Method of treatment of veins disease

Method of treatment of veins disease
There are many methods of treatment, uniform for advanced clinical conditions. The
most important are compression treatment and surgery. The use of compression
garments regularly can help prevent or even stop the progression of the disease.
Medical density stockings form the source of vein treatment. In disease progresses, the
patient may develop thrombosis (blood clots) or even venous ulcers in the leg. If a
blood clot breaks away from the venous wall and circulates through the venous system
to the lung, a life-threatening situation is created, called pulmonary embolism.
Compression stockings are a common means of stopping the progression of venous
insufficiency. With its precisely defined pressure, it mechanically counteracts venous
valves that do not close properly. When the diameter of the veins in the legs narrows,
the valves close again and the blood does not stagnate. The garments also stimulate
the lymphatic flow and prevent its stagnation in the legs. Modern compression
stockings are not distinguished today from other types of stockings. Whether its kneelength stockings with a fine ribbed design, semi-transparent knee-length stockings or
pantyhose in an overwhelming range of colours: in a matter of fashion, there are no
limits to compression stockings.
The best-known surgical technique is called “stripping “at veins treatment centre.
For this operation, a probe is inserted into the vein that is then removed from the leg
through a small incision in the skin (stripped, in English). All affected trunk veins do
not have to be removed. If only the upper part is affected, the trunk vein is left. This
means that the healthy part of the vein is preserved. There are many different variants
of "" stripping "" of veins. Another possibility is to block the defective vein. This is
done by a crossectomy using laser treatment or radio waves at the vein clinic.
Stripping, the most common method
A probe is inserted by vein doctor through the affected vein from the thigh to the foot
by best vein doctor. Next, the varix is removed.
Chiva method
It consists in ligating the dilated veins so that the blood flows through the lateral
branches. The main veins are preserved, which are not extracted.
Laser therapy
With a laser probe the vein is blocked from the inside; then the organism itself will
absorb it.
Radio wave therapy
The process is similar to laser therapy done by vein doctor. A tiny probe is inserted
through the veins and with radio waves a thermal sclerosis of the varicose veins is
caused, which the organism will absorb later.
Sclerotherapy causes the adhesion of the vascular walls with an injection at vein
treatment center. The body will absorb these clogged veins. In addition to the classic
method there is also sclerosis with foam, consisting of introducing foam into the veins
First half anti-seismic, then average compression
Immediately after a surgical procedure, an anti-seismic means is used. Then
compression stockings must be used constantly. The vein doctors can prescribe them
if necessary. The orthopaedics at the vein treatment center takes patients to measure
the means. They are breathable and the wide range of colours allows varying.