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First Christian Reformed Church of Detroit
February 1, 2015
February 1
Preacher: Walter Ray Hudson II
Text: Luke 2:22-39
Title: A Liturgy of Praise
Celebration of the Lord's Supper
Offering: Mission Partners
February 8
Series: Church 101
Text: 1 Peter 2:9-12
Title: Holy Nation!
Offering: Community Assistance Partners
February 15
Series: Church 101
Text: 1 Peter 3:8-16
Title: How Not to Love Your Neighbor
Baptism and Welcoming New Members
Offering: Crossroads
February 22
Series: The Water and the Blood:
God’s Covenant of Grace
Text: Genesis 6:11-13, 17-18; 9:8-17
Title: The Storm is Passing Over
Offering: Habitat for Humanity – Grosse Pointe
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Names and Faces: This Sunday, February 1, we would like to take your picture for our Names and
Faces board. Please report with your family to the photo booth in the Gathering Space for your
photo. In order to help us all put names to faces, we will be posting the photos of all regular church
attenders in the gathering space. Thank you!
Community Assistance Program would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support
throughout 2014; we couldn't do it without you! This past year over 4600 individuals were
assisted with food and clothing. The Thanksgiving baskets First Church collected, along with other
churches and individuals, provided meals for 300 families.
There is always a need for food and clothing. We have a basket in the rear of the sanctuary where
you can place non perishable food items. For January and February we will be collecting canned
meats (Vienna sausages, sardines, etc.), crackers, peanut butter, and jelly. If you have any clothing
you would like to donate please contact John R. Thanks again for all you do to support CAP and
thank God that He has blessed us to be a part of helping others in need!
CAP is looking for a new treasurer. Our current treasurer is ready to retire and looking for
someone with an accounting background to pass the torch to. If you feel like this could be you
please contact John R.
New Date: The new Annual Chili Cook-Off date is Sunday, March 1, after the morning worship
service. We have room for one more chili maker. Let Helen M. know if you are interested in
entering the competition!
Special Offering: Our special offering today is for First Church’s Mission Partners: Wayne State
University InterVarsity, Larry and Mary Harris, the Arab American Friendship Center, and MACC
InterVarsity is a Christian organization working to reach students at colleges across the United
States. We support the mission at Wayne State University in Detroit.
Larry and Mary Harris serve in Mexico where they are striving to give the people of Oaxaca a copy
of the New Testament in their native tongue. They have spent 24 years working with those in
Oaxaca to take God's word to the common person. They hope to have the whole New Testament
translated along with a dictionary within eight years.
The mission of the Arab-American Friendship Center is to provide quality education and lifeenhancing services to Arab immigrants in order to ease their integration into American society.
They use their center as a platform for teaching about Christ.
Mack Avenue Community Literacy, or MACC LIT, is a community-based literacy clinic which offers
one-on-one tutoring to eligible students and literacy education to the community. Their mission is
to bring forth renewal in our community through literacy. This is run by Mack Avenue Community
Church. Part of their tutoring program involves bringing the families into the center where they
can experience the family of Christ.
Current Sermon Series: We begin the New Year with a Sermon Series and Bible study entitled,
"Church 101". We'll spend five weeks re-learning the meaning of church: who the church is and
what the church does. Bible Study group meeting times and locations are Mondays, 7:00am, at
Higher Grounds; Tuesdays, 10:00am, at Higher Grounds; and Tuesdays, 8:00pm, in Pastor Ben's
Bible Survey Class: Join Pastor Ben for a bi-weekly discussion of the major themes of the Bible
and the basics of the Christian faith. Held on the first and third Sundays of the month at 9:00am in
the Pastor's Study. Please note that class is cancelled on February 1.
Support for People in Job Transition: First Church is a member of "Eastside Take Control", a
local organization devoted to equipping and supporting those recovering from job loss and looking
for work. If you are looking for support during your job transition process, or want to know more
about ETC, please contact Pastor Ben (313-443-5446; [email protected]).
Inquiries about Facility Use: Any individual or committee that would like to use the church
building for a one-time event can send a request to the church email account
([email protected]). Place "Building Use" in the subject line, and include in the body of
the email the following details: event purpose and participants; event date; and facilities needed.
Will G.'s father, Peter G., passed away suddenly on the morning of January 29. Please pray for Will
and his family as they grieve this loss.
Remember Kristin K. as she prepares to be the donor in her sister, Jocelyn's, kidney transplant. The
surgery is scheduled for February 4, and we pray for the procedure itself, as well as healing and
restoration for both Kristin and Jocelyn.
Please remember those in our congregation who cannot worship with us regularly because of
health concerns. We especially want to remember Marge F.
The following is a summary of the items covered at the most recent Council meeting. If you have
questions or comments please contact an Elder or Deacon.
1. The December financial reports, which indicated receipts were very close to being on budget,
were received with gratitude. We were reminded that typically receipts are ahead of budget at
this time and of the important on-going need for faithful giving.
2. The deacons plan to share the planned 2015 giving causes with the congregation in the next
few weeks. This will also include clarification regarding how best to give to support the overall
church budget.
3. Committees were reminded to prepare and submit their 2015-2016 budget requests by March.
4. Repair on the church organ will begin in January and is expected to extend through the
Building & Grounds: Several projects around church have been or will be completed soon. These
include carpet cleaning in the Gathering Room, labeling the new church mailboxes, and installation
of new speakers in the sanctuary. A ‘work evening’ is also being planned for January 22 to
complete several church maintenance items.
Church Life: Appreciation was expressed for this past Sunday’s Mission Partners lunch. The next
Church Life event will be our annual Easter morning breakfast.
Education: A Young Children in Worship training session will take place the last weekend in
Mission Focus: An informational Congregational meeting is being planned for Sunday, February 8,
to discuss the materials pertaining to the possibility of changing the name of our church. This will
be part of a broader discussion regarding our congregation's identity, mission, and vision for our
future together. Materials providing Council's rationale, an outline of the process, and a timeline
for the various stages in the process will be emailed to the congregation later this week. A followup survey is also being planned.
Worship: A five-week Lenten Series on the ‘Covenant’ is being planned once the current ‘Church
101’ series is complete.
Luminex: Plans are moving forward to begin the Luminex church plant this spring. An offer has
been extended to a potential pastor, funding has been committed, and a location is being
Additional Items:
1. Pastor Ben reported that he has been in contact with Dave Wagner regarding an organ concert.
The concert is being planned when work on the organ is complete, which is anticipated to be
late summer or early fall.
2. A Classis meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2015 in Ann Arbor. Volunteers are needed to
represent our church.
Scripture Reading
Offertory Prayer
Children’s Worship
February 1
February 8
Pearl V.
Sandy M.
Nancy M., Alicia N., Emily P.
Diane D.
Mary K.
Tim M.
Jack and Mary K.
Katie C., John R.
27: The Great Pearl
Jane S.
Bev N.
Katie C., Keltie N., Allison S.
Heather D.
Larry M.
Paul M.
Congregational Meeting
Jen P., Kerrie N.
28: The Sower
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Worship Service
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Choir Rehearsal
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