January 25, 2015 - Tri-Valley Church of Christ

Just a reminder: if you’d like an announcement in the Family News, please
email [email protected] or give Derek Gaumer or Georgia Choate a
handwritten note. All announcements need to be in by Wednesday night. Thank
Shut-In Ministry
We have brothers and sisters in Christ that are not able to come to church. We
need several men in our congregation to step forward, serving in the name of
our Lord and give communion to our local shut-ins. If you are interested in
joining the team, please see Steve or Tonya Fisher for more details.
Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) on Wednesday, February 4, 2015! Bring
your Chapter Questions.
Chapter Question: Luke 20
Prayer Leader: Rebecca Song Leader: Kate
Bible Reader: Rachel
Sign Leader: Kristen
Scripture Challenge Leader: Kara
Scripture Challenge for 2/11/2015: Luke 12:22-34
Reminder, Wednesday, February 11th is LTC Registration Party Night! Bring your
completed forms and your checkbook!
Sunday Happenings
6-8 Twelve retreat
15 WCGC volunteer training/
20 Youth Group Prayer lock-in
9:00 am Bible Classes
10:15 am Worship
Small Groups on Sunday evenings:
4p Livermore Group at the Johnston’s
13-14 West Coast Girls’
Midweek Groups
Church Staff
Pulpit Ministry:
Steve Martin
Youth Ministry:
Jacob Parnell
Office Hours:
M-F 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tony Merritt
Mick Moul
Rick Paquin
Don Springer
Email: [email protected]
News & Info: [email protected]
Website: www.trivalleychurch.org
Facebook: facebook.com/trivalleychurch
Office Phone: 925-447-4333
am Benevolence - Community Clothing
Small Groups at TVCC
7:00 pm! Senior Saints group (adult)
Midweek Recharge(YA and up)
Wednesdays at The Well (6th -12th)
Leadership Training for Christ
(grades 3-5)
Parents of Teens Wed @ 7:00pm.
CHILDCARE AVAILABLE for groups meeting
at the building.
6:30pm Spiritual Growth Workshop (adult,
meets til 8pm)
Last Week’s Attendance: 161
Online giving is easy
and available 24/7. If
you aren’t sure how to
do it, we can help!
Network: TriValley-Guest
Password: Heisrisen
WB36: We Have Come to Worship Him
RB167: Hosanna!
Welcome & Updates: Hugh Galyean
Scripture: Garren Weiss Deuteronomy 6.4-7
RB446: Hear, O Israel
RB448: The Greatest Commands
Prayer: John Dudley
WB86: 10,000 Reasons
RB96: I Stand in Awe of You
RB349: Ten Thousand Angels
Communion & Offering: Phil Weiss
Sermon: Steve Martin, Acts 6:1-7 “It Takes a Village”
RB538: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less
Prayer: Rick Paquin
--wb-white book; rb-red book--
The Pepperdine Bible Lectures invites you to attend it's annual gathering in
Malibu, CA May 5-8. With its 72nd annual lectures, Pepperdine University has
been developing stronger Christians with speakers
from across the country and the world. Registration
has been streamlined and is now online at
pepperdine.edu/biblelectures. If
you would like to be housed with someone from
our church, arrange that beforehand with the
university. Ask Steve Martin or Jacob Parnell if
you have questions on how this could be a good
experience for you and your family. For all you ladies interested in volunteering for the West Coast Girls'
Conference, registration forms are available now. All volunteers must register! PLEASE NOTE: the cost for Tri-Valley volunteers is different than the cost for
outside adults. If you are working in the kitchen or in a mostly observing role, the cost is $20.
If you are in a role that fully participates in all activities, the cost is $30.
Also, the main volunteer training meeting will be Sunday, February 15th
immediately following worship. It will last 1&1/2 to 2 hours and lunch will be
provided. If you would like to be involved in any way, please come to the
-Juniors and seniors going on The Twelve Retreat Feb. 6-8 should turn in their
registration forms and fees by THIS WEDNESDAY, Feb 4th.
-Sign up sheet for the Reach UP: Prayer Lock-In on Feb. 20 is now up in The
Well. Sign up now so we can know how many to expect! -West Coast Girls' Conference (March 13-14) registration
forms are available in The Well, the foyer, or you can
register online at www.trivalleychurch.org/wcgc-2015/. Register by February 10th and the cost is only $40. *living
beautifully logo*?
-Parents and teens mark your calendars for our next
FREE CHILD CARE event Fri, March 20th 4-9pm.
-Remember: Top 3 students to earn points get to go rafting
for FREE on May 2nd. Ask Jacob for a list of ways to earn
points or visit www.trivalleyyouth.com. -Parents of Teens Class continues exploring ideas from the book
A Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains Wednesdays
at 7:00pm.
Summer Service Trips
-Middle Schoolers are going to Weed, CA, June 24-28th
-High Schoolers are going to Los Angeles, CA, Aug 4-8th
Mark your calendars now and start praying about whether or not you are
-Visit www.trivalleyyouth.com regularly for photos, updates, event info, and the
weekly Go Deeper Challenge.
A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient,
cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent! Sunday, February 8th is Scout
Sunday in which scouts can show their scouting spirit and reverence by
attending their church services in uniform or wearing something from their
scouting days. So if you are a scout or were a scout, wear something scouting
to service and invite any scouting friends you have to do the same! For any
questions, please see Phil or Orinda Weiss.
The next "Fifth Friday" singing will be held at Pleasant View Church of Christ at
11300 Dublin Canyon Road in Pleasanton. It will be held Saturday, February 7th
at 7:00 p.m. (The meeting date is not on the actual fifth Friday due to scheduling
conflicts.) Come join other Christians for an uplifting time of worship and praise.
Hey Tri-Valley, the WCGC needs your help! We are in need of several items
that you may have lying around your house:
- card tables
- picture frames (5x7 and up, single photo frames, empty)
- framed mirrors (all shapes, 8 inch diameter or larger)
- yoga mats
We need at least 30 of each item, so if you have any that we could borrow,
please let Mindy Sandlin know. Make sure your item is labeled with your name
so it can be returned to you after the event. Thanks!!!