Bulletin - St. Hugh of Lincoln

Welcome to our Parish Community
¡ Bienvenidos a nuestra Comunidad!
St. Hugh of Lincoln
Roman Catholic
21 East Ninth Street
Huntington Station, New York 11746
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Granata, Pastor
Rev. Gonzalo Oajaca Lopez, Associate
Rev. Khoa T. Le, In Residence
Rev. Francis Gasparik, OFM. Cap, Sunday Assistant
Rev. Paul Dolan, Sunday Assistant
Dr. Edward Billia, Deacon
Mr. Thomas Reilly, Deacon
Mr. Vito Taranto, Deacon
Mr. Luis Giraldo, Deacon
Mr. Richard Bilella, Deacon
Our Lord Jesus
Christ, King
of Lord
the Universe
The Baptism
of the
January November
11, 2015 23, 2014
(Rectory) 427-0638; [email protected]
Mrs. Gene-Louise Poller, Director
(Rectory) 427-0638; [email protected]
Mr. Daniel Diviney, Director
(Center) 271-8986; [email protected]
Mrs. Fran Leek, Director
(Rectory) 427-0638; [email protected]
Mr. Pete Shepherd, Manager
(Center) 271-6081; [email protected]
Mrs. Helen Schramm, Director
1025 Fifth Avenue, E. Northport, NY 11731
261-5130; [email protected]
Miss Jeanne Morcone, Principal
Rectory 631-427-0638
Fax: 631-427-1319
[email protected]
Monday, Weekday 1/12
Heb 1: 1-6 / Mk 1: 14-20
8:00 am Virginia Johnson
Tuesday, Weekday 1/13
Heb 2: 5-12 / Mk 1: 21-28
8:00 am Elizabeth DiBella
Wednesday, Weekday 1/14
Heb 2: 14-18 / Mk 1: 29-39
8:00 am Maria & Tony Pantina
Thursday, Weekday 1/15
Heb 3: 7-14 / Mk 1: 40-45
8:00 am Virgina & James Reilly
Friday, Weekday 1/16
Heb 4: 1-5, 11 / Mk 2: 1-12
8:00 am Ted Mundy
January 17th- Saturday Memorial Mass, 8:30 am
Saint Anthony, Abbot
Heb 4: 12-16 / Mk 2: 13-17
Stewardship in Action:
That as gifted stewards, our lives reflect gratitude for all that our loving Father has given us,
we pray to the Lord…
Stewardship Reflection:
Today we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord.
The US Bishops’ Pastoral on Stewardship reminds us that Baptism give us a share in His
priestly work and calls us “to offer up the world
and all that is in it -especially ourselves - to the
Lord of all.”
Living Stewardship:
We are grateful this week for all stewards in
our parish who answer their baptismal call by
placing their gifts and resources, their very
selves, at God’s service not only in the Church
but in the world.
Stewardship of Collections:
Our thanks and gratitude for your sacrificial
giving each week.
Constance Cznadel Patricia Reciniello Loretta Olberding
Catherine Fasulo Raymod F. Divine Agnes Woll Felix Figueroa
Florence McMahon
January 17th and January 18th
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
1 Sm 3: 3b-10, 19 / 1 Cor 6: 13c-15a, 17-20 / Jn 1: 35-42
5:00 pm:
Celebrant: Fr. Joe & Dcn. Jeff
Intention: Rosalie DiPietro
7:00 am:
Celebrant: Fr. Joe & Dcn. Vito
Intention: People of the Parish
Celebrant: Fr. Joe & Dcn. Luis
10:00 am:
Celebrant: Fr. Michael M. & Dcn. Rich
Intention: Helen Catapano
11:30 am:
Celebrant: Fr. Paul & Dcn. Ed
Intention: Irene Parpas
St. Hugh's St. Vincent de Paul Society
thanks all donors, volunteers, our Parish
Outreach, and members of Project
Hope who helped us prepare the 100
Christmas food boxes that were
distributed on December 22nd. We truly
couldn't have done this without you--Happy and Blessed New Year to you all.
Christmas has passed, the snow has come and it is time to get on with our usual every-day routines! It doesn’t
sound very exciting or inviting does it? But at Saint Hugh’s even the most routine and everyday activities are
exciting. We have many activities and opportunities for prayer, service and fellowship planned for the New
Year! Of course some are events and celebrations that we do every year. In February we will celebrate Marriage with the annual renewal of vows. On February 17th, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, we will have
our fun filled and delicious Mardi Gras Feast which always includes some special surprises. (Will you be the
King or Queen of the ball?)
March will bring us several opportunities for Lenten prayer and reflection. Our Adult Spiritual Formation Team has been working hard to pull together a special Lenten series that will assist us in focusing on the
spirit and practices of Lent. This and other programs will bring us from the wilds of winter as March begins to
the joys of Holy Week as we approach Easter.
April will bring us to our Easter festivities and all the joy that season of New Life and Hope can bring
us. You can expect our celebration to reflect the joy of the season and our Church to shine for with the Easter
glow. Thanks to our liturgy groups, the choirs and our staff, I am sure that this Easter will be a wonderful time
for us all. Later in the month there will be a surprise celebration in the Church. I cannot reveal what it is or
exactly when it will take place, but it will be joyous and engaging for all. (Have I peaked your curiosity? I
hope so…)
The beautiful month of May will celebrate Our Blessed Mother is several special ways. There will be
processions, crownings and rosaries all month. We will celebrate our own mothers on Mothers’ Day and honor
them in a special way. Every Saturday we will welcome our children to the Table of the Lord in First Communion. There is no more beautiful sight than the faces of those children as they receive the Lord for the first
Finally June will be a celebration of our fathers (Fathers’ Day) and of all those moving up in their education, graduating from all different levels and schools, a true celebration of achievement and hope!
As you can see from these activities and events (and there are more I did not mention) it will be a
pretty busy winter and spring in the parish (I am tired just writing about it!) I do look forward to all these activities and I hope that you do too. Please watch the bulletin each week for all the details and make an effort to
be part of the life of Saint Hugh parish.
Fr. Joe
OUTREACH 631-271-8986
Open: 10 am-11:50am and 1-3:00pm
Christmas Thank You – 2014
Once again this year we we’re faced with the daunting task of having enough Christmas Gifts for our ever increasing families, but as in the past this parish stepped up and we were able to help more then families with
gift cards and food vouchers, as usual your generosity knows no bounds.
We will be able to help with rent, fuel oil, and utilities throughout the coming year. To just say Thank You
does not seem adequate for all you do throughout the year for us. We currently assist over 500 families a
month. This would not be possible without your help. Please remember our Pantry as you shop through the
On behalf of all of us at Outreach we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.
In observance of Martin Luther King Day the Religious Education Office will be closed and there will be no
classes on Sunday and Monday (January 18th and 19th, 2015).
In the cold months of winter we sometimes have to cancel Religious Education classes due to bad weather
conditions. Please keep the following in mind before heading to the Parish Center for class:
If the Public School Districts in our area close the schools or cancel after-school activities, we cancel our
classes as well.
At that point we notify Channel 12 News Long Island. Either watch Channel 12 News on your TV or log onto:
http://www.news12.com and look for school closings information.
If classes are cancelled due to bad weather, the Religious Education Office will be closed as well.
Our catechists make an effort to call all their students to inform them in the event of class cancellations. If
there’s been any changes to your phone number, please call or visit the office to update your contact information.
Adult Spiritual Formation
St. Hugh’s Soul Searching Cinema
Cicely Tyson stars and is
The story of the Afro-American
Experience from the Civil War
to Civil Rights in the 1960’s
through the eyes of a 110
year old woman….
An undeniable masterpiece!
Come & See--Enjoy light refreshments-Stay for discussion
January 11, 2015
1:00 pm Sunday Matinee
St. John Fisher Room
Muy estimados en Cristo una vez mas les saludo y deseo que la gracia de Dios les este bendiciendo
EL reclamo de Jesús a sus apóstoles en el Getsemaní, fue justo la expresión con la cual inicio esta nota para ustedes. Y hoy quiero escribirles esta letras para comunicarles que Dios mediante tendremos una Misa y Hora Santa,
todos los primeros viernes de Mes, iniciaremos el próximo primer viernes de noviembre.
Sera una gran oportunidad para estar con el amado y acompañarlo al menos una vez al mes por una hora. Esto
incrementara la devoción de los primeros viernes como muchos tienen o traemos de nuestros países, mostrar nuestra
confianza al Sagrado corazón de Jesús, y a la vez mostrar e incrementar nuestra fe y amor a la Santa Eucaristía, razón de
toda devoción y amor a la Iglesia. SERA A LAS 7 DE LA TARDE CADA PRIMER VIERNES DE MES. Dependiendo de su respuesta esto llegara a ser algo fijo en la comunidad hispana.
De igual manera les invitamos, si por alguna razón no pudieran venir a esta hora, también tendremos la exposición en la mañana de ese mismo día, primer viernes de mes, a las 7 de la mañana.
No olviden su propósito espiritual para este año.
Suyo en Cristo
Padre Gonzalo
Le queremos dar las gracias a todos los que de una manera u otra contribuyeron durante todo el año y en especial durante
nuestro PROGRAMA NAVIDEÑO, gracias por su aportación continua. Durante el mes de noviembre nuestras oficinas ayudaron a 620 clientes. La despensa necesita: JUGO, FRUTAS ENLATADA, JALEA, SALSA DE TOMATE, SALSA PARA PASTA &
Right to Life
I now weigh 6 ounces and mom can feel my movements. I have fingernails, eyelashes and my own unique fingerprints which will
remain the same for the rest of my life. My taste buds and my sense of hearing is developing. I have soft hair all over my body.
I can touch my hand to my face and grasp my feet. Basically, there will be no major developments from here on. I just need
nourishment, protection and love...and prayers.
Dear Jesus,
Child of Mary, I love you and thank you for your unconditional love. I plead with you to save the life of the unborn child whom I
have spiritually adopted and whose life is threatened by abortion. May this child be allowed to grow in wisdom, age and strength
in Your presence in the sight of all. Amen.
OUR PRAYER CORNER - Please remember the sick & suffering in your prayers, so they may receive healing & comfort:
Dom Ciccone
Caroline Chapman
Lisa Stovall
Noah Matsumoto
Marshal May
Mary Wilson
Georgeann Green
Christopher Sorensen
Fred Brynes
Gerard F. Saggese
Anita Meza
Guillermo Zelaya
Josephine Jeannette
Fernando Palacio
Joseph Pires
Isidro Orona
Robert Leonardi
Phil Paul
Frank Polcer
Joan Racis
Theresa Kelsch
William Herold
John Mulrooney
Carol O’Brien
Josephine Caiozzo Jason Rendel
Mary Lusardi
John Michta
Carolyn Lukralle
Andrew Harvey
Gerry Staiman
John Constantino
Joseph Labarbera
Mark Dineen
Lorraine Bachman
Lucy Zgrablic
James Biggin
Doris Dawson
Gaile Cassar
Jacqueline Drexel
Helen Ketcham
Luis Cruz
Yuriko Duggan
Mary Lou Lasala
Rachel Metz
Bob Bohner
Violet Michta
Gerry Brannigan
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Joseph Sansotta
Russell Hayward
Thomas Guido
Kathy Agiesta
Francyn Caiozzo
Mark Wahl
Joseph Liotta
Charles Parento III
Steve McVetty
Steven Mueller
Erin O’Donnell
Dennis Wilk
Bill Mathews
Charles Naidi
Robert Zimardo
Kathy Sorensen
Laura Grzan
Baby Gianna Pantina and those in the military, and the abused.
All Young Adults are invited to join us for first
Faith on Tap for 2015!
Join us for Fellowship … Inspiriting Speakers
… and Honest Answers!
Monday, January 12, 2014
Topic: “From St. Francis to Pope Francis to
YOU! Keep the JOY Going!
Where: Lily Flanagan’s, 345 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, NY. Talk begins at 7:30 – come
early – get something to eat – meet new
friends- re-connect with old ones! See you
Good Shepherd Hospice Bereavement Services are opened to
anyone in the community who has experienced a loss through
death at no charge. Upcoming Bereavement Support Groups,
led by a Bereavement Specialist, include:
Spousal/Partner Loss Group – 1/21/15-3/11/15; 2:00 PM3:30 PM
Parents Who Have Lost an Adult Child Group- 1/7/152/25/15; 5:30 PM-7:00PM
Both groups held at Good Shepherd Hospice Administrative
Office, 110 Bi-County Blvd., Suite 114, Farmingdale.
Registration required – (631) 828-7631
Worldwide Marriage
Married Couples!
Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?
A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend
Just might be what you are looking for.
The next weekend on Long Island is scheduled
February 13-15, 2015 at the Montfort Spiritual
Center in Bay Shore, NY.
Space is limited. For more information about the
weekends or to apply, call 1-877-697-9963 or visit
our web site at http://www.wwme.org.
Rectory Office Hours
Monday through Friday:
9:00 AM to Noon, and
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Closed Sundays.
Sunday and Weekday
Eucharist Schedules
appear on page 2 of this
Sacrament of
4:00 - 4:45 Saturday afternoon,
or by appointment.
Sacrament of
Baptisms are celebrated on
the 3rd Sunday at 1:00 pm.
Please call the rectory for
information on Baptism
Sacrament of
Couples should meet (by
appointment) with a priest or
deacon on our staff before making social arrangements. Preparation requires at least six
month’s time. Pre-Cana instruction is required. Music is
provided by parish liturgical
World Wide Marriage
Skip & Fran DeBlasio
Sacrament of
Anointing of the Sick
Anointing is celebrated each
Sunday at the end of the 11:30
AM Mass.
Call the rectory in an emergency or for visitation of the
Parish Membership
We welcome new
Please register at the rectory as
soon as possible. Also, please
give changes of address and
phone number to the rectory
when you move.
Padre Jose Granata: 427-0638
Padre Gonzalo Oajaca Lopez:
Diacono Luis Giraldo:
Lectores/Conselo Pastoral:
Rossie Louzara - 428-2253
Carlos y Rosa Zegar - 427-4677
Grupo Juvenil:
Carlos Perez
Carlos Rivas 631.830-2567
Min. de Eucaristia y Ujieres:
Marta Smith: 549-3966
Jose D’Amico—516-497-1344
Grupo de Oración Renovación
Elvia Lopez 631-920-2890
Jose Ramirez 631-897-1154
Jose Ramirez 631-897-1154
Sacramentos & Ceremonias
Bautismos Requisitos:
•EI niño no debe tener mas de
6 años de edad.
•Traer el certificado de
nacimiento del nino y una
•Deben recibir las dos charlas
prebautismales para padres y padrinos, las cuales se realizan; el
Segundo y tercer domingo de
cada mes, a las 9:30 de la mañana, en el salon St. Clare. Los padrinos deben tomar la 2da charla
el 3er domingo. Para mas información pueden llamar a
Ministerio del Rosario:
Felix Gonzalez 516-658-7854
Apostolado de la Divina
Necesita Oracion:
llame 631.745-5762 escriba
email: [email protected]
Bodas: Por favor hacer una cita
con el sacerdote O diacono 6 meses antes de la fecha.
Quinceañeras: Por favor de
llamar a la Rectoria 427-0638.
Misas: Martes 7:30pm en
La capilla y Domingo 8:15 am.