Know about spider vein treatment New York

Know about spider vein treatment New
The most advisable thing to put an end to spider veins is the laser, "although
sclerosing substances can also be used in the legs". Options, "work perfectly and are
very fast", according to the expert, and "the results are appreciated quickly".
For spider veins of the face, the best option is New York Vein Center, which
provides a good medical and aesthetic result.
Tips to prevent spider veins at the vein treatment centre NYC are below
1. Do not consume a lot of alcohol
Alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, and over time ... If you drink too much
alcohol, this could cause your veins to dilate permanently, which causes the
appearance of spider veins.
2. Do not cross your legs
Do not sit with your legs crossed for a long time because it can cut off the circulation,
and as a result could cause spider veins to come out. Also take suggestion from spider
vein treatment New York.
3. Limit your salt intake
If you consume a lot of salt in your diet it is one of the main causes of spider veins
4. Do not smoke
Some studies have shown that smokers are more likely to have spider veins
5. Do not wear high heels
Heels cause a lot of stress in your veins, because they place your legs in a position that
is not natural.
6. Use sunscreen
Go here to see how to use sunscreen because sun damage will only make your spider
veins look much worse, and if you do not want to use sunscreen every day, and then
make sure you're covered while you're out in the sun, or just avoid exposing yourself
to the sun as much as possible.
Exams and Diagnosis
The examinations that should be made by patients who visibly have legs with varicose
veins are the Doppler venous echo, which allows confirming the diagnosis and
determining the cause and extent of the problem.
Often, the diagnosis of varicose veins is simple, and is determined simply by the
clinical picture and the physical examination of the foot. In the case of spider veins,
the same tests should be performed to rule out the presence of non-visible varices that
are ill or reflux episodes.
Causes of spider veins
The three main causes of spider veins are:
 Inheritance: If other women in your family have spider veins, it is likely that
you also have it.
 Pregnancy, since variations in hormone levels can impoverish blood
 Spend a lot of time sitting or standing, the walls of your veins may suffer an
increase in pressure and, consequently, spider veins will form.
Treatment of spider veins
If you have spider veins and you want to eliminate them for aesthetic reasons, the first
thing is to make a medical diagnosis by best spider vein doctor in New
York. Subsequently, treatment options include:
 Sclerotherapy with micro foam: The best spider vein doctor New York
injects a chemical into their veins, causing them to seal. With the flow of blood
has stopped, the vein becomes scar tissue and eventually fades.
 Radiofrequency thermo coagulation: It is done with very small needles by best
spider vein doctor NYC that act locally without damaging the rest of the skin.