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Tom & Debbie Adams’ granddaughter
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Dixie Aldridge
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Sally Bernstein
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Bob Caless
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Jim Watts
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Debbie Adams’ uncle
Kathy Wilson
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Worldwide conflicts; all caregivers; the homeless; Hughes family; Clinton
Dean, and CUMC Youth Program; Dr. Nicky Moore, niece of Clark & Helen
Moore with Doctors Without Borders, will be in Sierra Leone treating Ebola
patients, Cara Fitzgerald
Elaine Adams, Judith Branham, Matthew Buker, Forrest Butte, Andrew
Clyburn, Brett Crawford, Jamie Dills, Peter Glass, Shaina Goodwin, Kirk
Herman-injured, Wesley King, Daniel Long, Robert McNeil, Todd Oliver,
John Reason, Jr., Sarah Sloan, Karl Stewart.
VanderMay family in the death of Rich, husband of Mary
Dutton family in the death of Merle, husband of Roilynn
Jacob family in the death of Hoyt, Susan Posey & Bill Jacob’s son
Rich family in the death of Gary Burlson, their daughter-in-law’s father
Dixon family in the death of Chad
February 1, 2015
God Warrants Our Worship
Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For his mercy endures forever. Psalm 107:1 NKJV
The chief reason for applauding God? He deserves it. If singing did
nothing but weary your voice, if giving only emptied your wallet —
if worship did nothing for you — it would still be right to do.
God warrants our worship.
How else do you respond to a Being of blazing,
blistering, unadulterated, unending holiness?
What do you do with such holiness if not adore it?
And his power. He churns forces that launch meteors, orbit planets,
and ignite stars. Commanding whales to spout salty air, petunias to
perfume the night, and songbirds to chirp joy into spring. Above the
earth, flotillas of clouds endlessly shape and reshape; within the earth,
strata of groaning rocks shift and turn. Who are we to sojourn on a
trembling, wonderful orb so shot through with wonder?
“Cure for the Common Life”
Max Lucado
Wish to Send a Card?
Bob Caless, PO Box 948, Cashiers, NC 28717, encouragement
Roilynn Dutton, 1635 New Abbie Ave, Leesburg, FL, 34788 bereavement
Bill & Kaye Gibbs, 55 Heatherview Lane #1401, Sapphire, NC 28774,
Mary VanderMay, 4278 Royal Glen Rd, NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321,
Cynthia Barrett’s good test results (Susan Hawkins’ sister)
Clark & Helen Moore’s grandniece serving with Doctors Without
Judy Akin joining our church family
Please join us either occasionally or on a regular basis. When requesting
prayer for someone, please remember - *approval is needed from the
person in order for it to be published in the bulletin. With the exception
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CUMC 743-5298, [email protected]