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R.C. Church
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January 25, 2015
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pastoral Staff
are welcomed to our parish. We ask that
you register at the rectory. We also ask
that you notify us when leaving.
Pastor: Rev. Darrell Da Costa
Deacon Fernando Orozco
Parish Secretary: Silvia Velásquez
R.C.I.A: Clemente Urena – Spanish
Kathy Garry - English
Religious Education: Ana Baratau
PARROQUIA: Bienvenidos los que
vienen a nuestra parroquia. Les pedimos
que se registren en la rectoría y también
que nos avisen cuando se mudan de
Present Birth Certificate and make
arrangement with the parish priests on
Wednesdays for Baptism in English and
BAUTIZOS: Vengan para registrarse,
los Miércoles en Inglés y Español.
Traigan el certificado de nacimiento del
Parish Office
Oficina Parroquial
Office Hours
Horario De Oficina
Monday – Friday Lunes - Viernes
9:00 - 5:00pm
10:00 - 1:00pm
Sundays Domingos
9:00 - 2:00pm
All other times by appointment
Food Pantry
Third Saturday
8 am to 9 am
5:00 pm
Saturday - English
8am & 10am Sunday - English
11:45am Domingo – Español
4:00 pm Third Sunday - Nigerian
7:30 am Monday to Friday - English
6:00 pm Miercoles – Español
4 – 4:45 pm Saturdays
or by appointment
8 – 9 am Monday to Friday
Exposition and Benediction
6:30 pm Friday - St.Therese Novena
7:00 pm First Saturdays –
Divino Niño Mass
Couples should contact a priest six
months before wedding date. Deben
hablar con el Sacerdote por lo menos
seis meses antes de la fecha.
EMERGENCY or ongoing Pastoral Care to the critically ill and
homebound, please call anytime.
EMERGENCIA Cuidado Pastoral para los enfermos graves o los que no
puedan salir de sus casas, llamen a la rectoria a cualquier hora.
Religious Ed News
Sacramental preparation and Religious
Education: Children and youths on
Sundays of the School year from 9 to
10am. Inquire at the rectory about the
same information for adults
Niños y jóvenes los domingos del año
Escolar de 9 a 10am. Pregúntese en la
rectoría de la misma información para
▪Youth Ministry
▪El Coro Español
▪English Choir
▪Altar Servers
▪Senior Center
▪Knights of Columbus
▪Food Pantry
▪Ministers of Communion
▪English Charismatic Prayer Group ▪Grupo Carismatico Hispano ▪Legion of Mary
▪Social Action Ministry ▪Bereavement Group
▪Ministers of Hospitality
▪ Ministerio de la Divina Misericordia ▪ ▪Scout Troops
Memorial Opportunities
Mass Intention/ Bread & wine/ Altar Flowers/ Altar Candles/ Sanctuary Lamp
Tree of Life in parish center
Leaf 1 star
Leaf 2 stars
Leaf 3 stars
Small Rock
Large Rock
In today’s first reading, Jonah, sent by God to warn
the people, storms through Nineveh, frightening the
citizens out of their wits. It works! They repent before
Jonah makes his way through a third of the city, and God
sees “by their actions” how they have turned from evil.
Then we hear Paul telling the Corinthians that “the
world in its present form is passing away.” He calls for a
change of heart. He stops short of telling them to set aside
their everyday lives, but still he urges them—rather
mysteriously—to live as though they aren’t doing the
things they’re doing.
Finally, Jesus stands on the shore and cries, “The
kingdom of God is at hand!” The apostles-to-be abandon
their nets and follow him. Thus in all the readings we hear
an invitation to a radical and immediate change in our
lives. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
The Conversion of St. Paul – January 25th
This weekend, we will make special mention of our
patron St. Paul at the Sunday Masses. We celebrate the
Lord’s day and also our parish remembers the Feast of the
Conversion of St. Paul, a feast day of our parish.
We will show a movie on Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm in
the parish center and have refreshments on sale. Also,
dvd’s of our 50th Anniversary celebration in October will
be sold for $10. Please come and learn about St. Paul and
help to support our church. Let us celebrate the Lord’s
Day and ask St. Paul for his help to be good disciples this
new year.
In Preparation for World Meeting of Families—
September 2015
The School of Evangelization of the Diocese of Brooklyn
is sponsoring an Evangelization Congress for Parish
Joy of Encountering Christ:
Immaculate Conception Center, 7200 Douglaston Pkwy,
Douglaston, NY
Saturday, January 31, 2015
9:00AM—Opening Prayer and Keynote Address
Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J.
11:30AM—Mass of the New Evangelization—
Bishop Paul Sanchez
Workshops and Lunch
Fee: $15.00 per person
To register:
Blessing of Throats on the Feast of St. Blaise
There will be Blessing of Throats on
Tuesday, February 3rd during our 7:30am
Mass in Honor of St. Blaise.
Pledges for Parish Center Repairs
Your contributions to this special project is very
important. To date parishioners have donated
$44,701.92. Everyone’s contribution
is important to raise the funds needed.
Let us work together to fix our floor
and sidewalk. Pledge slips may be
picked up at the doors of the church or
at the rectory. Thank you for being
part of keeping our parish alive and
At the church doors is a list of our
current donors.
Prayer and Life Workshop
The community of St. Paul’s Church is invited to
participate in a Prayer and Life Workshop. This is a 15week program that helps you learn and grow in the art of
prayer. In this workshop we learn to enter into a personal
relationship with the Lord through different prayer
methods. By means of a woven pattern of meditations on
the Word, intensive prayer, community reflection and
silencing exercises, the participants of the workshop learn
to overcome, step by step, their inner anguishes and
anxieties, fears and sadness and slowly become filled
with a peace never before imagined.
For more information call Karem Vasconez at 929-2718786 or come to our first introductory meeting on:
Date: Monday, February 9, 2015
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Place: St. Paul’s Parish Center—Room C
Knights of Columbus Movie
Our Knights of Columbus are presenting the movie “A
Walk Through the Liturgy” by John Michael Talbot on
Sunday, February 1, 2015 from 2:00 to 5:00pm in our
Parish Center.
Retrouvaille Program for Married Couples
Retrouvaille is a program for marriages in trouble. It
offers a lifeline to couples suffering with relationship
problems. This program will help you rediscover each
other, examine your life and learn to communicate more
effectively. It will also help you in healing past hurts and
forgiving past grievances. No group discussions; your
privacy will be respected. Next weekend experience is
February 6-8. For more information please contact John and
Linda Pisano at 516-427-5474 or email:[email protected]
July 20—29, 2015
Spiritual Director :Father Darrell Da Costa
For more information please call 718-271-1100 - Cost: $3,389
JANUARY 25, 2015
January 24
+Maruja Velasquez & +Liduo Ciocca
+Francisco Felipe Perez—Anniversary
+Nazario Solano—3rd month
January 25
People of the Parish
Birthday Blessings on Edith Guillen Nunez
Birthday Blessings on Maclean Annan
In Thanksgiving to God—The Ani Family
In Thanksgiving to God—Marie Lourdes
+Osvaldo Bonifacio—1er Aniversario
+Alejandría García (Petita) 1er Aniversario
+Nelson Díaz
+Carmen Amelia Vaca Salazar
+María Emilia Fernández
+Juan de Mata & José Delio Rodríguez
+Ana María Vargas—3er Aniversario
+Juan Vargas—15 Aniversario
+Angel Reyes Martínez - 6to Aniversario
+Manuel Apaza
+Ana Reyes—8vo Aniversario
+Juan Ulises y María Ureña
Bendiciones a Krystle y William Díaz en
sus Cumpleaños
Bendiciones a Edwin Reyes en su
Cumpleaños En Acción de Gracias a la
Virgen de la Altagracia—– Rosa Marte
January 26
+Veronica Lewis
January 27
Personal Intentions
January 28
Personal Intentions
En la primera lectura de hoy, Jonás,
enviado por Dios a dar advertencia al pueblo,
atraviesa Nínive como un huracán,
asustando grandemente a los ciudadanos. ¡Y
funcionó! Ellos se arrepienten antes de que
Jonás cruzara menos de la tercera parte de
la ciudad, y Dios ve “por sus obras” que se
han arrepentido del mal.
Luego oímos a Pablo que le dice a los
corintios que “este mundo que vemos es
pasajero”. El les hace un llamado al cambio
de corazón. Aunque no llega a decirles que
cambien su vida cotidiana, sí les insta ‑un
tanto misteriosamente‑ a vivir como si no
hicieran lo que hacen de costumbre.
Finalmente, Jesús se detiene a la orilla
del lago y grita, “¡El reino de Dios ya está
cerca!” Los futuros apóstoles abandonan sus
redes y le siguen. Así es que en todas las
lecturas oímos una invitación a un cambio
inmediato y radical de nuestras vidas.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
La Conversión de San Pablo
25 de Enero
Este fin de semana, vamos a hacer
una mención especial a nuestro
patrón San Pablo en las Misas
dominicales. El 25 de Enero es
Domingo, día del Señor y también
nuestra parroquia es la fiesta de la
Conversión de San Pablo, un día de
fiesta de nuestra parroquia.
Estaremos mostrando una película en
el centro parroquial hoy a la 1:30pm
y tendremos refrescos para la venta.
También tendremos a la venta los
dvds de nuestra celebración del 50
aniversario en octubre por $10.
Por favor venga y aprenda sobre San
Pablo ayudemos apoyando a nuestra
iglesia. Celebremos el Día del Señor
y pedir ayuda a San Pablo para ser
buenos discípulos este aňo.
Promesas para la Reparación del
Centro Parroquial
Sus contribuciones a este proyecto
especial es muy importante. Hemos
recibido un total
de $44,701.92 en
donaciones de
feligreses a la
juntos para
arreglar nuestro
piso y nuestra
aceras que tanto
Las Tarjetas de promesas están en la
entrada de la iglesia o se pueden
recoger en la rectoría. Gracias por
formar parte y por mantener nuestra
Nuestra lista de donantes está a
la entrada de la Iglesia.
San Pablo el Apóstol los invita muy
cordialmente al concierto de música
cristiana con Angelito Villalona el
próximo viernes, 27 de febrero en el
salón parroquial a las 8:00pm.
Los tiquetes estarán disponibles a la
salida de la Iglesia después de la misa
de 11:45am y en la rectoría.
La donación es de $10.00 y el cupo
es limitado.
Te Esperamos!
Julio 20—29, 2015
Director Espiritual:
Father Darrell Da Costa
Para mas informacion por favor
llame a 718-271-1100 Costo : $3,389
Intenciones Personales
January 29
Personal Intentions
January 30
+Ivy Pinnock
Dia de San Blas
Bendicion de Gargantas
Tendremos bendición de Gargantas
durante las misa del dia Martes, 3 de
Febrero, en Honor a San Blas.
Please Pray for the Sick of Our Parish
Campbell Morrison, Frances Conlon, Yolanda
Ripoll, Maria Altagracia Checo, Theresa
Addai, Juana Migdalia Diaz, Isabel
Hernandez and Steve Clifford.
Identificación Municipal IDNYC
“Entrenar el Entrenador” para que
Prepare a su Comunidad sobre el
Alivio Administrativo y la Nueva
Fecha: Sábado, 31 de Enero, 2015
10am hasta las 2pm
Lugar: Iglesia de San Francisco de
Asís 127 W. 31st Street
New York, N.Y.