Prayer List - First Baptist Church Muncie

Prayer List
F EBRUARY 5 2015
Members and Attendees: - Westminster (Florence Arnold, Melva Ratchford) - Elmcroft (Bettyanne Morrow, Helen Pierson, Betty Howell) - Bethel
Point (Joy McConnell) - Annette Atterson - Arch Mutter - Susie* - Lois Craig
- Virginia Fernatt (Snodgrass) - Geoff Brueggen - Dick Stemmer - Marge
Manor - Bill Turner - Helen Heath - Winola Miller - Phyllis Jennings - Ernestine Shields - Melanie Graham - Betty Clark - Brian Clements - Pam Barnhouse - Betty Arthur - Jean Jones - Pam Williams (eye problems) - Sonya
Beard - Bill Webb - Heidi Webb - Chrissy Webb
Friends and Family: - Dan Mattox - William Sutton - Leukemia - Nadine Falkenstein (Sally Jones’ friend,severely injured in auto accident) Cindy Wilson (Eric Knodel’s sister, cancer) - Jason Roberson (friend of
Troy Hershman) - Jaxton Hoffer (friend of Kara St. Myer) - Savannah
Oberts (Betty Brown’s great-niece) - Mark Banker (Jack’s granddaughter’s
husband) Crohn’s - Wesley Sisco (son of Stephanie Sisco, friend of John
Mulcahy) - Thomas Elder - Todd Howard’s Dad (has Parkinson’s) - Mark
McGinnis - Dean Hill (Chris Hill’s brother) - Dale West (Friend of Wade and
Christy Allen) - Katie Brooks (Daughter-in-law of Diane Brooks) - Sharon
Garrett (Emily Anderson’s mother) - Jim Holler (Helen Pierson’s son-inlaw) - Harold Williams (Nova Jarvis’ son) - Andrea Clark (Melanie Clark’s
daughter) - Jeff Cummings (Brian Clements’ brother-in-law) - Wilma Fisher
(Mother of Vicki Hartley) - Patty Gale (Wilma Neal’s daughter) - Marsha
Barrett (Michelle Martin’s Aunt)
World and Community: Pray for our World and Community
Support Groups that meet at the church
Pray for the economic situation and for those suffering during this time.
There are many people experiencing poverty due to the economic situation.
Pray that they will overcome it with the help of friends and community
Pray for our servicemen and women who are serving in our military.
- Aaron Marlow (Iraq) - David Knox (United States) Great Grandson of
Jack Klingensmith - Andy Kirk (Air Force) Grandson of Jack Klingensmith
- Bill Moore (Marines) - Matt Snell (Army) - Holly and Mitchell Shelton Mackenzie Krassow (Doug and Debbie Gregg’s Grandson, Afganistan)
- Eric Knodel - Athletes in Action (Ball State) - Sally Barrett - CRU - Josh
Holowell - The Oasis (Baptist House Ball State) - Adam Stout - Campus Life
- Riverside Friendship Class (Special Needs Ministry) - Muncie Mission Christian Ministries - YWCA - Teamwork for Quality Living - Better Way Salvation Army - Second Harvest - Harvest Soup Kitchen
Church Leaders:
Pray for wisdom and direction for our church lead-
- Wade/Christy Allen - Casey/Katie Braswell - Bob/Julie Kirklin - Ray/Mary
Anne Bayer - Dick/Cheryl Flaherty - Chris/Darlene Hill - Adam/Jessica Fink
- Chad/Colleen Massoth - Michael/Melanie Graham - Joe/Gayle Songer Dan/Ella Mae Lemen - Jeff/Sally Jones - Members of the Diaconate - Sunday School Teachers/Life Group Leaders - Missional Communities - Lester
To activate the phone prayer chain, call
Shirley Pittenger 765-282-0632
Pam Kistler 765-284-0946