Vein issues and their treatment

Vein issues and their treatment
Most people will encounter vein related issues, especially after they are past their 30ies
or 40ies. Veins are first of all visibly disturbing, second of all, if left untreated, they can
also limit movement, they make our legs more tired and all in all, they send us all signs
of having a bad blood circulation. Vein issues are often hereditary, which means, if one
or both your parents suffer from vein related issues, then chances are high, that you
would also encounter the same symptoms. Having visibly showing veins does bad for
the self-esteem and make people wear trousers or other long garments to hide them.
This is exactly when it’s best to visit the vein treatment center San Diego for an
examination and to learn about the best treatment options for you.
When you get to the point, that you would like spider veins or varicose veins to go away
then the best thing to do is to see a San Diego vein doctor or visit one of the San Diego
vein treatment center to ask about treatment options to make your visibly showing
veins go away. Luckily, nowadays, there are several treatments to help this and others,
which would help your blood circulation in order to avoid vein issues in the future.
Vein issues can get worse with time and patient would soon reach the point, where vein
issues can also cause heavy legs, numbing, muscle cramps, hurting legs and in
exceptional cases it can also lead to thrombosis when a vessel gets completely blocked
from circulation. Vein issues are also the sign that your blood circulation in the leg area
needs more attention and a definite treatment.
Top San Diego vein doctors would instantly know the best ways of treatments for your
vein issues, depending on how progressed these are and would offer you one of the
below treatment options:
 Sclerotherapy – the best treatment to make spider veins disappear. During
sclerotherapy patients would get a certain combination of chemicals injected in
these veins to shut them down and to enable normal blood circulation in the
area. The therapy causes only a tiny bit of discomfort and patients do not need to
stay in a hospital for it. Sclerotherapy is applied once or twice.
 Foam sclerotherapy - a more advanced way of applying sclerotherapy, when the
chemical solution is in the form of a foam, this way it can also be applied for
larger veins and varicose veins too.
 Ambulatory phlebotomy: another highly popular way of treating spider veins
when the specialist would remove the spider veins through the application of
skin punctures. The procedure causes only a minimal amount of scarring and
local numbing is enough for the patient to go through the process without
experiencing pain.
If you feel your veins affect your daily routine or if you are simply bothered by their
appearance book an appointment now with a San Diego vein doctor and see about your
treatment as soon as you can.