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Denstone College Prep School
Lent Term: Issue 2
30th January
DCPS Matters
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Year 6M
Forest HQ
Music Examinations
Year 4 Trip
Pupil Awards
From The Headmaster
Staff News
As ever, a great deal has
been going on since the
last newsleƩer, much of
which you will read about
below. On the staff front I
can tell you that Mr Maidment will be replaced by
Mrs Tracey Davies in the
classroom and Mr Jon
Salmon on the games field.
Mr Salmon will be known
to many of you as he
taught here for several
years before Neil joined us
and Mrs Davies is an experienced teacher who also
has a son in the Pre-Prep.
These are temporary appointments for the rest of
this term and possibly
next term as well. I will
be interviewing for the
permanent posiƟon in the
next few weeks and will
update you as soon as I
have appointed someone.
I would like to thank Mr
Maidment for his efforts
during his Ɵme with us
and wish him a very happy
and successful future.
CelebraƟng Success
This term we have introduced
a new incenƟve for all children
in main prep, with parƟcular
regard to achieving a weekly
personal best total of credits.
Children who do this will be
invited to join me in my study
first break each Tuesday for
hot chocolate and treats. Perhaps not surprisingly this has
been very well received by the
children and will hopefully
provide plenty of encouragement for them all to seek constant improvements.
Safer Parking
Finally, there was an incident in
the car park last week, when a
car nearly reversed into a child
and his mother. On dark evenings it is not always easy to
see children walking past and I
would suggest that it might be
beƩer to reverse into the parking spaces so that you are able
to drive away safely with a
clear view of pedestrians.
Thank you very much for your
assistance in this maƩer.
If you have not completed the
database return yet please
send it to Mrs Shanley as soon
as possible. We can then start
to email informaƟon to you,
which saves paper and will
also save us a great deal of
Ɵme. we do need an updated
version, so please complete
the form, even if you think we
already have your details!
J Gear
Featured Class – Year 6M
Year 6 are enjoying life
aŌer their exams
spending Ɵme down in
Forest HQ, being
introduced to perhaps
one of Shakespear’s
most famous plays;
Macbeth. Drama is the
word of the week as
year 6 have delved into
the first part of the play
looking to re-enact
elements of the opening
scene, dramaƟsing the
witches around the
cauldron, chanƟng
magical spells.
Forest HQ
The Opening of the
Forest HQ, so named by
Lileah Gregory in Year 2
(with a liƩle help from
her dad!) was formally
opened by Ann
Woodward, acƟng
district commissioner for
UƩoxeter cubs and
scouts. It really is a
fantasƟc resource and
offers many and varied
opportuniƟes to
enhance the children’s
educaƟon here,
principally as a focal
point for outdoor
learning and adding
something extra to
lessons. However, it
doesn’t end there. We
are also making use of it for
aŌer school acƟviƟes, for
the occasional Forest
School family session over
the weekend and next term
there will be some camping
opportuniƟes for different
year groups as well.
to educaƟon can add
significantly to what is being
studied in class. Along with
school trips and visiƟng
speakers, this is another
way in which we can bring
educaƟon to life for our
children and this is why I
find it so exciƟng!
As we gather together more
teaching resources, so the
opportuniƟes in and around
Forest HQ will grow and this
makes the future very
exciƟng indeed. Learning
outside is a thrilling
proposiƟon for both
children and adults here
and it will be wonderful to
see this develop. It adds a
physical aspect to educaƟon
that is someƟmes missing in
class-based lessons and this
slightly different approach
Music Examinations
Last term 22 pupils took
music examinations in
singing, piano, violin,
clarinet and trumpet. All
of the children had
worked hard and all
passed their examinations well. 2 children
achieved distinctions and
one child was awarded
135 marks which is an
outstanding score.
These results are excellent, well done to all the
children and their teachers.
Year 4 Trip to Redfern’s Cottage
Year 4 Trip to
Redfern’s Cottage,
had a tour and did an
activity. We all made
trade signs from the old
trade directory. Uttoxeter
We braved the cold
was an influential trade
and took a walking
tour of Uttoxeter. We town, it used to rival
looked carefully at the Lichfield and Manchester
buildings, trying to find back in the day!
clues about their
It was a great day. The
history and how they Museum of Uttoxeter Life
is a fascinating little
have changed over
building and well worth a
time. Our aim of the
trip was to improve our visit. I don’t think any of
Year 4 knew it was there
understanding of the
before we visited!
settlement of
Uttoxeter, now and in KEF
the past. We then
warmed up in the
museum, where we
3rd & 4th Feb - Pre-prep 2 Candelmas Assembly
12th Feb - Pre-prep trip to Space Centre
13th Feb - Half Term begins
Pupils of the Week and Other Achievers
Pupils of the week
Y3 - Abbey
Y4 - Harry
Y5 - Finnbarr, Finlay & Henry
Mathletics awards for;
Y4 - Charlie
Y5 - Henry