NEW Bally Juniors phone app - balgownie junior football club

BJFC iPhone & Android app
Reference Sheet
Instructions below are for an iPhone but will be similar for
Android phones. Can also be downloaded to iPads.
Go to the App Store
Search using the “Balgownie” or “Bally Juniors”
text string
Select “Balgownie Junior Football Club” & click
Download the app by clicking the Cloud symbol
Once downloaded, click OPEN
In order to utilise the Directions function (see
later) when looking for a ground, you need to
select OK.
For the Push Notifications option, please
select OK so that we can send you important
messages such as game forfeits, urgent
changes and other news.
Enter in YOUR details - NOT your child’s details.
All fields with red asterisks are obligatory.
Special note: If you are either a club sponsor,
a supporter with no children at the club or
anything other than a parent/guardian of a
player, select “Supporter/Other”.
If you are also a member of the Committee,
select “Committee” as one of your Team
Filling in your address details would be helpful
in case we need to contact you by mail, but it is
not essential.
Once you have filled in all the details, check
them carefully and then click Create Account
The screen below will show up.
Enter your mobile number in the Phone
Number field.
Select all the age groups that your child/children
play in. If you have 3 children, use the first three
fields (Team, Second Team and Third Team).
Individual team names will not be known until
Sorting Day or Grading has occurred so you
may need to update these details later.
Now you can Log in
Click Remember Me? so you don’t have to
enter the details again and again.
If you ever forget your password, you can click
Forgotten Password? and it will be sent to
The first time you Log in you will see the
greeting below.
In future times, you will go directly to this screen
The app has many useful features:
- Events: lists the upcoming events
- Sponsors: shows details of our wonderful
sponsors with links to their website
- Grounds: Lists all of the local Illawarra
grounds with options to get directions from
your current location (if you have enabled the
location feature*)
Clicking More shows the other icons
- News: General news and information
- Club Info: History of the Club
- Merchandise: Displays the gear available
from the Clubhouse
- Messages: Shows any current messages in
- Fixtures: with links to the FSC Match Centre
- Committee: details of the current committee
- Facebook: displays a live link to the Facebook
- Settings: Allows you to edit your details
(except the email address, which is
Other features will be brought online when