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I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :
Lent a Good Work of God for Us
winter lasts forever; no spring
skips its turn.”
Hal Borland.
The work of winter
seems to be moving in the direction
of completion at
least the temperatures lately seem
that way. We know
more snow and
cold is likely to
come at some
point, and yet so
will Spring and
warmth and new
As a community of
Christians we will
be starting the annual journey of
Lent soon. It is a
season in the
church to remember and reflect on
Christ’s journey to
the cross out of his
deep love for humanity and his
obedience to God’s
will. Lent can also
be an inward journey for us, a journey that remembers and reflects
God’s good work in
our lives, God’s
love and forgiveness for us,
God’s guiding and
providing for us,
and the other ways
God has cared for
and sustained us.
The season of Lent
can seem like a
long season (six
weeks – 40 Days
not counting Sundays). At times it is
helpful and even
beneficial to complete something as
soon as possible.
Get it done! Lent is
not one of those
things. Lent is a
time and a journey
where being patient and deliberate
has its rewards.
Lent is a time to
pace ourselves
with prayer, scripture, worship and
quiet contemplation
of Jesus and his
journey to the
cross and allowing
the Holy Spirit to
Invitation to Soloists
Men’s Retreat Update
February Adult Ed.
JOY Invitation
Youth News
Advent Notes
 Ash Wednesday worship,
February 18, 7 pm
 Soup and Bread Suppers
begin February 25;
supper begins at 5:30
pm; hosts, soup, and
bread providers are
 Mid-week Lenten worship—featuring the
Holden Evening Prayer
liturgy– begins February
25, 6:30 pm
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Women’s Monthly Bible Study—Feb. 12
The monthly
Women’s Bible
Study meets at 1
pm February 12.
The theme for this
month’s study is
“Making Conver-
sion Last.” Contrasting conversion
stories illustrate the
factors that can
help religious
transformation succeed or fail. The
discussion of these
passages will help
us understand how
we can create
communities that
nurture spiritual
growth. The
theme verse
comes from Acts
8:38-39. The study
is held in the Fellowship room and
all women are
warmly invited!
F EB R U A R Y 2 0 1 5
At times it is helpful and
even beneficial to complete
something as soon as
possible. Get it done!
Is not
one of those things.
Maundy Thursday (the
Last Supper of Jesus),
Good Friday (Crucifixion of
our Lord), Holy Saturday
(Easter Vigil) and finally
the great Easter celebration of resurrection and
new life!
This season and journey of
Lent is really God’s good
work for and in us. While
Jesus works his way to the
cross it can be for us a remembering, a reflection
and a renewal for us in
faith and ultimately in love
and service to those
around us.
We are reminded to remember the Sabbath (the
rest of God) and keep it
holy (Exodus 20.11). The
Sabbath can be on
Wednesday too! This reminder is not meant to be a
burden or a requirement,
but a gift! Let the good
work of God for us this
Lent draw us closer to our
source of life, love, hope,
peace and salvation – Jesus the Christ.
Always together in Christ,
Pastor Chris
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take us on an inward journey of faith.
I invite you to start the
journey with the Ash
Wednesday worship service February 18th at 7pm.
Then for the five following
Wednesdays evenings at
6:30pm the worship experiences of Holden Evening
Prayer will sooth your weary soul and nurture your
spiritual journey of faith.
The wonderful soup suppers that precede the Holden Evening Prayer worship
services will warm your
heart and tummy at
5:30pm. All this prepares
us for the holiest week of
the church year. The week
of Palm & Passion Sunday,
Thank You Family
A BIG thank you to the
many volunteers who
made our Family Promise
host week a success—
your involvement is truly
appreciated. Whether
you prepared a meal,
folded laundry, or shared
a hug, a prayer, or a
laugh, we thank you for
your time and your support of this worthwhile
Kelly Jones and
Deb Lutes
Enhancing Worship during Lent and Easter
Inviting Soloists and Ensembles to Participate
The good news is, Mardi
Gras is only weeks away:
Tuesday, February 17th.
The bad news? Lent starts
the next day, Wednesday,
February 18th.
Behind us are the Advent,
Christmas, and Epiphany
seasons of songs that celebrate the Incarnation. Just
ahead, worship experience
enhanced by music as we
consider Jesus’ final weeks
and days, Passion, death,
and resurrection.
Our recent liturgical season fit together so well because our musicians
helped by planning ahead.
Well over 20 individuals
Help CASA !
Court Appointed Special
Advocates (CASA) of
Missoula needs our help.
The mission of CASA is to
provide independent,
trained advocates for the
best interests of children
within the judicial system
who are at substantial risk
or have experienced abuse
or neglect. We provide
consistent, long-term advocacy until every child resides in a safe, permanent
considered possible solo
and ensemble
sung or
for prelude music, anthem
or communion music, and together we worked out the most
suitable time for them to
To learn more about becoming a CASA Volunteer, contact Charity
Stubb at (406) 542.1208 or
[email protected] Visit our website at
An informational session
will be held at Zootown
Brew on February 3rd at
6pm to learn more! Please join us on Friday
February 6th, 2015 from
6-9pm for our annual
Light of Hope Banquet
and Silent Aucion. Tickets
You might be the parent
of a music student in
need of a confidencebuilding opportunity with
a friendly audience. You
might be a seasoned
performer. All levels of
ability and experience
are welcome, whether
for Sunday morning,
Monday evening, or
Wednesday evening,
during Lent in general,
or the Passion week in
particular, for Easter
Vigil or Easter morning,
we can find the right
time for your level of comfort.
Friday February 6th,
2015 from 6-9pm Light of Hope Banquet
and Silent Auction.
are available online at
www.casamissoula.org or
by calling (406) 542.1208.
This event raises funds to
support the mission of
CASA of Missoula!
F EB R U A R Y 2 0 1 5
Parish Nurse News
My best wishes for you in
2015. February is celebrated as heart month.
However, I will not talk
about the heart this month,
but rather something all of
us have experienced in our
life-time: the stomach bug.
This is a summary taken
from an article published
by the Providence Medical
Group, December, 2014.
The symptoms of nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea and
even a fever are usually
called the “stomach flu.” It
can be caused by viruses,
bacteria, contaminated
food and parasites. It usually passes on its own within a day or two, but stomach queasiness can last for
another few days.
The majority of cases are
viral caused. For example
the rotavirus in young children and the norovirus
(think of cruise ship illness)
among older children and
adults. Viral stomach bugs
are very contagious and
can spread quickly through
personal contact such as
shaking hands, sharing
food, eating and drinking
utensils, or even touching
door knobs or shared keyboards.
To avoid spreading the
bug, wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet
or changing a baby’s diaper. Avoid preparing food,
sharing eating and drinking
utensils, towels or wash
cloths when you are ill.
Bacterial infections are
most commonly associated
with food, for example,
contaminated food served
at a picnic, school cafeteria, or a restaurant. If you
are preparing food wash
your hands! Use one cutting board and utensil per
task such as cutting meat
or poultry, refrigerate and
freeze food at the right
temperature and reheat
properly. Don’t leave food
at room temperature for
more than 1 hour.
The biggest danger of the
stomach flu is that the
vomiting and diarrhea can
lead to dehydration and
electrolyte imbalance. Be
sure to drink plenty of flu-
ids. There are medications
to stop diarrhea, but is usually best to let the diarrhea
run its course and give
your body time to heal.
Eat small meals avoiding
spicy or foods difficult to
If after the first day or two
you feel weak, dizzy or
lightheaded, have little or
no urination, have a dry
mouth and eyes, consult
with your health care provider. These are signs of
One big tip to avoid getting
sick is to wash your hands
frequently and thoroughly
(sing the “happy birthday”
song). This tip should help
you prevent from becoming
ill with a number of contagious diseases such as the
common cold and influenza (type A, B, C). And remember, stay home if you
are ill!
Ardie Fraley
Fair Trade Products—coffees, teas, chocolate, nuts, gift items—will be
available for purchase downstairs between services on February 15.
Flathead Lake Lutheran Bible Camp is the Outstanding Site
For the Men’s 2015 Retreat
The Men’s Retreat is just
over a month away. Set for
March 13 and 14 at the
Flathead Lutheran Bible
Camp, located near
Lakeside, it gets underway
about 4pm on Friday.
Last year nearly 30 men
from St. Paul, Atonement
and Bethlehem in Kalispell
had a wonderful experience on the banks of Flathead Lake. This year we
have invited Immanuel Lutheran Church men to take
part in this event.
St. Paul’s
Noon Feb. 18
Fun, Fellowship,
Fantastic Food
Fellowship Room
Pastor Wayne Pris, reing the Retreat block on
tired, whose last parish
the attendance sheet at
was Eidsvold Lutheran
worship services. ScholarChurch near Lakeside, will
ships are available.
be spearheading our Fri“If you have never been
day evening and Saturday
on a retreat before, you will
morning program. He will
find a wonderful group of
take us on his faith jourmen, who will share their
ney. We will also be taking
experiences and help you
a close look at how some
get acquainted right away.
of Paul’s writing fits into
You’ll be glad you attendmen’s Christian life today..
ed,” said Gary Sorensen,
The FLBC staff will propast retreats coordinator.
vide the three
“If you haven’t
great meals
attended one
and a bunk in
before, give it
- Men’s Retreat one of the
a try,” he addheated cabed.
March 13
ins, but atAgain the
tendees will
2015 Retreat
and 14, 2015
be required to
is open to all
bring their
men in St.
own bedding
Paul, Atoneand toiletries.
ment, Immanuel Lutheran
Cost this year will be $65
Churches and Bethlehem
(same as last year) per
Lutheran Church in Kaperson. You can sign up
lispell. If you have any
by calling the church office
questions, please call
at 549-4141, or by checkGary Sorensen, 728-3278.
Adult Education for February
We are all invited to attend
the Adult Education course
this month: Relooking at
the Church through the
eyes of Jesus, Luther and
Bonhoeffer: How God uses context in history to reveal God's truth; Biblical
understanding of “Miracle."
Retired Pastor Mitch Jones
is leading this series of
classes which meets at
10:00 am in the Fellowship
Room (# 210).
F EB R U A R Y 2 0 1 5
YOUTH NEWS - February - 2015
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is here!!! Dinner Out Tonight will be hosted by our young people on Saturday, February 7th, with reservation times being scheduled from 5:00
pm -7:30 pm (be sure to make yours soon). Our guests will
have a choice between the Beef Bourguignon and Chicken
Parmesan, and each dinner will cost $18 upon your reservation. We are providing childcare this year for young families:
$5 per child, and they too will be served dinner. If you are
interested in the fabulous meal but can’t commit to a certain
time, sign up to order take-out – it’s the same price, but you
can eat it in the comfort of your own home. To make reservations or take-out arrangements, please email [email protected].
GROW is scheduled as normal for February 4th and 18th.
Wednesday, February 11th, we will be serving for an hour at
our local Montana Food Bank Network (located at 5625 Expressway). We will have kids meet and leave from this location, from 5-6 pm. Parents are more than welcome to stay
and observe and/or help with our tasks. Then, Wednesday,
February 25th, there will be NO GROW on this evening, but
GROW will resume again the next week, Wednesday,
March 4th.
St. Paul Lutheran Church has
once again participated in the
SOUPer Bowl of Caring, collaborating with churches
around the nation to help end
hunger in our communities.
THANK you to everyone who
has helped or will help out
with supporting this cause.
Students will be collecting
change after our church services on Sunday, February 1st.
Our Confirmation students voted and decided to donate all
of our collection to the Montana Food Bank Network this
year. Way to play!!
Feb. 15:
There will be an intergenerational Sunday School
on Sunday, February 15th
in the Lower Level Fellowship Hall, focusing on prayer. The Sunday school
time will run from 10:0010:45 am, after coffee
Notes of Thanks: Advent 2014 through Epiphany 2015
Between the first Sunday of
Advent and our recent celebraSt. Paul Lutheran Church
tion of the Feast of the Epiphawas blessed with many
ny, St. Paul Lutheran Church
was blessed with many worworship moments made
ship moments made special by
special by individuals and
individuals and groups willing
to share their musical gifts. If
you appreciated their many fine contributions, please take a moment to thank them in
Dec 3
Dec 7
Dec 10
Dec 14
Dec 17
Dec 21
Dec 24
Dec 28
Dec 29
Jan 4
Holden Evening Prayer – Jan Turbak, cantor
morning worship – the St. Paul Choir and
the Women’s Choir
Holden Evening Prayer – Janis Davis,
cantor, and Kristin Jakobson, flute
morning worship – Children’s Program
special thanks to the children’s
parents, to Dori and Dane Pinkerton,
Amanda Nelson, and Elaine Ryan
Annika Johnston, piano,
Konnor Johnston, piano
Holden Evening Prayer – Marie Craton,
morning worship – Janis Davis, Kathy
Spritzer, duet
Jen Cuaresma, Kristi Dalenberg, duet
the St. Paul Choir
Christmas Eve worship – Lex Wilson, piano
Sloan Wilson, piano
Jen Cuaresma, solo
Kristin Jakobson, flute
Wes Douglas, violin
the St. Paul Choir
Kristi Dalenberg, solo
morning worship – the Women’s Choir, and
Jan Turbak, solo
evening worship – special thanks to Jan
Turbak, piano
morning worship – Phil Stauffer and Kristin
Jakobson, voice and flute duet
the St. Paul Choir
special thanks to Jan
Turbak, piano
Jan 5
evening worship – special thanks to
Kersti Pearson, organ/
Jan 11
Sunday – Kristin Jakobson, flute solo and vocal
the St. Paul Choir
All of the St. Paul Choir
contributions were led by
Chuck Bryson, director, and
Kersti Pearson, accompanist. My sincerest apologies
if any individuals were left
The Advent/Christmas/
Epiphany seasons are special for many reasons, not
the least of which is the
great Lutheran heritage of
celebrating the wonder of
the Incarnation in song.
Tod Trimble, Director of
Music Ministry
Non-Profit org.
St. Paul Lutheran Church
202 Brooks Street
Missoula, MT 5801
U.S. Postage
Missoula, MT
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St. Paul Lutheran Church
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St. Paul Lutheran
Annual Meeting
February 8, 2015,
after the 11:00 am
service; Potluck meal
followed by the
Email: [email protected]
Worship Sundays
at 8:30 & 11:00am &
Mondays at 6:30pm
Pastor, Chris Flohr
Campus Pastor, John Lund
Pastor Emeritus, Joe Wahlin
Pastor Emeritus, Ev Tande
Parish Nurse Emeritus, Ardie Fraley
Parish Education Director, Elaine Ryan
Preschool Teacher, Deb Getz
Infant Toddler Care Center Director,
Erin Fimmel