¿Cómo el taller puede ayudarle a implementar el PSA en - Redlac

Proyecto de Capacitación de RedLAC para Fondos Ambientales
RedLAC Capacity Building Project for Environmental Funds
Taller #7 Medición del Impacto de Fondos Ambientales en la Conservación de la Biodiversidad en
Áreas Protegidas
Workshop #7 Monitoring the Impact of Environmental Fund Projects on Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Areas
Nombre | Name Nayari Diaz
Fondo | Fund PACT Belize
¿Cómo planea aplicar los conocimentos adquiridos en éste taller para diseñar y/o implementar mecanismos de monitoreo
de impacto de biodiversidad en áreas protegidas, de acuerdo con la realidad de su fondo y de su país? Por favor describa
los pasos que piensa seguir, a mediano plazo.
How do you intend to apply the knowledge acquired in this workshop to design and/or implement biodiversity impact
monitoring for protected areas mechanisms according to the reality of your fund and your country? Please describe the
steps you are willing to take in the medium term.
- Coordinate with the Environmental Research Institute and other partners such as the National
PA’s Secretariat who are working in the establishment of a national biodiversity monitoring system
to assess how PACT can align this effort with what they are doing.
- Communicate to all key stakeholders specifically the government the purpose of PACT’s effort in a
biodiversity impact monitoring system to garner the necessary support for this initiative.
- Share the knowledge internally with the rest of the team to advocate more proactively for an
internal structure to build towards this effort.