Best treatment for varicose vein removal

What are varicose veins?
The veins are dilated veins that appear as a result of the degeneration of the valves of the
veins. Blood accumulates in them because it cannot be sent back to the heart due to poor
venous return.
Why do varicose veins appear?
Varicose veins are very general in female than in male. Among the factors that affect the
appearance of varicose veins are:
• The factors of genetic type
• The hormonal factors: Its incidence increases with pregnancy, during menopause or taking
birth control
• External factors: obesity, lack of exercise, standing for many hours standing or sitting or
wearing tight clothing that hinders circulation.
Symptoms and complications:
In addition to the annoying aesthetic effect caused by varicose veins, blood congestion can
cause important symptoms (heaviness, pain, tiredness, tingling, itching ...) that significantly
affect the quality of life of patients, even when the veins are affected very superficial. It is
also responsible for possible complications associated with varicose veins such as
thrombophlebitis, skin spots and venous ulcers. For this, in our clinic, we have specialists in
vascular surgery to remove these varicose veins.
How can we fight varicose veins?
It is not always possible to avoid
the appearance of varicose veins
but it is important to influence
those factors over which The Vein
Clinic can have some control such
as: maintaining an adequate
weight, exercising and walking,
avoiding excessive sitting or
standing while making postular
changes with the As often as possible, avoid wearing tight clothing or avoid oral
contraceptives if we have a family history of varicose veins, opting for methods without
Treatment of varicose veins in The Vein Treatment Center, how to eliminate them?:
To remove varicose veins in Vein Centers Of America, our medical specialists in vascular
surgery, proceed to perform treatments of the unattractive varicose veins and varicose veins
of the legs. Veins Treatment Center has two tools:
Sclerotherapy with microfoam and vascular laser. The knowledge and mastery of both means
that Vein Doctor can offer each patient the most effective treatment, minimizing the risks
and the time necessary to achieve the best result.
The sclerotherapy microfoam is injected into the
affected veins one chemical substance in the
form of foam in contact with the vein wall
irritates and damages. Consequently, the vein
suffers a fibrosis and finally disappears (the
body reabsorbs it).
With the vascular laser heat damage is caused to
the vein, this causes its coagulation and in many
cases the immediate disappearance of the vessel.
There are different types of vascular lasers that
can be combined in the same patient depending
on the size and depth of the vessels to be treated.
Before starting a treatment it is essential to carry out a mapping of the venous system in order
to know exactly the extent of the disease. To do this we will perform a vascular Doppler or an
Echo Doppler to each patient to plan the best strategy in each case.
An accurate diagnosis together with the optimal use of the microfoam and the vascular laser
make this treatment the most effective for the elimination of annoying varicose veins.
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