Proper Treatment can cure varicose veins!

Proper Treatment can cure varicose veins!
Varicose veins may appear for the first time or may get worse during the end of pregnancy,
when the uterus puts more pressure on the veins of the legs. Hormonal changes during
pregnancy may also contribute. In general, varicose veins that appear during pregnancy
improve without varicose veins treatment nj 3 to 12 months after delivery.
Age. As you get older, the veins may lose elasticity and stretch. Vein valves can
weaken and allow blood moving to the heart to flow backward. Blood accumulates
in the veins, enlarges and becomes varicose. The veins turn blue because they
contain deoxygenated blood, which is in the process of recirculation through the
Pregnancy. Some pregnant women have varicose veins. Pregnancy increases the
volume of blood in the body, but decreases blood flow from the legs to the pelvis.
This circulatory change is designed to support the growing foetus, but it can produce
an unfortunate side effect: enlarged veins in the legs.
Sclerotherapy of varicose veins
Sclerotherapy uses injections with a very thin narrow needle to improve the aesthetic
appearance of spider veins, treat small varicose veins in the legs, and relieve related
symptoms such as pain, burning, swelling, and cramping. Each treatment generally results in
the removal of 50 to 80 percent of the veins injected. This may be performed at any Vein
Center NJ
Talk to the top varicose vein doctor in New Jersey if there is a possibility that you are
pregnant and tell about any recent illness, medical condition, allergies, and medications you
are taking, including herbal supplements and aspirin. You may be advised to stop taking
aspirin, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), iron supplements, or blood thinners
for several days before your procedure. Top varicose vein doctor in nj advices not to apply
creams on your legs before or after sclerotherapy. Leave the jewels at home and wear loose
and comfortable clothes. Because you might be asked to put on a gown, you might want to
bring a pair of shorts to wear during the procedure. You can easily search for New Jersey
vein clinic for treatment of this disease.
What is the sclerotherapy of varicose veins and spider veins?
Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat varicose and spider veins by
varicose vein doctor in New Jersey. In the procedure a solution is injected directly into the
affected veins which cause them to shrink, eventually disappearing. When the sclerosing
solution is injected directly into the varicose or spider veins, it irritates the vein layer,
causing it to swell and stick. With the passage of time, the vessel becomes scar tissue that
disappears from sight.
Some of the common uses of the procedure
Sclerotherapy is used to improve the cosmetic appearance of spider veins and relieve some
of the symptoms associated with spider veins, which include pain, burning, swelling and
night cramps. It is the main treatment for small varicose veins in the legs. This can be
performed at any Vein Centre New Jersey. This procedure is often done in outpatients.
However, some patients may need hospitalization after the procedure.
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