What is the best operation for varicose veins

What is the best operation for varicose veins?
Today there are different techniques of varicose vein surgery by best spider vein
doctor in San Diego. Treatment is based on the removal of all visible varicose veins
as well as the internal saphenous vein or external.
Other techniques used are:
Phlebotomy. Phlebotomy consists in the elimination of superficial small
dilated veins by means of a small ambulatory intervention in the development of
which local anesthesia is used. It is a safe and effective method for the treatment of
varicose veins of medium and large caliber. Small incisions of no more than 2
millimetres are made. Through an instrument similar to a hook that is used in this
type of interventions, the entire varicose path is extracted. The size of the incisions
makes sutures unnecessary because they close on their own and makes them
practically imperceptible several months after the intervention.
Ablative treatment at vein clinics San Diego by intravenous laser, which
consists of burning the vein with the laser. The result is negligible although there may
be a small pigmentation or ecchymosis (like a purple tap) that disappears over time.
Radiofrequency. The best spider vein doctor San Diego o through an
ultrasound scan, introduces a small catheter into the affected vein through a small
puncture or incision. This catheter, which works with radiofrequency energy, delivers
controlled heat to the wall of the damaged vein and seals it. In this way, pain,
swelling, bruising and the sensation of heaviness in the legs disappear immediately
while the blood circulating in that vein moves through healthy veins, restoring the
normal functioning of the circulatory system. It is applied with local anesthesia and is
a quick and simple technique.
Water vapour: Varicose Vein Treatment San Diego consists of injecting,
through a catheter, water vapour under pressure in a micro-tube, which is heated by
electric current. The water is heated and released under pressure, carrying the steam
inside the vein to the area to be treated at Vein Center San Diego. The vapour
condenses back into water and the resulting heat is absorbed by the wall of the vein.
This is achieved by closing the varicose vein due to the heat effect of water vapour
on the varicose vein wall. It is not invasive, although as it is a novel technique, longterm results are unknown.
Sclerotherapy: It consists of injecting a substance into the varicose veins that
destroys the tissue until they are destroyed so that they end up reabsorbing and
dissimulating without the need to remove them. Traditionally, sclerotherapy at Vein
Treatment Center San Diego has been performed through the application of
substances in liquid form, but in recent years new modalities have appeared in the
form of microfoam.
Clavivein: It is practiced intravenously through a device and a catheter that
has a rotor at the tip. This breaks the intima of the saphenous vein while foam is
injected at the same time. It is a very expensive vein treatment sd since it is done
through a single-use device. Its results in the medium and long term are not proven,
since it is a very novel technique.