Know how to choose best San Diego Vein Center

Know how to choose best San Diego Vein Center
Only specialists in Angiology and Vascular Surgery at San Diego Vein Center are
trained to correctly address the treatment of varicose veins. This medical degree is
achieved after five years of specialization in a hospital. Also, there is a subspecialty,
called phlebotomy, which deals with venous diseases, among which are varicose
However nowadays it is common to see ads from the vein treatment center San
Diego and doctors’ that offer solutions based on techniques of doubtful efficacy and
promise spectacular results and in a short time, offering information without
scientific rigor that induce misconceptions can cause clear damages to health.
As already indicated, phlebology is a subspecialty of angiology and vascular surgery
that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of venous pathologies. Varicose veins
may initially be considered as an aesthetic problem and this may be so in 44% of
cases, but in the rest they cause a specific symptom that raises them to the category
of disease.
They can even present complications such as ulcers that bleed and do not heal or
form clots. Do not forget at any time that varicose veins are the main manifestation
of chronic venous insufficiency. So for proper treatment of this problem it is must to
have good Varicose Vein Doctor San Diego.
The problem increases when varicose veins are not treated by San Diego vein
doctor, generating a series of complications that could have been avoided if they
were attended by qualified phlebologists, even if they are only an aesthetic problem.
The information provided by this means cannot, in any way, replace a direct medical
care service, nor should it be used in order to establish a diagnosis, or choose a
treatment in particular cases at San Diego vein treatment centre.
Varicose vein removal with laser
The elimination of varicose veins by means of laser surgery by top San Diego vein
doctor is becoming more and more relevant at present, since it can be performed in
the doctor's office, it is very little invasive, only the area on which it is operated is
damaged and it has hardly any serious side effects and presents few complications in
the postoperative period. In fact, surgery is being relegated to the elimination of
large varicose veins.
Varicose veins
Different types of laser are used depending on whether you are going to treat
varicose veins or spider veins (light yellow, green and intense pulsed light). In the
case of varicose veins, the spider vein treatment San Diego involves the introduction
of a special vein catheter through which radiofrequency energy (pulsed light) is sent
to the wall of the vein causing it to contract and close. This procedure is performed
under anaesthesia.
Usually the only side effect is a slight bruise in the area of the wound. The risks are
similar to those of sclerotherapy: bleeding and congestion of the blood, although it
usually settles on its own without the need for additional treatment. Other possible
risks in relation to the wound are infection, inflammation and redness.