First Christian Church Newsletter

The Good News
February 2015
OFFICE: (660) 744-2486
January 4
Sunday School…11
January 11
Sunday School…15
January 18
Sunday School…21
January 25
Sunday School…19
Offering……………………………$ 945.00
Needed monthly
January Offering
January short/long:
$ 916.00
February Birthdays
1 – Lawna Bradley, Mary Jane Christen,
Pam Shallenberger
2 – Kara (Shaw) Smith, Bill Smith
3 – Dusty Herron, Mary Lou Nauman
4 – Chad Ottmann
5 – Alvin White
7 – Lisa Freborg, Mandy Ottmann
8 – Jane Lutz
9 – Wayne Elliott, Augustus (Gus) Jack Henderson
10 – Trulin Kazmar Pankau
11 – Sharon Meyer, Tammy Smith, John Webster,
Alaric Paul, Betty Hill
12 – Taryn Wennihan
15 – MadisonWilroy,
Brylie Ann Wennstedt,
Ramona Buttercase
16 – Trystan Lair, Sarah Watkins
17 – Myles Freborg, Bonita Haer, Anthony Jones,
Mark Metzger, Joni Phelps
18 – Diana Brown, Elaine Hopper
21 – Stevie Pritt
22 – Zachary Pankau
25 – David Sloop
29 – Betsy Thomas
12 – Dick & Rita Vance
16 – Gene & Dorothy Ingram
20 – Jack & Raylene Dunn
27 – Tim & Sharleen Bothwell
28 – Caleb & Malina Green
Mary Lou Nauman, Marie Daugherty,
Helen Fentiman, Lynn & Romona Buttercase
Our church doors will be open for prayer on
Tuesday mornings from 7-9:00 A.M. for anyone
who wishes a moment for prayer and reflection.
Elizabeth Ann Vance, Bill Farmer,
Richard Nauman, Raymond Horton
Virgil Watts & Katherine Watts
Please keep our military men and women in our
prayers as well as their families.
Josh McCoy – Afghanistan
Shawn Herron – MD Robby Patterson – VA
Brian Moyer – KY
Clint Gayler - TX
Marcy Ingram,Camden Ireland, Cara Livengood,
Dale Carter, Maureen Moore, Shirley Dougherty,
Duane Rosenbohm, Larry Abbott, Talaina Reed,
Carsyn Sybert, Kenny Walker, Dan LaHue, Sam
Harbin, Rhonda Easley, Dick Vance, Beth
Underwood, Donna Ireland, Debbie Langston,
Merry Bray, Malina Green, Vickie Cook, Kristina
Masur, Dorthy Davis, Amy Smith, Landon Shaw,
Tony Gayler, Jennifer Lawson’s dad, Kristi Kish,
Allen Brown, Ann Schoonover Burke, Abby
Henderson, Raylene Kish Dunn, Ashley
(Wennihan) Hawkins, Doris Lingerfelt, Betsy
Klesath, Bill Lingerfelt, Rick Shaw’s mother Deloris, Jerry Moore’s mother, Brenda Lutz,
Steve Herron, Ellen Kiehl
Regan & Sheila Griffin – Campus Crusade for Christ,
Denver, CO; Sam & Melissa Hughes – Youth Ministry
Int’l Ukraine; Todd Becker Foundation & Dare 2 Share
Ministries (JrH & HS youths); Seminarian: Matt
Limback – Philips Theological Seminary Tulsa, OK.
February – peanut butter and jelly
The Rock Port Food Pantry is currently low on the
following items: corn (creamed style), peas, carrots,
beets, tomatoes, mixed vegetables, potatoes,
stuffing, cooking oil, mandarin
oranges, pineapple, small canned
hams, cake mixes, frosting, brownie
mix, corn muffin mix, Jell-O, juice,
toothpaste, & Dish soap.
Junior High & High School Youth
Meet every Sunday from 5:00 – 6:30 pm in the
church basement. Mark your calendars & plan to
join the group. It’s a fun bunch of energetic kids led
by Jennifer Lawson ..…& bring a friend.
The First Saturday of each month, 8 – 9 AM
Meet at FCC For Study & Fellowship.
Contact Person : Don Meyer
Hope to see you there – and bring a friend.
Next Meeting – February 7th
Breakfast Served at 7:30 AM
Host: Terry Robison
A new list of needs has been made for the
C.A.R.E. house. Please see the following and put
anything you wish to donate in the box labeled
C.A.R.E. in the back of the church. Large items*
Please call Teresa at 660-744-9966.
Items needed on a REGULAR BASIS are:
monetary donations, gift cards, paper towels, toilet
paper, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry
soap, dryer sheets, Clorox, all types cleaning
products, bath soap, shampoo, cream rinse,
deodorant, hand lotions, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
tampons, feminine pads, razors, combs, brushes,
diapers, baby wipes.
Monday, February 9th, Women on a Mission will
meet at 1:30 p.m. .
Women on a Mission Projects:
1. Betsy Klesath’s friends from Savannah have
traveled to Guatemala and opened an orphanage
there, called the “MOON ORPHANAGE”…
Betsy will be talking / texting this young couple
and their family to see what things they are
especially needing… We hope to be able to send
items to them as we hear from them.
2. Women on a Mission is working on a new
cookbook for our church… Please bring or send
& share your new favorite recipes with us….. If
you have a computer, you can send them to
Amy at: [email protected]; or Sandy at:
[email protected]; Or you can bring or send them
to the church….
First Christian Church, 501 South Market /
P.O. Box 145, Rock Port, MO 64482
Dear Church Friends,
I want to thank you for the nice Christmas
gift. I appreciate it very much. Wishing everyone a
good New Year.
~Shirley Stoner
Dear Church Family,
We thank you for everything. The flowers
were beautiful and the meal after Bill’s memorial
service was great. Your thoughts and prayers
carried us through some difficult times and were
very much appreciated.
Bill was remarkable and will be dearly
missed. God will surely have a special place for
~Sue Farmer and Family
"You're The First, The Last,
My Everything"
By Barry White
My first, my last, my everything
And the answer to all my dreams
You're my sun, my moon, my guiding star
My kind of wonderful, that's what you are
I know there's only, only one like you
There's no way they could have made two
You're all I'm living for,
your love I'll keep forevermore
First, you're the last, my everything
In you I've found so many things
A love so new, only you could bring
Can't you see it's you? You make me feel this way
You're like a first morning dew on a brand new day
I see so many ways that I can love you
'til the day I die
You're my reality, yet I'm lost in a dream
You're the first, the last, my everything
I know there's only, only one like you
There's no way they could have made two
Girl, you're my reality, but I'm lost in a dream
You're the first, you're the last, my everything.
Rock Port
February 2015 -- Volume 2
P.O. Box 145 Rock Port, MO 64482
Return Postage Guaranteed
Address Correction Requested
February Events
8 ………Boy Scout Sunday
8th………Baked Potato Lunch after services
14th …….Valentine’s Day
16th……..Presidents’ Day
18th……..Ash Wednesday Service – 7 PM
February in Service
Elders: Dan Athen & Gary Easley
Deacons: Rick Herron, Laura Wooten,
Troy Lawson & Ayden Wilroy
Deaconess: Melanie Athen & Laura Wooten
Candlelighters: Ryder Herron & Ryan Athen
Trustee: Rick Shaw
Videotape: Cathy Herron
Sound System: Melanie Wilson
Tower (Tapes): Sandy Zach
We are a family of believers loving God, loving others,
uniting in worship to bring all people to Christ.
(Matthew 22:32-40)
Enter to worship; depart to serve from our doorsteps
“to the ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8)
February 18 , Ash Wednesday, we enter into the Season of Lent. The Season of Lent is 40 days – not
including the Sundays that immediately follow Ash Wednesday. These Sundays are called "The Sundays in
Lent" rather than the “Sundays of Lent”. Traditionally, the Season of Lent ends on sundown, the Saturday
before Easter Sunday. The number 40 is a popular number in the Bible and is a number that represents fullness
or fullness of time. Throughout the Bible the number 40 was found in a number of stories such as: The rain fell
on Noah’s ark for 40 days; When Joseph died, it required 40 days to embalm him; Moses and Elijah lived in
Horeb for 40 years – although at different times; The Israelites wondered in the desert for 40 years before
coming into the promised land; Twice Moses remained on the mountain for 40 days and received the law of
God; Israel was at peace during the last 40 years of Gideon’s life; Goliath challenged the Israelite army for 40
days before David killed him; The kings Saul, David, Solomon and Joash ruled for 40 years each; Eli was judge
over Israel for 40 years; Ezekiel predicted that Egypt would lie in ruins for 40 years; The Hebrews were in exile
for 40 years; Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days; and After the Resurrection of the Lord, there was a 40
day period when Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples.
I would encourage you to pray, reflect, pray, study, pray, honor family, and pray. You may have noticed that
‘pray’ may have been mentioned a number of times. Tell me the truth – do you pray every morning before
starting your work day, your rest day? Do you fill connected with God the way that Jesus was connected? Jesus
prayed that we would be one with the Father the way He was one with the Father. His prayer is waiting for you
and me to respond to God’s call – to God’s blessing that only prayer can give us. Jesus not only walked the
hero’s journey, but He decided on the God-path for our freedom. He did not choose to go around the cross, nor
did He ask angels in heaven to lift Him over the cross. The road He took lead Him straight into conflict, into
suffering – straight to the cross, straight into humiliation. He not only experience pain and suffering in a
physical way – laying down His life for us freely, but He chose to bear the sins of the world - so that we might
have everlasting life forever and a day. Amen
~ Pastor Rodney Hopper
Shoes For Orphan Soles Shoe Drive
Rock Port Rotary has given me the privilege of being the coordinator for the Shoes for Orphans Souls
Mission Project. There is a special place in God’s heart for the widows and orphans, and in precious years the
Rock Port Community has responded with a heart fashioned after our Lord. The Shoe drive will be starting
with the Season of Lent. First Christian Church will be celebrating the Shoes for Orphan Souls on Palm Sunday
by going Shoeless. How Can You Get Involved? Donate a new pair of shoes and/or socks (no sandals and no
used shoes – must be new ones!) Each pair of shoes will be delivered to the orphanages and volunteers like you
and me travel to orphanages around the world so they can personally wash the feet of the children not unlike
what Jesus did for His disciples, then have an opportunity to put a new pair of socks and shoes on those who
rarely receive visitors. Shoe can be dropped off at the First Christian Church for the Rock Port Rotary Shoe
Drive. Won’t you consider purchasing a new pair of shoes?
~ Pastor Rodney Hopper
The Quiet Place of Prayer
Prayer is worship. Our praying should be full of adoration, affection, and fondness for God – that He is who
He is; that He created us in order to have someone on whom He could shower His love; that He stretched out
His arms on the cross; that He intends, in the fullest sense, to make whole men and women out of us. In
worship, as the old word worth-ship implies, we declare what we value the most. It is one of the best ways in
the world to love God. Prayer is the highest expression of our dependence on God. It is asking for what we
want. We can ask for anything – even the most difficult things. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every
situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6 NIV).
Anything large enough to occupy our minds is large enough to hang a prayer on. Prayer, however, by its nature
is requesting. It is not insisting or clamoring. We can make no demands of God or deals with Him. Friends
don’t make demands. They ask and then wait. We wait with patience and submission until God gives us what
we request – or something more. Prayer is asking for understanding. It is the means by which we comprehend
what God is saying to us in His Word. Prayer focuses and unites our fragmented hearts. In the quiet place of
prayer, God comforts, instructs, and listens to us. There we are to learn to love and worship Him.
~ By David Roper