a dynamic and profound relationship with our Father.
Christ taught us how to give and to receive. That was his secret!
Georges Madore
Translated by Honore Kerwin Borrelli