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Enfermeros/as para Noruega. 20 puestos (Inglés). Formación
previa en idioma noruego.
Selecciona Acurate Care
Nurses for public hospitals, community health services and other health care institutions, located
both in cities and municipalities in different regions in Norway, and according to the type of
Accurate Care AS is a personnel agency specializing in placement of professional health workers in
engagements at many kinds of health care institutions. Accurate Care AS is a part of Beitstadfjorden group,
which have around 700 employees in health and industry.
Nursing, specialized nursing/Diplomado-graduado en enfermería
Professional experience:
Candidates should have a minimum of 1-year relevant work
Accurate Care AS offers specialized Norwegian language
courses for all qualified and selected candidates. The courses are
mainly conducted online, so you will be able to start learning
Norwegian while still working in your home country. We offer netbased individual tutoring for effective learning. The duration of the
language training is normally 8 months, whereof 6 months in your
home country and the remaining 2 months in Norway upon arrival.
Other relevant requirements:
Candidates will be required to attend and successfully complete the
Norwegian language training order to be employed in Norway.
We prioritise applicants with good English skills, written and
It would be an advantage if you have a class B driver’s license.
Salary gross:
For experienced nurses: from EURO 45 000 per year
For specialized nurses: from EURO 50 000 per year.
Salary net:
Income tax in the region of 25-33 %.
Extras provided
Accommodation is covered by the company.
Type of contract:
Full-time engagements are offered with a minimum of 18
months’ duration.
HOW TO APPLY: Send a short application and CV in English by e-mail to Mr. Håvard Haugan,
[email protected] . Copy to [email protected] REF. NURSE FOR ACCURATE CARE
Deadline for applications / Closing date: 31. October 2014
Relevant applicants will be contacted for interviews to be arranged either online or at place to be
agreed upon after application deadline. Diplomas and other documents must be provided if you are
called in for an interview. We kindly inform that we will contact selected candidates only.