February 22, 2014 - St. Catherine Church, Santa Catalina Island

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church
on Santa Catalina Island, California, USA
PO Box 735 (800 Beacon St.) Avalon, CA 90704
Phone: 310-510-0192 Fax: 310-510-8360
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Reverend John Nghi Tran
Hispanic Ministries: Deacon Alfonso Castillo
Secretaries: Lynda Poindexter, Pat Vlcan and Martha Flores
Parish Council: Michael Ponce
Financial Committee: Charles Wagner
Hispanic Choir: Veronica Bueno
Youth Coordinator: Steve Hall
Religious Education: Lynda Poindexter
Hermida Hernandez (Spanish)
Weddings: Lisa Gelker – [email protected]
Saturday 5:15 PM (English) Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 AM
(English) and 6:30 PM (Spanish)
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM (English)
CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4:30-5:00 PM
BAPTISM: Contact Parish Office at least ONE month
before the desired baptism date.
MARRIAGES: Contact Parish Office at least SIX
months before the desired wedding date.
Contact the Parish Office
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Prayers Requested for the Dead: Jerry Cicconi, Msgr.
Vincent McCabe
Happy Birthday: Marina Gemilere
Lenten Retreat: Bishop Ryan returns to Avalon on
Saturday, February 28th to present a retreat, of
reflections for the Lenten season. Bishop Ryan will
celebrate Mass at 8 a.m., followed by a potluck
breakfast in the Parish Hall. There is a sign-up sheet at
the entrance of the church for those who would like to
contribute to the breakfast. Bishop Ryan’s presentation
will begin after breakfast. All parishioners are invited to
attend. Marty Ashleigh has offered to provide music
and has assembled a choir for this special event. The
next choir practice will be Thursday, February 26th at
6:30 p.m. in the church. Please join us!
Lenten Prayer Tree: We invite you to add your prayers
and intentions to the tree on the left side of the altar.
There is a basket in front of the tree with prayer leaves,
hearts and pens. By Easter Sunday our Prayer Tree will
be full of beautiful colors that represent our Lenten
prayers and intentions.
Together in Mission - This year, all parishes throughout
the Archdiocese are asked upon to help 81 parishes and
63 schools. Donations to Together in Mission provide
essential resources and ministries that enrich parish life,
strengthen families, advance Church leadership and
inspire and educate future generations of children.
During all Masses this weekend, we will follow-up with
the collection of gifts and pledges to this year’s appeal.
God bless you for your generous response and support
to those in need. On behalf of our Local Church, thank
you for your support of Together in Mission!
Unidos en Misión - Este año, todas las parroquias de la
Arquidiócesis se les pide a ayudar a 81 parroquias y 63
escuelas. Las donaciones a Together in Mission
proporcionan recursos esenciales y ministerios que.
enriquecen la vida parroquial, fortalecen a las familias,
promueven liderazgo de la Iglesia y inspira y educa a las
futuras generaciones de niños. Durante esta Misa
vamos a realizar el proceso de colección de regalos y
promesas a la apelación de este año. Dios los bendiga
por su generosidad y apoyo.
Our former pastor Monsignor Vincent McCabe returned
home to our Heavenly Father on Sunday, February 15,
2015 at the age of 93. He leaves behind many nieces
and nephews both in California and Ireland. The Funeral
Mass will be held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in
Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland. Monsignor McCabe was
ordained in 1946 and was Incardinated on April 11,
1957. He retired in March of 2011 and had since been
living privately. In your charity and kindness, please
remember him in your Masses and prayers. We are
planning to hold a Memorial Mass at St. Catherine’s in
his honor. Contact the Parish Office if you would like to
help plan or participate in the Memorial Mass.
CHOICES Community Event: The Avalon CHOICES group
is hosting a special presentation on the prevention of
substance abuse. The film, “Overtaken” will be shown
and a panel of guest speakers, including the film’s
producer, will be there to share their personal
experiences. The presentation will be at the City Hall
Chambers on Wednesday, February 25th from 7:00 p.m.
to 8:30 p.m. All are invited to attend.
Pope Francis on Lenten Season - Pope Francis delivered
the homily at Mass in the Basilica of St. Sabina on the
Aventine Hill in Rome on Ash Wednesday – the
beginning of the great penitential season of Lent. As
God's people today we begin the journey of Lent, a time
in which we try to unite ourselves more closely to the
Lord Jesus Christ, to share the mystery of His passion
and resurrection. He said: ‘The Ash Wednesday liturgy
offers us, first of all, the passage from the prophet Joel,
sent by God to call the people to repentance and
conversion, due to a calamity (an invasion of locusts)
that devastates Judea. Only the Lord can save from the
scourge, and so there is need of supplication, with
prayer and fasting, each confessing his sin. The prophet
insists on inner conversion: “Return to me with all your
heart” (2:12). To return to the Lord “with all *one’s+
heart,” means taking the path of a conversion that is
neither superficial nor transient, but is a spiritual
journey that reaches the deepest place of our self. The
heart, in fact, is the seat of our sentiments, the center in
which our decisions and our attitudes mature. That,
“Return to me with all your heart,” does not involve only
individuals, but extends to the community, is a
summons addressed to all: “Gather the people. Sanctify
the congregation; assemble the elders; gather the
children, even nursing infants. Let the bridegroom leave
his room, and the bride her chamber. (2:16)” With this
awareness, trusting and joyful, let us begin our Lenten
DID YOU KNOW? Child abduction: taking action - A
recent study of the National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children® revealed that 83% of children who
escaped their would-be abductors kicked, yelled, and
pulled away to escape. Teach your child these and other
abduction prevention skills, such as: Asking for
permission before changing plans; asking for permission
before approaching or getting into vehicles with anyone;
recognizing the tricks would-be abductors use, such as
offering rides or asking for help; telling a trusted adult
whenever anything or anyone makes them
uncomfortable. When it comes to keeping your child
safe, YOU are your child’s best resource. The more you
know about abduction prevention, the better protected
your child will be. Use your knowledge to make
conversations about personal safety a regular part of
your family’s routine. For more information,
visit: http://www.kidsmartz.org/ChildAbduction.
¿SABÍA USTED? Secuestro de menores: tomando acción
- Un reciente estudio del Centro Nacional de Niños
Perdidos y Explotados reveló que 83% de niños que
escapan de sus secuestradores patearon, gritaron y se
alejaron para escapar. Enseñe a su hijo estas y otras
habilidades para prevenir el secuestro, como: Pedir
permiso antes de cambiar planes; pedir permiso antes
de aproximarse o meterse en vehículos con alguien;
reconocer los trucos que posibles abductores usan,
como ofrecer llevarlos o pedir ayuda; decirle a un adulto
de confianza cuando algo o alguien los hace sentir
incómodos. Cuando se trata de mantener seguro a su
hijo(a), USTED es el mejor recurso para él o ella.
Mientras más usted sabe cómo prevenir la abducción,
mejor protegido estará su niño(a). Use su conocimiento
para que las conversaciones sobre seguridad personal
sean parte de la rutina familiar. Para más información,