October 26, 2014 - St. Brendan

Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
In the first reading today from Exodus, God speaks of the
alien, the widow, the orphan and our neighbor, saying: “If he
cries out to me, I will hear him; for I am compassionate.”
Each day Catholic Charities staff and volunteers throughout
the Diocese of Raleigh strive to mirror God’s compassion to
our neighbors in need. In the past year this outreach from
the Church assisted more than 68,000 people from 19,000
families. With God’s grace and the help of your prayers and
contributions, the staff of Catholic Charities and over 1,800
volunteers are able to perform the corporal works of mercy in
service to these families. Thank you for your constant and
generous support to our brothers and sisters who are most
The compassionate and holistic response of Catholic
Charities to the alien, the orphans and widows of our time
echoes Pope Francis’s words at the Jesuit refugee center
last September: “Charity that leaves the poor person as he
is, is not sufficient. True mercy, the mercy God gives to us
and teaches us, demands… that the poor find the way to be
poor no longer.” In addition to alleviating some of the
immediate impact of poverty by providing food, children's
clothing, and assistance to purchase prescription medication
and pay utility bills, the professional staff at Catholic
Charities also works to help the poor and vulnerable develop
skills and access resources which will allow them to find a
way to economic self-sufficiency.
I extend my gratitude to those of you who are volunteers and
benefactors supporting the work of the Church through
Catholic Charities. If you are not yet involved with Catholic
Charities or social outreach at your parish, I ask you to
prayerfully consider how you can become involved in
compassionately responding to the needs of our neighbors.
May Our Lord Jesus bless us and all those we love and
serve and may Mary Our Mother watch over us always.
Sincerely in Christ,
Just a reminder… The next
session for the Family-Centered
Faith Formation is on Sunday
November 2, 2014. We will have
breakout sessions for parents/
guardians and children in grades
Pre-K thru 8. High School students
in grades 9 thru 12 are
encouraged to work as volunteers
assisting the facilitators or attend
the adult session. Please arrive by
9:20am and proceed directly to the designated
classrooms. The session is from 9:30am to 10:45am.
For more info… contact Diane and Tom Nagle
[email protected]
“Tips for Retirement” a
presentation by John Ingraham
and Juliet Casper. Here is a list of
topics they will be discussing:
Taxes - develop a strategy, importance of RMD,
reduce the impact
Family Legacy - stretching your IRA “Family Bank”
Long Term Care - alternatives to coverage without
high monthly premiums
Legal Affairs - “will vs. trust”, powers of attorney,
getting things in order
Portfolio Security - how to protect your “nest egg”
from market volatility
John and Juliet will be answering your questions and
informing you on these issues. The presentation will
be in Brendan Hall October 28th from 1pm until 3pm.
Please call the office 754-8544 to register.
Frances (Peggy) Tinnell and the Family of
Harry Tinnell, would like to thank everyone
for there thoughts, prayers and acts of
kindness during there loss.
Michael F. Burbidge
Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge
Bishop of Raleigh
Amount Saved due to early payments on
the mortgage: $1,119,479.64
If you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital,
nursing home/assisted living facility, etc. you or your
family must contact the nearest church.
Brunswick – St. Brendan
New Hanover – Chaplain’s Office
Dosher – Sacred Heart
Grand Strand – St. Andrew
Loris – St. James
Sea Coast - Star of the Sea
Building Loan as of this month our total
debt is $1,112,653.82
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Masses for the Week
† Richard Thomas Seyferth
† Ernestine Sullivan
St. Brendan Parishioners
11:15am † Frances Rask
Mon. 10/27
Eucharist Service
† Carmen Pucciariello
Wed. 10/29
† Michelina Ceely
Thur. 10/30
† Bridget & John Lawlor
† Richard Thomas Seyferth
† Antoinette & Dominick
† Theresa Aletti
St. Brendan Parishioners
11:15am † Capella & Gruzlewski
Please pray for the repose of the soul and remember the
family of Jeannine Miller who died last week.
Next Week’s Readings
November 2, 2014
All Soul’s Day
Romans 6:3-9
Matthew 25:34
Attention New Parishioners!
Welcome to St. Brendan Catholic Church. If you
are new to the area, we would like you to choose
St. Brendan as your Parish Family.
Registration forms are on the Stewardship Desk
in the Gathering Space. Please complete the
form and place in the collection basket or mail:
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Please pray for Our Family and Friends
Ayisha Marawi Hohl
Joe Konen
Carmen Barros
Glenn Petrucci
Dan Stennett
Annie Labagh
Richard Riley
Buske Family
Brenda Noll
Christopher Hylton
Mary Shickert
Laurie Van Riper
Johnny Johnson
Max Veech
Julia Mueller
Ray Galovich
Mary Claire Kasunic
Ed Muller Family
Ruth Tromblay
Shawn Martin
Baby-Owen Bell
Phyllis Buskirik
Sean Neumann
The Sullivan Family
Daniel Mulcahy
Meg Willmann`
Colleen Puntello
Linda O’Neill
Debbie Wamsley
Emma Broughton
Delores Kozel
Joan Auray
Adele Hordan
Vera M. Powell
Kim Barros
Tom Menino
Cira Cole
Fr. William Lascelles
Krystal Churchwell
Mary Carmody
Mary Ann Molini
Amanda Plumner
Lisa Ober
Jason DeMarte
Tammy Street
Marie Tyler
Carolena Nickles
Bette Hofmann
Dom Di Maio
Chris Oliver
Paul Whitehouse
Stella Kielb
Jason Del Pezzo
Michael Maggiore
Solomon Goulet
David Brenan
Patricia Fontana
Lillian Ober
Barbara Couture
Dorothy Hendricks
Agnes Ardeeser
Maggie Kaintz
Nancy Spencer
Deborah Ritchie
Raymond Normandy
Margaret Sakash
Mary Jo Baretto
Jerry Connelly
Jane Krieger
Jean Mulcahy
Mary McManus
Karen De Bernardis
Gary Gingeresky
Jack Morrison
Calvin Green
Louise Norton
Tommy Pephel
Caz Zukowski
Gina Sullivan
Aaron Alonso
Doris Holiday
Maria Cistulli
Tom Hutchin
Crystal Basil
Mary Elizabeth Zink
Diane Ovadek
George Carpenter
Marie Tyler
Hazel Zacofsky
Clement McDonald
Alice Minneci
LCPL Brendan Churchwell
Gina De Cotiis
Andrew Taylor
Lynn Maglione Gregor
Liam Orlando
Louise Troy
Carmel Kealy
Joseph Leslie
The Malone Family
Deidre Oates
Caroline Lescenski
Helen Raymond
Angela Davidson
Molly Cox
Devin Lumzer
Betty Kaintz
Julie Mills
Bridget McGuire
Frank DiBello
Kara McCormack Larson
Christine Miles
Ray Delotell
Alexa, Curtis & Evan Paton
Keira Rose Flynn
Carolyn Arney
Steve Martin
Pat Dailey
Lauren Dunipace
Ron Sarko
Frank Massa
Stanley Zukowski
Tip Heffner
Donna Maria Kaminskas
Elwin Reed
Bernice Fox
Helen Fairman
Keri Chavez
Karen Long
Sr. Carol Beairsto Rgs.
Carol & Lauren Caldera
Roger Hansen
Marie Knapik
Joe Malinowski
Dee Goodrich
Please pray for our Parishioners
Gary LaRouech
Cathleen Newman
Mary Lou Matthews
Luis Salas
George Salchert
Barbara Napfel
Barbara Viviano
Adele Treible
Peggy Murnane
Raymond Kidd
Jennifer Seeley
Elizabeth Walsh
Chris Stephens
Joan & Martin Gilbert
Theresa Whaley
Al Ciardi
John Miller
Doreen Pragel
Peggy Tinnell
Pat Pragel
Dolores Wenstrup
Pat Thatcher
Robert Santoro
Donna Leonard
Lynn Olenchalk
Gerald Lutz
Gloria Hillenburg
Bill Cawthra
Ed Kobierowski
Sue Yudysky
Connie Woodard
John A. Murphy
Kathy Semanko
Donald Hammond
Ann Nice
Adrienne Lemmons
Joe Garbarino
David & Kelly Garrett
Joe Lowry
Bob De Muro
Mary Jane Brust
Philip & Annice Granville
Rose Kustron
Windy Herring
Katlyne Thompson
Jean Rosen
Josephine Chebat
Roz Forsey
Carl Shirdon
Rich Harding
Adrianne Ferrier
Mariam Johnson
Joe and Betty Zegan
Alma McClune
George & Dorthy Mulcahy
Josephine Paterson
Will Marmura
Donald Woods
Jackie Fennel
Debbie Chase
Communion for the Sick & Homebound contact
Ann McGahran ext. 28 or Deacon Bob ext. 28 if you
know someone who would like to receive
Communion at home.
St. Brendan Catholic Chuch
P.O. Box 2984, Shallotte, N.C. 28459.
Thank you!
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Parish Community
Run for Food Saturday, January 10, 9am. Registration
is now open for the 11th Annual Ocean Isle Bridge
RUN FOR FOOD. Proceeds go to South Brunswick
Interchurch Council Food Pantry. The run is a HalfMarathon or 5K Run/Walk. Call 575-3664,
www.active.com/running or [email protected] to
K of C Call Richard Rismiller 579-1155.
Check their web site:
 11/10 Business Meeting
 11/17 4th Degree
Our Lady of the Rosary Council 9039
recognizes Jerry Siegmund as the
October 2014 Knight of the Month. As
everyone knows who has attended
one of this Council’s dinners, Jerry is
our Executive Chef and responsible
for an untold number of delicious
meals. Thanks to his efforts the dinners have provided
a means of parish fellowship and enhanced our sense
of Church. For two years he has wholeheartedly and
unreservedly led the food preparation for the Italian
Festival. Come say thanks and congratulations at
Wounded Warriors Dinner Nov. 8th.
Our Lady of the Rosary Columbiettes will
be hosting a Card Party at Ryan’s Steak
House on Route 17 in N. Myrtle Beach on
Tuesday November 4 at 11am. Tickets are
$15.00. Please contact Mary at 842-1776
or Ginny at 287-1870.
Brunswick County Homeless Coalition will hold the
3rd Annual Hunger and Homeless Banquet Saturday
November 22, from 10am till 1pm at Sabbath Home
Baptist Church, 990 Sabbath Home Road S.W. in
Visit www.brunswickcountyhomelesscoalition.com
for more information or to register.
CROP WALK November 2 - It is time for the Crop
walk again so if you are interested in participating call
Pat Bueter 754-3655 for more information or to
register. The walk starts at Calvary Baptist Church.
Crafting by the Sea: Fall Craft Sale at Our
Lady Star of the Sea in North Myrtle Beach,
Friday, October 31, from 8am till 6pm,
Saturday, November 1, 8am till 6:30pm,
Sunday, November 2, 9am till 1:30pm. Many
different crafts, baby items and Lunch is
available to eat in or take out. Frozen homemade
Cabbage Rolls and a variety of Peirogi’s are for sale.
Admission is free.
Bethlehem Live an extraordinary and
moving event! November 28,28,30 and
December 5,6,7.Participate in and
enjoy a live outdoor drama presented
by the Beach Assembly of God located
at 6730 Ocean Highway West, (Rt. 17)
Ocean Isle Beach. Admission is free
but reservations are required. Fro more
information beachassemblyofgod.org or 910-5799701.
Christmas Giving this Season: This year
we are wanting to get started early on our
projects for this Christmas. We will again be
doing the gift cards for Building Hope
Ministries. This is the same as last year where we get
a $25.00 gift card at Wal-Mart, Belk or a store of your
choice. These cards are for the teenagers that have a
parent in prison. These teens are sometimes forgotten
at Christmas and your generosity helps them be able to
pick out there own gift. A letter from there parent in
prison is included with the card they get from Building
Hope Ministries. Gift cards can be brought to the
Office, given to Rusty and then Building Hope
Ministries will pick them up. Call Rusty at 754-8544 to
get on the list to donate a gift card. We will be taking on
50 Teens this year.
We will be getting the gift tags from the Senior Center
in Shallotte and NEW THIS YEAR we will feature a
tree for the children in Faith Formation here at St.
Brendan. Their names will be on a Christmas Tree in
the Gathering Space. We hope to be finished with our
projects before Thanksgiving like last year since we
have obligations with family in other places at this time.
gift cards can be started now and more
information on the Senior and Children’s Tree will be in
upcoming bulletins. Thank You for your generosity to
make Christmas special for these special children and
Special Thanks to our
Sponsor or the week
Strand Termite & Pest
Support the businesses
that support our bulletin!
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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
St Brendan the Navigator
Activities Calendar
Questions? Call 754-8544 or email
[email protected]
Daylight Savings Time
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Choir 5pm Mass
Novewmber 2014 - St. Stanislaus 17th Annual Polish Festival November 1
11am -5pm - Managing Diabetes Seaside United Methodist Church 3pm
Centering Prayer
KofC Rosary of the
Unborn 8:10am
Creative Spirit
Ensemble 5pm
Bereavement 9:30
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
11 Veterans Day
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Centering Prayer
Columbiettes 7pm
Choir 8 am
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4 -5:30
K of C Bus. Mtg.
Healing Prayer 9:30
Singles Group 6pm
Centering Prayer
K of C 4th Deg.
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4-5:30
Ensemble 8am
Falling Upward
Chapter 8 - 9am
Searchers of Scripture
28 Office Closed
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
27 Thanksgiving
NO Brownbaggers
Healing Prayer 9:30
23 Choir 11:15am
Mon: Healing Prayer every 2nd & 4th Mon. at 9:30 a.m. Call Jane: 575-3064 Tues: Faith’s Journey after Mass in the Lahren Rm call Jane 575-3064 Wed: Searchers
Bible Study, after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Fran: 754-9126 Wed. Mission Ensemble 4-5:30 p.m. in church. Call Tom: 253-4573 4th Wed. Pain Support. Call
Katherine 755-6670 Thurs. Centering Prayer—after Mass in Maloney Rm. Call Jean: 754-9126 Fri.: Creative Spirit (knit/crochet) after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call
Jeanne 579-8241. Peace Prayers after Mass in library.
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Boletin Hispano
Para saber acerca de preguntas
sobre inmigración llamen a la Madre
Rosanne al teléfono 910-616-2105.
La Madre atiende todos los domingos
después de la misa de las 9:30 de la
mañana en las oficinas del Centro
FORMACION DE FE Padre Ricardo, párroco
Hna. M. Teresa coordinadora (910-200-9209)
Amarás a tu prójimo como a
ti mismo.
Hoy también nos preguntamos
por el núcleo, lo más
importante en nuestra relación
con Dios, ¿qué hacer para acertar con una vida
verdaderamente cristiana?, ¿cómo superar la
insatisfacción que produce la mediocridad de vida
cristiana, que dificulta el conocimiento y la
identificación con Jesús? Si en tiempos de Jesús, la
maraña de leyes, normas, preceptos, mandamientos y
obligaciones de la religión judía no dejaban ver, ni
focalizaban lo esencial de la relación con Dios, hoy no
pocos cristianos sufrimos: el peso de nuestra
formación, más bien, deformación; el desconcierto en
la iglesia de jerarcas y de predicadores tan plurales y
hasta contrarios, que ni se acercan al evangelio; los
vaivenes en lo moral con un amplio arco de oscilación,
según qué convenga; tantas variadas maneras de
decir que se vive a Jesús, a veces hasta contrarias; la
identificación de la vivencia religiosa con un
individualismo que se traduce en un sentirse bien en
todos los sentidos, no meterse en la vida de nadie,
todo es bueno si no me hace daño, si me va o no me
va esto que dice la iglesia. Esto es una vida religiosa
políticamente correcta, pero sin referencias a Dios y a
los demás.
Los bautismos son el día 1 de
Noviembre y el día 6 de
Diciembre a las 3:30 de la tarde.
La plática para Diciembre es el
día 30 de Noviembre. Después
de la misa de las 9:30 de la
El Señor Obispo de ciudad Altamirano,
Máximo Martínez Miranda nos visitó el
lunes pasado y celebro la Santa Misa a
las 7 de la noche. Después hubo una
cena para todos y la comunidad
mexicana pudo saludar al Señor
Obispo con todo cariño.
Jesús simplifica y hace una reducción importante y
sencilla, respondiendo a lo que le preguntan sobre qué
es importante (amar a Dios) y explicando lo que no le
preguntan: que el amor a Dios se verifica con el amor
al prójimo, a los demás y, por tanto, lo primero e
importante son los demás. Olvidar esta referencia
esencial de la vida de Jesús en su relación con Dios,
ha hecho al cristiano entrar en una mediocridad de
vida, una vida sin significatividad.
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Todos los niños de 4 años hasta
los 14 tienen clase el primer
domingo del mes de Noviembre,
día 2. Se pide a los papas que
los traigan a la iglesia a las 9:15
de la mañana y por favor