Transition Year Times issue 12

Transition Year Times
Weekly Journal
ISSUE Nr. 12 - 26th January , 2016
TY’s on Campus
Last week, Monday the 19th of January ninety TY
students headed off to DCU College, to attend a
computer course specified for TY students in
Dublin. They got the opportunity to take a course
in Web Design, App innovator or Java. Everyone
enjoyed the week and got the chance to
experience life on campus as a student. The
students were lucky to get the opportunity to
receive a tour of the collage grounds. Web Design
taught the students all about the aspects of
designing and creating a website from scratch to
be launched on the web. The students
constructed a web page about any topic they
wished. Liam McDonnell created a website on
deadmau5, a famous music producer.
Eden Munroe designed a webpage on Alternative
Reviews and Harry Smyth on a record label .All
three of these students won a prize to commend
them on their excellent work. They received “Web
Design for Dummies” so they could continue their
work at home. Each student’s website is available
to be seen online.
The Prize Winners,:- Harry Smyth, Liam McDonnell, Eden Munroe,
Anthony Doran, Sean Doonan, Conor Doherty and Andrew Roche
In this Issue:
Law Exam
Work of work experience
Roc Doc
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device. They used the app “MITappinventor2” to create their own application.
to speak
about General Health
Three students received prizes for their outstanding work in the programme. Conor
Doonan and Andrew Roche each received a book to help them continue
will beSean
language trips next week,
their app design at home. Every student returned with a project to show all the work
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The Javainprogramme gave the students
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the opportunity to gain knowledge in programming languages used in the
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to see aworld.
The course
smallest only 7 students from Ashbourne got
accepted the award for his
They will get the opportunity to explore
Dubexcellent work during the week. Everyone was sad to leave DCU in the end, but it was
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worthwhile and educational. This was an excellent
two Chinese classes will also be treated
to the course to all.
lunch and a movie in town on Thursday. Each
student must bring €12 to exoerience traditional Chinese cuisine.
Year Group after receiving Certificates.
More in this Issue:
5432 Any Street West
Law Exam Results
Townsville, State 54321
Work of work experience
Upcoming events
425.555.0132 ph
425.555.0133 fax
Law Exam Results:
Two weeks ago 41 TY Students sat a law exam after
completing a law Module in November. The results
were in this week and everyone achieved top marks
and received a personalised certificate.
Fearghal Heffernan and Aidan Byrne both achieved
outstanding marks in the exam and received copies of
the book “Great Irish Heroes”.
A Mock Trial to test the students once again will take
place in the coming weeks. The students will participate
in a “court situation” to test their abilities and all they
learned in their law module. This is a great opportunity
to gain experience in trial situations and a great place to
perfect your Public Speaking.
Work Experience Diary
During the week of the 19th to the 23rd, 54 students attended a week long work placement, to get an
understanding of the working environment over the course of five days.. Here is a diary from one of our
TY Students.
My name is Clare Tuite, and for the week of the 19th to the 23rd of January, I took part in a week’s work
experience in the Mater Private. The programme involved looking at many aspects of life in a hospital
environment, and observing the work of the staff in their various positions. I began in the Purchasing
department and was shown how the hospital deals with stock and deliveries. I was also shown the SDU
department, where people are referred to doctors for scopes. The following days involved more of what
life is like on the wards, as I observed nurses and doctors doing Physiotherapy, blood testing and bone
marrow transplants on different patients.
On the final day, I was given an in-depth look at what the course for Medicine would be like, as I would
consider this as a possible career. I also stood in on an eye laser session, and had a scan of my eyes done
by one of the nurses. Overall, the week at the Mater Private was extremely informative and interesting,
and showed me the opportunities and wide variety of careers within a hospital. The staff were very
helpful and did their best to get me involved with the diversity of their jobs.
Roc Doc Representative will be visiting us this Friday
to speak about General Health and caring for
There will be two language trips next week
All the TY Spanish classes will be heading into town
to see a Spanish movie on Tuesday the 3rd of
February. They will get the opportunity to explore
Dublin and grab a bite to eat. We are all looking
forward to what is guaranteed to be a good day out.
Mr McCormack’s two Chinese classes will also be
treated to lunch and a classic Chinese movie in
town on Thursday, 5th of February . Each student
must bring €12 to go towards sampling some
traditional Chinese cuisine.
Planning has finally begun for our Variety Show ,
which will take place in March. More information
will follow soon.
TY Bulletin Committee