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Tel: 020 8778 9460
email: [email protected]
208 Sydenham Road London. SE26 5SE
Parish Priest: Fr. Peter Mansfield
Assistant Priest (Sydenham & Catford): Fr. Regis Rubaya
Year B; EP 3
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5th Sunday ~ Ordinary Time
8 February 2015
Parish Mass Book … Readings: P134 Mass Prayers P8.
THIS WEEK 2nd Collection - Parish Development Fund
NEXT WEEK 2nd Collection - Poor Parishes in our Diocese.
Mass Intentions for the coming week
Vigil Mass
Sunday 8th
Monday 9th
Tuesday 10th
Wednesday 11th
Thursday 12th
Friday 13th
People of the Parish
John Joyce RIP
Genevieve Holland-Hitchings RIP
Coffee in the Hall
after 11am Mas
Intentions of Fr. Francesco Donega
Betty O’Brien - Well being
St. Scholastica
9.30am John & Francis Hunt RIP
Our Lady of Lourdes.
Light of Christ Prayer Group - 8.00pm Mass in the Hall
Mass at Church of The Resurrection 165 Kirkdale 9.30am
Paddy Conaty RIP
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction until 10.30am
Sixth Sunday - Ordinary Time
Vigil Mass
Sunday 15th
People of the Parish
Philip Kiernan RIP
Sacrament of Reconciliation - Confession
Every Saturday - 7.20pm (after evening Mass);
First Saturday of the month at 12.30pm.
The sacrament can also be arranged at other times by making an appointment with the Priest.
The Legion of Mary meets Sundays in the Hall
after 11am Mass
New members are always welcome.
Next meeting
Thursday 8.00pm.
Taskforce will meet on Saturday
14th February at 10.15am.
The Community Bereavement Group
will be having lunch at the Toby Carvery on
11th February at 12.30pm 422 Upper
Elmers End Road, Beckenham, BR3
3HQ Tel: 0208 6502233 http:// . Anyone
interested is welcome to join us. Buses
from outside the church, 194 or 356 to
(Watlington Grove) …
Sky sports, darts, pool table and BIG screen
showing Premiership and GAA games.
Families and new members always welcome.
Club available for all private functions and funeral
Thursday night Quiz in aid of St. Christopher’s
Parent/ Carer and Toddler Group.
All are welcome to come along to the Church Hall
on Tuesday and Friday mornings,
9.30 ‘til 11.30 am (term time only).
Call Paula: 07761 530739 to find out more.
Collections last weekend:
Offertory: £788 Standing Orders £272
2nd Collection: £351 for Catholic
Education Service. Thank you.
We remember those who are sick: Sr. Agnes, Canon John Naughton, Jimmy Hartigan,
Jeanne & Joe Williams, Vince Vella, Howard Byers, Maeve Laverty, Myra Donnellan, David Camp,
Mercy Aerifa, Baby Edward Kowal, Anne Mackie, Trudi Foster, Steven Murray, Joe Hughes,
Victor Walker, Hugh Garvey, Declan Daly, Sonny Caldinez, Bernard Loughran, Antoni Kowal,
Dusty Miller, Patricia Edwards, Yvonne Knight, Patrick Freeney, Elaine Felix, Edward Garas,
Christine Flannagan, Shirley Young, Ellen & Alexander Sweeney.
Also those housebound or in our Residential Homes: Muriel Felix, Kathleen Keeffe, Antoinette Remice,
Jan Wilson, Adrienne Hyde, Violet Miller, Elizabeth Turner, Ann Sheehan, Ellen Sweeney,
Vera Curren, Margie George, Noleen Armstrong, Giovanna Ghezzi, Zeta Ghelfi, Margo Stafford,
Margaret Rivers, Joseph & Charlotte Hadji, Genevieve Stanislaus, Madeline Edwards & Winifred Powell.
Please pray for those recently deceased: Florence Caroline Brodie RIP
and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Rita Coutain, Francis Xavier Mendes,
Tom Curran, Teresa Formosa, Thomas Lydon, Alexander Cameron, Jim Clarke, Doris Mandeville,
Annie Devenney, Sean Riley.
Please pray for…………………………………
who died on ………………….. My Name: …………………. …..
Katy De’Ath.
We welcome Katy who will speak for a couple of minutes towards the end of the Masses
this weekend. She will be saying a few words about our ‘11—14 years’ Youth Group and
inviting more young people to come on Friday evenings.
Since October last year Katy has been working as a Youth Minister in our Parish. She
supports the Youth Group as well as leading the new Young Adults group. She is also
involved in helping to plan the Confirmation Programme with the Catechists and myself.
Katy is married with a baby. She is a member of St. William of York Parish, Forest Hill.
She comes from North Carolina USA and has an experienced background with Catholic
Parish Youth work.
Katy’s role in our Parish is to collaborate with me in supporting our Youth helpers and
Confirmation Catechists as well as helping with programme planning.
If you would like to offer to help with the 11—14 Youth Group or become a
Confirmation Catechist please let Fr. Peter know.
Yours in Christ,
11-14 Youth Group
Calling all youth ages 11-15! Join us Friday
13th February 19:00-20:30 in the church hall
as we look towards Lent and talk about
fasting, feasting, and our faith journeys.
Why do people wear masks for Mardi Gras
or eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? What’s
with all the purple or the number 40? But,
ultimately, how can we make this Lent THE
BEST LENT EVER? We’ll be exploring the
topic with games, fun, and interactive
activities. Stop by before you start your half
term holiday – new faces are always
Young Adults 18-35
Our new group of young adults will be
meeting again Tuesday 10th February from
19:30-21:00 in the church house and we’d
like to invite you! Join us as we probe the
topic of “Miracles” and plan for upcoming
meetings. There will be refreshments, social
activities, and a hearty discussion on miraculous moments and our powerful God.
For more information, contact Katy De’Ath
[email protected] 07725847814.
Sacrament of Confirmation 2015.
Enrolment forms available from Fr. Peter.
It is the young person themselves who must request the enrolment form.
The must also complete it and bring it back to Fr. Peter as soon as possible.
Bishop Pat Lynch will be visiting our Parish on Friday 19th June 2015 to
administer the Sacrament of Confirmation at 7.30pm Mass.
Candidates must be at least in year 8 of Secondary school. There is no upper age
Those who apply must attend Church regularly. It is important that the young people
concerned take responsibility for putting their name forward themselves and not their
The Newsletter and Church notices will give information about the programme in the
coming weeks. The start date is Sunday 1st March at 5.30pm. Prospective
candidates take on a commitment to come to the preparation programme every week
during term time. On the application form they are asked to write a short letter in their
own words saying why they wish to be confirmed.
The preparation is aimed at helping those who enrol to come to a better understanding
of this Sacrament so that they can make an informed decision as to whether they want
Regarding Confirmation of Adults:
We have a separate programme for Adult Confirmation 18 years and over. This is part of
our 'Journey in Faith' process which begins in the Autumn. If any adult has not been
confirmed, please contact Fr Peter.
The Parish Council will meet in the Hall meeting room on Tuesday 17th February at
7.30pm. Nearly all the members are new as the term of office of former members came
Special Ministers of Holy Communion.
The following parishioners were recently commissioned at St. George’s Cathedral to serve
as Special Ministers of Holy Communion in our Parish of Our Lady & St. Philip Neri.
Our thanks to them for their willingness to serve in this capacity. Some will help at Mases
and others will help with the sick and Housebound.
Suzette Peterkin
Jean Assamien
Pauline Assamien
Janet Ogori
Josephine Ihonor
Cecelia Aidoo
By Dom Stephen McGurk. OSB
For those called by God to preach the Good News, be they the Son of God, St. Paul or any priest of
deacon today, the task is daunting and imperative. Even today in some parts of our world it carries with
it the threat of the most extreme unpopularity leading even to death, as with Jesus. Evangelism is not for
the mealy-mouthed or the faint-hearted. Ask St. Paul.
Book of Job
The Book of Job belongs to that body of writings known as the Wisdom literature dating mainly from the
4th century b.C. or more recent. However, this story may go back to very ancient times. It is a profound
allegory about the meaning of life and of divine justice. Job is a man who has everything so God decides
to test his faith. His animals are killed, then his sons and daughters, he is afflicted with a terrible disease
and his wife and all but 4 of his friends disown him. Today’s text shows Job questioning the very
meaning of life itself.
St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians
Today, Paul weighs up the pros and cons of being a preacher of God’s word. His mission has been very
arduous and dangerous, he has suffered greatly but things would be far worse were he to opt out. It is not
something he has taken on himself so that he could boast about his successes. No, it was received from
God directly at whatever the cost and his responsibility is towards everyone, whether weak or strong and
whatever their status.
Here follows the reading…
Gospel according to Mark
In Mark’s gospel Jesus’ first attempts at evangelization are seem almost frenzied, and yet so far he has
not met with opposition. He is still in Capernaum when he hears that the apostle’s families have their
own needs: today it is Simon Peter’s sick mother-in-law. The crowds already have such confidence in
Lewisham Deanery invite you to a presentation from the St Vincent de Paul Society
Are you interested in helping those in need in your parish and local area?
The Deanery Formation team have arranged for a presentation for the ten parishes in the
Lewisham Deanery, from the SVP in the Parish Hall, Our Lady and St Phillip Neri,
Church Hall, Sydenham on Tuesday 10th February 7-9pm, tea/coffee from 7pm. The
presentation will allow those attending to find out more about the SVP and more
importantly about how an SVP group might operate in your own parish.
Kieran Knights from St Vincent de Paul, will explain the practical issues in recruiting and
setting up a SVP group, as well as explaining what on-going support is available for new