Tips to improve venous insufficiency

Tips to improve venous insufficiency
The human circulatory system has a pumping system, the heart that allows the blood
to transport the nutrients and oxygen necessary for its functioning to the whole
body. The least known part of the circulatory system is that through which blood
returns to the heart: the venous system. Within it, the work of the veins of the lower
extremities is fundamental.
The veins of the legs act as a system for pumping blood to the heart thanks to two
Elasticity. They are able to relax - and store blood - and then return to their
original form.
Presence of valves, which prevent the blood from backing up.
In this way, and helped by the contractions of the muscles of the lower extremities,
the veins contribute to the blood returning to the heart.
When the veins lose part of that pumping capacity, usually due to malfunction or
destruction of the valves, what is known as venous insufficiency is produced.
What are the symptoms of venous insufficiency?
Appearance of varicose veins due to the loss of elasticity of the veins.
Pain, heaviness of legs and fatigue.
Itching in the legs.
Muscle cramps.
Swelling, mainly in the ankles.
If you suffer from the symptoms we have described, you are likely to have venous
insufficiency. The top vein doctor San Diego has different techniques to confirm that
this is the correct diagnosis.
What habits are suitable to improve the circulation of the legs?
To improve circulation and, therefore, venous return, the following
recommendations for varicose veins treatment San Diego can be taken into account:
Avoid overweight with adequate nutrition. It is advisable to eat vegetables,
fibber and drink two litters of water a day.
Take showers of cold water on your legs.
In bed, raise your feet about 15 centimetres. You can use a pillow or a
Periodically, massage your legs from ankle to thigh.
You should avoid:
The fried, sweet, alcohol and excessive consumption of salt.
The sources of heat, such as radiators or saunas.
Clothes or tight-fitting shoes such as belts, tight pants or boots.
High or flat heels the ideal is a shoe with 3 or 4 centimetres of heel.
In addition to taking care of these aspects, there are various treatments at Vein
Clinic San Diego and exercises that can help.
Compression socks
These stockings exert a greater pressure on the ankles that decreases as they ascend
towards the knees and waist. There are several levels of compression, depending on
the degree of insufficiency. You should not use them on your own: the top varicose
vein doctor in San Diego will assess what you need according to your circumstances.
In addition, choosing an appropriate size will be essential to be effective and not
Surgery and laser treatments
The laser can be useful if the venous insufficiency is slight, and the surgery by
varicose vein doctor in San Diego is reserved for the most serious cases. It will be a
Vein Doctor San Diego who must assess with you the available options.