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MATH / 20400 - 51: Analysis In Rn-2
Basic Course Information
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MWF 12:30-13:20
Eckhart Hall, Room 203
A Textbook for Advanced Calculus by John Boller and Paul J. Sally, Jr. (preprint)˜mcreek/winter_2015/math_20400/index.html
M 17:00-18:00
Eckhart Hall, Room 352
Office Hours:
Matthew Creek
Eckhart Hall, Room 306
[email protected]
(773) 702-7346
M 18:00-19:00, W 13:30-15:30, and by appointment
Course Description
This is the second of three parts of the University of Chicago’s basic sequence in real analysis. We will cover most of Chapter 4
and some of the beginning of Chapter 5 of the text along with supplementary material. This course is challenging and requires a
significant time commitment. It is strongly advised that you read the relevant materials before coming to class (they will be specified on the course web site) and that you work out as many practice problems as possible (including ones that are not assigned).
Homework problems generally will be assigned on Friday and due on the subsequent Friday. It is expected that some of
the assigned problems will give you difficulties. I encourage you to collaborate with other students on the homework problems, provided each person writes up his own solutions independently. I will run a hebdomadal problem-solving clinic where
you can come to ask questions about the homework assignments. I also will have three scheduled office hours per week (as
designated above). If you cannot make the times listed, please speak or write to me so we can arrange a meeting at a mutuallyconvenient time. I am always happy to help students who ask, so please take full advantage of these opportunities for assistance.
Midterm Examination #1 (on or near Wednesday, 01/28/2015, in class):
Midterm Examination #2 (on or near Monday, 02/23/2015, in class):
Final Examination (Thursday, 03/19/2015, 16:00-18:00):
of your final grade
of your final grade
of your final grade
of your final grade
Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstances. Make-up examinations will not be given under any circumstances.
If you miss one of the two midterm examinations with a valid excuse, your final examination score will be used in place of the
score of the missed examination in the calculation of your final grade.
Departmental Boilerplate
It is the policy of the Department of Mathematics that the following rules apply to final exams in all undergraduate mathematics courses:
The final exam must occur at the time and place designated on the College Final Exam Schedule. In particular, no final
examinations may be given during the tenth week of the quarter, except in the case of graduating seniors.
Instructors are not permitted to excuse students from the scheduled time of the final exam except in the cases of an Incomplete.