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4-H Members Newsletter
Dear 4-H Families,
How are all of you surviving the cold? The
snow that we have had has been pretty, but I
know I am ready for spring! Because winter is a
slower time for 4-H, now is the perfect time to
start looking through your project manuals and
doing some of the activities. The 4-H Show will be
here before we know it, so it is never too early to
start thinking what you want to exhibit for your
projects. Enjoy your February!
Erin Barrow
Tazewell 4-H Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Online ethics certification required for
everyone taking 4-H animal projects
All 4-H members enrolled in an animal project
area are required to complete the online Quality
Assurance and Ethics course one time in order to
stay enrolled in an animal project area.
The certification must be done if you are
enrolled in one of the following projects: poultry,
beef, dairy, cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, horses, sheep,
and swine. Members who don’t complete the
certification before the show will be removed from
the project and not be allowed to show. Anyone
who has already taken the certification does not
need to retake the test. The local office has a list of
those already certified. The website is located
online at: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/qaec/ .
This rule applies to 4-H members who exhibit
live animals AND poster exhibits.
Deadline: June 15, 2015
University of Illinois Extension
Mason, Peoria, Tazewell Unit
1—Livestock Project Enrollments Due
7– Steer & Heifer Tattoo Weigh-In
16—Leader and Superintendent Mtg.; 6:30 p.m.
21—Clover Clinic, ICC
28– Federation Meeting; Judy McFarland’s home, 5:30
28-Mar. 1– Junior Leadership Conference, Decatur
7—4-H Day at the Peoria Rivermen 7:05 p.m.
19– Leader and Superintendent Mtg.: 6:30 p.m.
15—All General Projects Enrollments Due
15– Horse Lease/ID Papers Due
15—4-H Show and Jr. Fair Registration Due
15—Quality Assurance & Ethics Training Deadline
16– Pre-Show Superintendents Meeting; 7:30 p.m.
27-29 Tazewell County 4-H Show & Jr. Fair
13-23—Illinois State Fair
17—Tazewell County Exhibit Day at State Fair
We are in search of Rabbit, Visual Arts,
and Foods and Nutrition
Superintendents for the 2015 4-H Show!
Please let Erin know if you know of anyone
that is interested!
Tazewell County
4-H Deadlines
University of Illinois Extension
Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell Unit
1505 Valle Vista, Pekin, 61554 309-347-6614
[email protected]
Tazewell County Extension Staff:
Earl Allen– County Director
Ginger Schnecker—4-H Youth Development Educator
Erin Barrow—4-H Program Coordinator
Kathy Meier—SNAP-ED Coordinator
Heather Reynolds—SNAP-ED Coordinator
Sheila Bolliger— Office Support
Debbie Shelby—-Office Support
Anita Wilkinson—Communications & 4-H Special Projects
University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need reasonable accommodations to participate in any of the activities offered in this newsletter, please contact the Extension office at 309-347-6614. USDA and Local Extension Councils
Steer & Heifer Tattoo Weigh In
Steer Tattoo and Weigh In is scheduled for
Saturday, Feb. 7 at Greenhaven Animal Clinic in
San Jose. All steers planning to exhibit at the
Illinois State Fair must be weighed and tattooed.
Tazewell, Logan and Mason County 4-H will be
weighing in on the same day. The schedule is very
tight. It is critical that anyone needing steers
weighed contact the Tazewell Extension office to
reserve a time slot.
Required 4-H Volunteer Training
The University of Illinois has a new
requirement for all University volunteers,
Protection of Minors Volunteer Training.
We have been given one year to get all of our
volunteers through this training. We still have a
few volunteers that have not been trained, so
please contact Erin at the Extension office to
complete the training.
If this training is not completed, your file will
be moved to inactive, and you will no longer be
able to participate as a 4-H volunteer.
February 1, 2015—4-H Livestock
Enrollment—Anyone planning to enroll in
a Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Goat, and/or
Horse project must complete their 4-H
Enrollment Form and pay their program fee
by February 1, 2015 in order to be eligible to
register for the 4-H Show exhibit
opportunity. Use the IL Clover to Enroll.
April 15, 2015—4-H General Enrollment—
Anyone planning to enroll in Rabbit,
Poultry, Dog or General projects must
complete their 4-H Enrollment Form and
pay their program fee by April 15, 2015 in
order to be eligible to register for the 4-H
Show exhibit opportunity. Use the IL
Clover to Enroll.
June 15, 2015—4-H Show and Jr. Fair
Registration/Class Entry—4-Hers who
have met the appropriate Enrollment
deadline and plan to exhibit at the 4-H Show
and Jr. Fair must complete a Registration/
Entry Form indicating the classes in which
they will exhibit by June 15, 2015. 4-H show
exhibit opportunities are based on the
projects that the 4-Her Enrolled. Use the
Tazewell County 4-H Show book to
Register (becomes available in the Spring.)
Rabbit Show
The Peoria Area Rabbit Breeders Association is hosting a Rabbit Show on
Sunday, February 15th at the Avanti’s Dome in
Pekin. Come see over 2,000 different rabbits of
every size, shape, and breed! Admission is free.
4-H Show Book
Cover Design
High School Seniors
Send Erin your Sr. Picture to be included in the
2015 4-H Show book. Electronic version is best, but a
hard copy will work also.
Include the following information,
 Name –
Calling all artists, graphic designers and
 4-H Club(s) – (include any county clubs as well as
State committees)
We would like you to create a cover for the
 If you have had a project focus or favorite project,
new 4-H Show book. Designs can be drawn by
what is it? –
hand or designed on the computer. You are
 In a short description describe one of the following:
welcome to incorporate original photographs or
 Something you learned during your years in 4-H
clipart into your design. Copyrighted work is not
 A favorite 4-H memory
 Advice to younger 4-Hers
If you would like to use the 4-H logo, other
 What are your plans for next year?
than a drawn version, please contact the
 Are there any 4-H volunteers you would like to
Extension office to receive an official electronic
thank publicly?
copy. Information that must appear on the cover:
Send to [email protected] or 1505 Valle Vista,
2015 Tazewell 4-H Show & Jr. Fair Book
Pekin, 61554. Deadline is February 27, 2015.
July 27,28,29
Mineral Springs Park, Pekin
Contact the Extension office for information
about basic design principles.
Designs are due to the Extension office by
February 1, 2015.
Mackinaw Ridge Runners
Birthday Bag Project
Federation News
February Meeting
Saturday, February 28
5:30 p.m. , @ Judy McFarland’s home
Card making for the soldiers and pizza!
Fulton County 4-H Federation invites Tazewell
County 4-H Federation to their annual game
night! Parents are welcome to attend, too! This
will be on Saturday, March 21st, from 6:30
p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Extension Office in
Lewistown. Bring board games, card games,
etc. Pop and hot chocolate will be provided —
please bring snacks to share with the group.
Cancelled if weather is bad — call before you come
if you are unsure, 338-2543.
Brock Wiegand, Marleigh Kuhn, and Mackenzie
Knowles display their completed birthday bags at the
January meeting of the Mackinaw Ridge Runners.
Golden Eagles
4-H Club
Shooting Sports Spring Session
Spring Dates & Times
Archery: April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12; 6:30 p.m.
Mineral Springs Park Livestock Arena, Pekin
Shotgun: April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12; 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Instructor’s residence, Tremont
Air Rifle: TBA
Current Shooting Sports members (those who
participated in Fall session)
* Contact their instructors AND the Extension office
and let them know of your intent to participate in the
Spring session. Yes or No.
New Shooting Sports members
*Stop by the Extension office or go online to http://
web.extension.illinois.edu/fmpt/tazewell4h/ and complete
the Shooting Sports enrollment packet. Return forms
and payment (if applicable) to the Extension office at
least one week prior to first session date.
Are you a graduate of University of Illinois College
of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental
Sciences? ACES Family Academies is a new program
from the U of I ACES Alumni Association that will
offer classes from each ACES academic unit, geared to
children ages 8-12 years. The alumni and their young
friend will attend classes together, experience dorm
living for a night, and attend an all-American college
tailgate. More than 30 hands-on educational classes are
slated for the program, taught by actual College of
ACES faculty.
As a college of ACES alum, you can return to
campus with a young grandchild, niece, nephew or
friend! Mark your calendars for July 9-10, and register
for the all-new ACES Family Academies online @
http://acesalumni.illinois.edu/ . Illinois 4-H is proud
to support the efforts of the ACES Alumni
Meeting Location:
Lettie Brown Gym,
Club Focus:
Native American drum and dance
Club activities may include:
Sew, bead, work with leather
Create Native American outfits
Learn Native American dance
Perform at powwows
While the club’s focus is on Native
American culture, club members are also
welcome to enroll in any 4-H club project
they like, and are encouraged to share their
hobbies and interests with the whole club.
Illinois Pork Premiere Requirements
- Il State Jr. Fair Premiere Barrows
Farrowed on or after February 10, 2015 and
must have been the property of the exhibitor
by June 1, 2015
Weighed and Tattooed February 10 to April 15,
Tattooed within 35 days of birth and not weigh
more than 1.0 lbs/day of age
Junior exhibitors can purchase nominated barrows.
Each exhibitor may nominate a maximum of 25
barrows at the time of tattooing. Pigs must be
castrated before they are tattooed.
To have your barrows tattooed please contact
the Tazewell Extension office to schedule a date
and time.
Find your voice
and speak up for Illinois 4-H
There are opportunities for you to improve your
skills in public speaking while you learn to tell the
Illinois 4-H story! You learn from youth who started
out just like you and are now members of the Illinois
State 4-H Youth Leadership Team.
Speaking for Illinois 4-H is open to 4-H members
age 14 and above. You will learn skills and
knowledge on public presentations, telling your 4-H
story, 4-H Positive Youth Development, using
county and state statistics to your advantage, and
more. Joining the Youth Leadership Team members
in teaching will be Pam Weber, legislative lobbyist
for Extension Partners, to provide training on
preparing your 4-H story for state legislators. Youth
who go through the training will be invited to
participate in events planned for this spring at the
State Capitol in Springfield.
Saturday, April 25 in Bloomington. Registration
will open In early February.
More registration details are provided on our
website, along with the link for the required on-line
registration: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/
state4h/members/leadership_sfi4h.cfm. (Be sure you
look for the February training session registration
NOW and for the April training in Bloomington
after February 10.) Cost is $10 per person and
includes lunch. Registrants must attend the entire day
of training (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) to be included on the
Speaking for Illinois 4-H state roster.
1st Farm Credit Services
Community Improvement Grants
1st Farm Credit Services Community
Improvement Grant is inviting 4-H Clubs to apply
for a $250 grant to support positive change and
impact on the local community, involve youth
development and education and better the places
we live. Applications are due March 2, 2015.
Learn more and apply online @ https://
Become a 4-H Citizen Scientist
“Hands to larger service,” the third “H” of the 4-H
pledge, is what awaits Illinois 4-H members interested
in taking science to a new level in the 4-H Citizen
Scientist program. Thanks to the generous support of
Archer Daniels Midland, this program will provide
junior and senior high youth interested in
environmental science opportunities to extend
learning beyond current 4-H project work into the
world of hands-on research. Members observe and
record information on a given site, collect data from
samples taken at their site and contribute their data to
the growing field of scientific research related to water
The program is open to current 4-H members and
volunteers, as well as youth and adults who aren’t
current members but wish to learn how to improve
their local environment. All participants will receive
specialized training at no cost and receive materials
toward the project.
The 2015 Training Workshop schedule is listed
below. Please contact the Extension Office to register.
Participants are required to attend a one-day session at
our area training center:
Sat., May 2 Bradley University, Peoria
Get paid while at 4-H Camp!
It may be cold outside now, but
eventually, the days will start to warm
up, and that means it’s time for
Summer 4-H Camp. 4-H camps
operate across the state and offer teens
and young adults both volunteer and paid
opportunities to be mentors to young campers.
Applications are now open for camp
counselors at 4-H Memorial Camp in Monticello.
Download applications @ https://
jobopp.cfm. 4-H Memorial Camp serves
approximately 3,000 youth and adult campers each
summer season. Employees receive a one-week paid
training session prior to camp.
Tazewell Extension Education Foundation
It is our pleasure to announce the revitalization
of the Tazewell County Extension Education
Foundation (TCEEF). It was originally incorporated
in March 1986 to assist with the financial
enrichment of the Tazewell County Extension
educational programs and services. After a brief
period of inactivity, the Foundation has recruited a
board of directors, elected officers, and is excited to
work together to reach the Foundation’s goals.
Becky Rossman has been appointed President of the
Board of Directors.
Tazewell County Extension Education
Foundation has three main goals that include raising
funds to support general operations of U of I in
Tazewell County, sponsor specific programs,
projects or events in cooperation with U of I
Extension that are allowable using foundation funds
but are not allowable with Extension public funds,
and promote awareness of U of I Extension’s
purpose, vision and benefits to local communities.
We are thankful for your involvement in the
University of Illinois Extension programs in
Tazewell County. You know firsthand the positive
impact Extension is making in the lives of our
citizens and to our communities throughout
Tazewell County and the surrounding area. The
staff and volunteers strive to make people and
communities better through the programming areas
of 4-H Youth Development, Horticulture,
Agriculture, Natural Resources, Nutrition and
Community Development.
If you would like more information about the
Tazewell County Extension Education Foundation
or current programs being offered by the University
of Illinois Extension, feel free to contact the
Tazewell Extension office at 309-347-6614, [email protected] or visit
web.extension.illinois.edu/fmpt. If you would like
to donate, please send donation with your name and
address to the Tazewell County Extension Office at
1505 Valle Vista Pekin, IL 61554.
Illini Summer Academies: sign up to
know when to sign up!
This exciting 4-day overnight event lets students
experience University of Illinois college life while
learning with university professors in exciting academies of study. This year, the conference will be
held June 21-24 on the U of I campus. Illini Summer
Academies is open to youth who will be in high
school in the fall of 2015 or are graduating seniors.
You can be the first to learn when registration
opens by signing up to the Illini Summer Academies
mailing list @ https://web.extension.illinois.edu/
Tell the world about the dangers of
We want 4-H members to help spread the word
on the danger of radon. Radon is a radioactive gas,
completely undetectable by human senses, that is
known to be the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers nationwide. This hazardous gas originates
from the decay of naturally occurring uranium within the soil that enters buildings through foundation
joints and small cracks and can be inhaled. Radon
accounts for 37% of Illinois citizens’ annual radiation
exposure, by far the greatest single source of radiation exposure to the general public. The Illinois
Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) estimates
that 1,160 Illinois citizens die from radon-related
lung cancer annually.
Who can participate: any Illinois youth age 9-14.
What do you do: create a radon poster that will
increase public awareness of radon gas and encourage
people to test their homes.
What do you win: the first place winner will receive $200, second place winner, $150 and the third
place winner, $100.
How do you learn more: http://
Deadline: March 1
Take your pick of these
exciting events for 4-H horse lovers
The following dates have been released for 4-H
members interested in the Horse project. For more
information about any of these events, contact your
local U of I Extension office.
Regional Horse Bowl & Hippology contests
Let’s face it; sometimes when you’ve been in
Northeast Region, March 14 at Marengo High
4-H for several years, you’ve learned all you’re
School in Marengo. Contact: Cindy [email protected]
going to learn from your 4-H manual, and you’re
847-223-8627 & Janine Heidtke @ 815-338ready for a new challenge. We think you’re ready
for the Clover Challenge. Clover Challenge is the
Central Region, March 28 at Lakeland Communimost advanced level of a 4-H project . . . and the
ty College in Mattoon. Contact: Dana
best part is, YOU get to decide what YOU want
Homann @ 217-345-7034 & Yolanda Nation @
to learn and what YOU want to exhibit. It really is
ALL ABOUT YOU! You work with an adult
The State Horse Bowl & Hippology contest will be
mentor who helps you find new resources outside April 18 & 19 at the University of Illinois campus.
your 4-H project manuals which you can study.
available in all project categories. Here’s what you Save the Date - The 4-H Great Debate
need to know:
is Returning in March!
You must be 15 years of age and older (4-H age).
We’re baaaaaack! We are pleased to announce that
You must have completed all the previous levels/ we will be returning to the State Capitol for The 4-H
units of the project category. You must be enrolled Great Debate on March 27-28. The Illinois House of
in the specific Clover Challenge project to exhibit Representatives will be ALL OURS for our Saturday
in this class. If you didn’t sign up for the “Clover program.
Challenge” division of your project when you
The 4-H Great Debate offers 4-H members who
enrolled this year, call the office today to see if you are 14 and older the opportunity to explore the Illinois
can add it. You must have an adult mentor. You
legislative process first hand as members prepare,
must complete the Clover Challenge agreement @ debate, and vote on bills that are of interest to them.
Delegates sit in the actual seats of the Illinois House of
projects/ and include it with your exhibit.
Representatives (how cool is that!), use their
Clover Challenge project exhibits are to be
microphones to debate, and use the official voting
“above and beyond” the activities listed in the
technology to record their votes on the various issues.
project manual. The exhibit can be presented in
If you have an interest in governmental careers, or just
any format which best shows your knowledge and the legislative process as a whole, then this conference
skill. It’s really an accumulation of all the things
is for you!
you’ve learned through your years of 4-H.
Want to be sure to get the latest information?
NEW Market Heifer class added to Then, sign up for this email list: https://
State Fair Junior Show
RegistrationID=11400 .
Registration should be open by mid to late January
It’s time for the ladies at the Illinois State Fair.
will include the titles of the 4-H Great Debate Bills
A market heifer division has been added to the
that will be debated. On-line registration links and
Illinois State Fair Junior Show this year. The
conference details will be posted to the 4-H Great
heifers will follow the same rules, guidelines and
Debate webpage: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/
nomination procedures as steers. Check with the
state4h/events/greatdebate.cfm. Save the date and keep
local Extension office to be sure to get your
your eyes open for more information!
market heifers nominated.
University of Illinois Extension
Tazewell County
1505 Valle Vista
Pekin, IL 61554
U.S. Postage Paid
Lewistown, IL 61542
Permit No. 35
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
United States Department of Agriculture ▀ Local Extension Councils Cooperating
University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.
Do you know someone who is crazy about horses and wants to know all
about them? We have the perfect Special Interest Club for them!
Youth do not need a horse or even be enrolled in the 4-H Horse project
to join our fun study group called "Horse Bowl and Hippology".
A younger age group of 8 to 12 years old (younger yet may attend with
an adult) and an older group from 13 to 18 years old will meet weekly for
three months starting in January through April to look over the 4-H Horse
Manuals and other reference materials, and then play a game called "Horse
We also bring in lots of horse items & equipment for good old fashioned
"horsing around" fun. If interested please call Vera Betzelberger at 309-2316375 to reserve your spot. Meeting place is the Hopedale Mennonite Church
from 4-5 p.m. on Monday evenings.
2015 Horse Clinic Schedule
Get ready for the summer horse show season with free horse clinics offered at the fair grounds! 6-8 p.m.
on Monday nights.
June 1st—Open arena/Horse paper education/QAE June 29th– Trail Practice
June 8th– Halter/Showmanship
July 6th– Fun Show/Show grooming & clipping
June 15th– English Pleasure/Equitation
July 13th—Open arena
June 22nd– Western Pleasure/Horsemanship