What is chronic venous insufficiency

What is chronic venous insufficiency?
In the case of the legs, there are basically two systems that allow blood to overcome
the force of gravity and return to the heart:
The valves that exist in the walls of the veins. They only have a unidirectional
upward movement towards the heart, which allows the flow.
The second system is known as a muscle pump. The Varicose and Spider
Veins of the lower extremities are located between the muscles, therefore, with
each step we take, there is a muscular contraction that squeezes the veins and
allows the upward flow of blood. This is the reason why it is advisable to walk or
perform physical exercise to promote circulation as suggested by Varicose Vein
However, when the leg veins lose elasticity, they expand and cause the said valves to
be very far apart and not close well. As a consequence, blood, attracted by the force
of gravity, accumulates in the legs, producing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), a
disease whose main manifestations are varicose veins and tired legs. A sedentary
lifestyle and lack of exercise can also predispose to the development of this
pathology, since the muscle pump is not activated. There are many Varicose Veins
Causes And Treatment but it is must to deal with them on time.
Which people are more likely to suffer from CVI?
The symptoms of Varicose Disease affect 30% of adults. Thus, in our country about
15 million people suffer from it, of which it is estimated that 60% of cases are not
In general, it can be said that Varicose Legs is more frequent in women from 35 and
40 years old, due to a hormonal predisposition, and its prevalence increases with
pregnancies and with age (after 50 years, half of the population suffers). On the
other hand, it is increasingly affecting younger patients, mainly because this
pathology has a lot to do with lifestyle.
On many occasions, the patient himself underestimates this disease, but while it is
true that usually does not represent a serious health problem, severely reduces the
quality of personal and working life of people who suffer it and is a health problem of
the first magnitude. More than 67% of patients who come to Primary Care have
symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, so it is essential to prevent and treat it.
Varicose Laser Treatment is option to deal with this disease.
This Varicose Vein Symptoms and Treatment usually improve with the cold and
when we lie down and get worse when standing and, above all, with the heat, so we
will have to take special measures with the arrival of the hot months.
Laser Procedure for Varicose Veins:
These days Laser Procedure for Varicose Veins is in trend and mostly adapted by the
people. Varicose Veins Laser Treatment Cost is also not very high and one can easily
afford it. Also for this type of treatment it is must to know Varicose Vein Which
Doctor To See and make proper decision before going to the doctor