Deed Restricted Community

January 31, 2015
10:00am - 11:30am
Rucker Elem.
201 Vinett
Houston, TX 77017
Phone: 713-845-7467
Principal: B. Blanco
Deed Restricted
Civic meeting, Sept. 13, 2014 was a great success with 58 members in attendance. A Vice President was previously nominated and has been voted in so
please join me and Welcome, Jocelyn Alonso. Jocelyn has been an active
committee member since 2009 and has devoted her time and efforts to assist
in the improvements within our neighborhood. We appreciate her willingness
to continue on as Vice President!! NNO and Christmas Event were a success
Michelle M. - President and Santa was able to give to 72 kids and 10 Turkey’s to the elderly residents
in our area. Please enjoy the pictures are uploaded in our community webJocelyn - V. President
site. Thank you Flint Hill Resources, Lyondell Basell, TPC Group for your
Juany P. - Treasurer
continous support to our community!
Lupe A. - Secretary
Marissa- PowerPoint
Marco V. - Website
13 de Sept. de 2014 fue un gran éxito con 58 miembros que asistieron. El
Carlos P. - Website
Vice Presidente fue nominado anteriormente y ha sido votado.
Marbin G. - Printer
Por favor unanse a mi y bienvenida, Jocelyn Alonso. Jocelyn ha sido un
Juan - Sgt. Of Arms
miembro active del Comite desde 2009 y ha dedicado su tiempo y esfuerzos
Angela - Committee
para ayudar a las mejores en nuestro vecindario. Apreciamos su voluntad de
Beatrice - Committee
continuar como Vice Presidente!!
Sophie R. - Committee NNO y Navidad evento fueron un éxito y Santa fue capazde dar a 72 niños y
10 Turquía a los ancianos residentes en nuestra área. Fotos son cargados en el
sitio web de nuestra comunidad. Gracias a Flint Hill Resources, Lyondell
Basell, TPC Group por supportando nuestro communidad!
1 - HPD - Officer Yanez
2 - Mayor Assitst. Liasion Maria Bolanos
Dave Martin - Councilman
Member District E
[email protected]
Please Note:
Members Dues are $20
Please attend this meeting so you can share your comments. Assista
por favor a esta reunión así que usted puede compartir sus comentarios.
Caring for your
Magnolia Police Substation
Juntas en la estacion de Policia
HPD - Eastside Division
CPT. William Dobbins
SGT. J. TAPIA Eastside DRT
Jan. 31, 2015
10:00 - 11:30am
Rucker Elem.
Need a second or
third garbage can
serviced for a fee.
Residents will have
their first 96-gallon
can serviced free.
The fee for servicing
the 2nd & 3rd can
may be added to the
monthly water bill
upon request of the
If you already have
an extra can and
wish to continue to
have it collected will
need to request a
sticker for it.
Call 3-1-1 to
enroll in
Phone/Telefono: 713-928-4600
HPD Dispatch:
Meeting : Jan. 26, 2015 Address: 7525 Sherman
Time/Hora: 6:30p.m. - 7:30 p.m
Guest Speaker: Moiya Press - Jackson, Community Outreach Specialist
Dispute Resolution Center of Harris County
The new officer who joined DRT is Officer A. Yanez. He is a great officer with a stellar reputation who will over seeing our community.
Please Welcome, Officer Yanez!!
To remain anonymous you may call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477) for a cash reward. These persons may be armed and dangerous, do not attempt to capture them your
Heavy Trash Pick up / Basura Pesado / Every 1st Monday of the Month
Please call 311
to submit a
service request,
or submit
online at
*Jan 5th Tree/Arboles * Feb 2nd Junk/Basura * March 2nd Tree/Arboles
Dept. of Neighborhood, IPS enforces Chapter 10 related to the Code of
Ordinances for:
Open and vacant buildings
Nuisances on private property (building materials, furniture, trash, etc..)
Junk motor vehicles
Weeded lots
Tree/Junk Waste should be placed to the front of the curb in easy access to collect between the hours of 6:00pm the Friday before and 7:00am on the scheduled collection
Materials should not be placed in the street, sidewalk, or the right of way.
Tires may be placed up to 4 tires on Junk Waste months ONLY.
Dead Animals can be picked up by calling 311, the City Customer
Service Hotline.
The D.O.N Inspector will continue to monitor our AREA.
The area is inspected every 2 weeks!
Crime Stats from HPD Estadísticas de Crimen
Sex Offenders
1114 Christine
1426 Axilda
907 Gober
614 & 1423 Maroby
922 & 1110 Ruell
1302 & 1114 Ogilvie
5610 Oriole
900-999 Axilda St.
200-299 Axilda St.
800-899 Gober St.
1500–1599 Ahrens St.
Aggravated Assault
1200-1299 Choate Circle
300-399 Gober St.
Crime rate has decreased!! Report all incidents, big or small so that it will be generated in the system.
*If you are interested in seeing pictures and the actual crime offense, please log onto / Si esta interesado en ver fotos o la ofensa actual, por favor visite la pagina por internet
**Log onto for your street by street crime stats. / Puede visitar por internet a para ver las estadísticas de crimen de su calle.
Please Maintain the following:
Do Not Park on the sidewalks/curves
No commercial truck allowed unless engaged in construction
your trees from over hanging limbs
No fur- niture, trash, building materials stored in yard
No loud music after hours
No speeding
You can not use White/Black trash bags and
leave them at the curve. They have to be Certified bags only!
No puede utilizar bolsas de basura blanco/
negro y dejarlos en la curva. Tienen que ser certificadosbolsos solamente!
Garage/Yard Sales
Venta de Garaje
Only 2 per year allowed, Post notices only on private property, NOT ON UTILITY POLES.
Solo 2 por ano solamente, Anuncio Noticias propiedad
Reyna Rentals 713-447-6205
Oak Meadow resident can rent any
one of these & receive a Discount!!
Tables and chairs also available
MEETING : Jan 31, 2015
KEEP All Dogs – Small/Large leashed
There are homeowners who are aware of their dogs being loose
and have not taken the proper measures to keep them from
running in the streets. No one can walk or ride their bike without being
chased. Keep your dog within your property and fenced in or you will
be reported.
Perros – Pequeños o Grandes Hay propietarios que son conscientes de sus perros están sueltos y no han tomado las medidas adecuadas
para impedir que se ejecute en las calles. Nadie puede caminar o montar
su bicicleta sin ser perseguidos. Mantenga su perro dentro de su
propiedad y cercadas o ser reportado.
10AM - 11:30AM