Types of varicose and spider vein treatments

Types of varicose and spider vein treatments
Most people encounter vein issues sooner or later, especially if they inherit the
condition. While it can occur also during pregnancy, vein issues normally surface when
we are in our thirties or forties and would get worse with time. This time around we
would like to enlist some of the most popular treatment options done by Varicose Vein
Doctor San Diego for making the ugly-looking varicose veins disappear. Spider vein
treatment San Diego are also pretty popular, mostly because they last only a short
amount of time and would not require more than local numbing.
Nowadays there are so many treatments to make vein issues go away, from the easiest
treatments, which require only local numbing to the more complex ones, which doctors
generally only turn to, when it comes to highly developed varicose veins. Most
importantly, treating vein issues in most cases would not require hospitalizing or
anesthesia only one or two visits to the clinic.
Hereby we enlist some of the best varicose vein treatments depending on their state
 Foam sclerotherapy: this is similar to the above method but it’s used for varicose
veins and this time around the chemical solution is in the form of a foam in order
for it to be more effective in shutting down the larger problematic veins.
 Laser Therapy: it’s generally used both for the shutting down of smaller spider
veins or of the larger and bulging varicose veins. Laser sends a very strong and
sudden burst of energy in the area to burn them out. This way, the vein is shut
down and within a few days it would completely disappear.
 Catheter-assisted procedure to shut down the vein: this method is generally used
when it comes to really large varicose veins which are large enough for a catheter
assisted procedure. It’s done by applying bursts of radio-frequency or laser to
burn out the vein and close it down step by step.
 High ligation and vein stripping method: this is a treatment that requires
anesthesia and hospital care. This method is used when the doctor wants to close
down an especially problematic and large varicose vein before it joins the deep
vein in order to avoid the dangers of thrombosis. During this procedure the vein
will be tied off and then small incisions will be applied to make the vein out of
use. Regardless of this treatment seeming a more serious one, even the stripping
off of a larger varicose vein would not adversely affect the blood circulation in
the leg area.
 Endoscopic vein surgery: the surgery is only an option with highly advanced cases
when varicose veins also lead to the appearing of ulcers. Through incision the
specialist would insert a tiny camera to be used during surgery and this way the
closing out of the varicose veins happens with the application of incisions.
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