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FRIDAY 30th January 2015
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CreaƟve Millfields
Firstly a huge than you to all the parents, carers and members of the wider school community who visited the Art ExhibiƟon: ‘Shadows and Light’ in St James Church on Tuesday. The
display of the children’s artwork was breath-taking, and the ambiance created in the church
was of a calm and peaceful space to that enabled the work to be viewed like a real art gallery. Well done to everyone involved, but a special menƟon to Rebecca who coordinated the
whole exhibiƟon. A comment from one of our governors sums it up, ‘The conceptual
strength, the level of collaboraƟon, of community and parent involvement, the contemporary sense of installaƟon, recreated space... I could go on. It was stunning.’ And from one of
the parents, ‘CongratulaƟons to all the children involved in the Shadows and Light show,
what a triumph! All contribuƟons spectacular, both my children were deeply proud to show
me around the church and the middle hall to see the exhibits. The London skyline should be
retained for show.’ And indeed, we are hoping that it can be on show again and have a provisional date for the work to be displayed in the Saatchi Gallery and possibly the Whitechapel
Gallery too. It is very exciƟng! Also, if you have not yet been to see the Nursery and RecepƟon work in the middle hall, please come in aŌer school and have a look at the ‘Sky Wall’. –it
too, looks amazing.
We have also had a very busy sporƟng week. Twenty children from KS1 took part in the HTSA
Sports day at Clapton Academy yesterday. They had an amazing Ɵme –all got a medal and tshort for taking part in a variety of events including trampolining, games and athleƟc events.
We also had some first, second and third place medal winners, as well as the top award that
was for outstanding performance throughout the day –well done to Sabrina Muhiddin from
Manchester Class who took home a lovely trophy. Also, this week, the Year 5 and 6 pupils
took part in an inter-schools cross-country compeƟƟon. Well done to everyone who took
part. There is another race next week, and we will know the overall results aŌer this. And
tomorrow, the boys football team will be taking part in a inter-borough cup tournament, so I
look forward to leƫng you know how they get on next week. Thank you to Sharon Williams
for her conƟnued enthusiasm and support as the events would not happen without her!
Finally, I hope you have received the form to sign up for this year’s Hackney Schools’ Challenge Run as part of the half marathon. It was a great success last year, and Millfields had
the largest number of parƟcipants –let’s do the same again this year! Please return the forms
and the £5 entrance fee to Heidi as soon as you can. Morning runs will start aŌer half term
to get you all in shape for the final event. The actual race takes place on Sunday 10th May.
Have a good weekend, and maybe there will be snow! I hope so as the children are talking
about it and hoping for a white playground next week!
Best Wishes, Jane
Hilsea Street
E5 0SH
TEL : 020 8985 7898
Important Dates
9th - 13th February
Spanish week
Tues 10th February
Safer Internet Day
Deadline run hackney
Fri 13th February
Non uniform day
Spanish theme
Fri 13th February
Last day of half term
Fri 20th March
Class photos
Weds 25th March
Parents evening
AƩendance &
Our school target:
Last week: 97%
Winning classes last
week: Leeds, Liverpool and York (98%)
and Swansea and
Winchester (99%).
Tuck Shop
Well done to Oxford
class for raising
£64.66 at last week’s
tuck shop. Thank you
for all of
your support.
Weds 11th Feb 2pm
School tours
Fri 13th Feb 9:30am
Please book an appointment with the office.
Happy B rthday to the children and staff who celebrated their birthdays during this week: Chi Blake
21st January; Amaarah Siddiqui and Laura Torre 26th January; Marium Ayub, Shazedul Islam and
Amaan Rahman 27th January; Coco Dawson and Pavel Ivanov 28th January; Toby BewickBewick-Smith, Ethan
Foley, Chiamaka Mbama Njoku and Chibuike Mbama Njoku 29th January; Matthew Otto 30th January;
Violet Humphreys and Dara Welch 31st January; Kasia Szymanska, Jordan Nisbett, Conaire Kerrigan
and Riccardo Verger 1st February.
PSA AŌer-school Tuck Shops
Spring 2015
We would like to conƟnue with our weekly tuck shops
this year. We will need people to volunteer Ɵme to
run the stall on the day and will need lots of donaƟons
of food on the day. Just take your food to the office on
the day of your stall.
London’s best loved venues host a day of sharing children’s books
Friday 30th Jan
Friday 6th Feb
Friday 13th Feb
Friday 27th Feb
Friday 6th Mar
Friday 13th Mar
Year 5
Friday 20th Mar
Saturday 14 February 2015
In Hackney, children and families can visit
Shoreditch Trust’s Canalside Waterhouse Restaurant from 12pm to 4pm and bring along old
books to swap and get new ones to share. There will be story-reading sessions, healthy snacks and more.
London Children’s Book Swap participants can be on the
lookout for the Walker Bear (of Walker Children’s Books)
who will be dropping by book swaps in multiple venues
across London to hear all about families’ book swapping experience first-hand. For more information go to: and search for bookswap
FREE Family workshops
To continue the theme of shadows and light a
parent has found the following event: Join filmmaker James
Holcombe from and explore the
magical properties of light in this creative
workshop inspired by Julio Le Parc’s exhibition. We’ll be scratching, punching and drawing onto 16mm film to make moving images in
our experimental projection room. Admission
free. Drop in any time between 12pm and 5pm.
EY and KS1(BoƩom Hall @ 9.10am)
LKS2 and UKS2 (Top Hall @ 9.10am)
Noƫngham Class
Swansea Class
Canterbury Class
Spanish Week - No sharing assemblies
York Class
Edinburgh Class
Belfast Class
Winchester Class
Pop up Assemblies
Leeds Class
Oxford Class
Exeter Class
Bristol Class
Website of the Week
and Light
In preparation for Spanish week we
have found a website with games
and vocabulary exercises to support
learning Spanish. ¡Que te dieviertas!
(Have fun)
Thank you to
everyone who
took the time
to visit the exhibition. It was
well worth it.
Well done to all of the following children who have received gold aƩendance awards for achieving 100% aƩendance in the Autumn
term. We also have over 200 children who received outstanding aƩendance awards for achieving over 96.5% aƩendance. CongratulaƟons and keep it up.
Malaikah Husain
Lesonte Johnson
Pachino Blake
Lydia Archibong
Sima Torabi
Ethan Foley
Momorie Koroma
Elisa Antoko
Kolya Davis
Zahrah Hossen
Finlay Watson
Tanice Knight
Rayan Moussaioui
Dammy ArasokunAkande
Ashleigh Hunt
Brooklyn King
Blake Lawson
Eren Temiz
Betsy Copland
Sacha Jordaan
Max Larney
Chelsea BamfoSerebour
Sarah Jane Okiya
Oriana Thomson
Joseph Maƫoli
Exause Mayala
Lucia Manoso Rogers
Simon Brogan
Khadeejah Patel
Nazira Mulla
Mariya Navsa
Emme-Novel Marques
Jimme Brotherhood Eli Ross
Chi Blake
Zahir Uddin
Zahraa Patel
Viggo Carver
Lena Cade-Swindells Oxford
Theo BarreƩ
Niamh Devlin
Olajide Animashaun Latrel Louis
Sabiha Ali
Ashaylah Spence-Lewis Nella Geoghegan
Roisin Barclay
Amarah Navsa
Lyna Behidj
Emmanuel Akam
Aahil Rahman
Lozy Londa
Wendy NƟamoah
Theo BeƩs
Felix Fitzwilliam
Ferdaous Kadiri Kasmi
Husna Pirbhai
Connice Pilgrim
Suki Fitzwilliam
Ahmethan Karaman
Milo MacInnes
Danielle Bahissi
Chandra Singh
Jayveer Singh Batra
Mohamed Kadiri
Idris Korbay
Kyrah MaƩhews
Djouher Benhamza
Alejandro VinallAmador
Abdul Majid
Chelsea Moccia
SebasƟan Perko-Fabris Dellarno Brown
Sarah Birikorang
Elliot Walker
Mari ReƩler
Taniya Singh
Aliyah Eyene-Leger
Charlie Forster
Farhaan Shaikh
Tychic Antoko Kuvila
Jardell Spence-Lewis
MaƟas Camilo Jorge Jaidon Knight
Freya Duckworth
Joseph Brogan
Kimanie Oakley
Irma MuesChemolomskaite
Oliver Hunt
Nuno Gomes Ocante Elvizo Leigh
Renzil D’Costa
Shanteanna Roberts Finlay McNally
Timi Monz
Monika Sefil
Miradi Mbonzi
Arthur Congreve
Alisha Shaikh
Anoushka Minale
Maryam Navsa
Sheikh Miah
Aneesah Khan
Mansi Paul
Gideon Thomson
Iolo Ap Sion
DesƟny Smith
Georgia Tassell
Steven Fisher
Samia Rahman
Megan Wooldridge
Alexei Elias
Richie Zoko
Malaki Grant
Evie WaƩs Evans
Kane Headley
HenrieƩa Antoko
Remember: Millfields Super savers bank is open every Wednesday from 8:30-8:55.
Aajah Yankana
Stars of the week!
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