THE CALENDAR - First Baptist Church

Expressing the Mission and Ministry of First Baptist Church
Chippewa Square
Savannah, Georgia
Thursday, February 12 – Sunday, February 15, 2015
On Saturday, February 14, First Baptist Church
will host several authors from the Savannah Book
Festival in both Lewis Hall and the sanctuary.
Presentations begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at
5:10 p.m. Saturday authors are shown below and
a full list can be found on our church website or
When most of you read this edition of The Calendar, eight of us will be returning from our 33rd
mission trip to Cuba since 1995. In our group are several of our seasoned travelers, along with Susan Roberts
Frampton and Kyle Ballantine, who are traveling for the first time. Here is what we have been doing for the
past week:
We spent three days and nights in Havana on the outbound portion of our trip, and used the time to
reconnect with the many friends that we have developed over the past twenty years. Some are Baptist pastors
and lay leaders in the Fraternity of Baptist Churches of Cuba; others are taxi drivers, artists, musicians, book
sellers, and the like. We visited several churches within walking distance of our hotel, and one night we took
some of the extended Entenza family members to dinner. With the opening of diplomatic relations between
the United States and Cuba, including the presence of a U.S. negotiating team just days before our own arrival,
this visit has played out against the backdrop of some significant changes.
Over a long weekend, we made the round trip between Havana and our sister church in Sancti Spiritus,
300 kilometers to the southeast. We stopped in San Jose de las Lajas to visit the members of Comunidad
Cristiana Emanuel, a thriving Baptist congregation just beyond the Havana suburbs. Once at our destination,
we delivered medical supplies, over-the-counter medications, and other items requested by our sister
church. On this particular trip, we transported a breathing machine for a person with sleep apnea, prescription
medicines needed by an autistic child, as well as adult and children’s vitamins. It’s still difficult for us to
imagine just how welcomed these simple gifts are to people who cannot access them on a regular basis.
On Sunday, we had more than a full day. While all of you were worshiping at First Baptist Church, we
were participating in the morning service at the Genesaret Baptist Church in Sancti Spiritus. Following lunch,
our team members sponsored a Bible/Music Camp for approximately thirty children and youth, where we
shared bible stories, played games, sang both silly and serious songs together, and made crafts that they could
take home. The day ended with us hosting the Entenza family for dinner at a local restaurant.
Bright and early on Monday morning, we departed for Havana where we spent two additional days and
nights before our return flight today to the United States. Thank you to all who have supported this mission
effort with their prayers, time and energy, donated items, and financial assistance. We look forward to
providing you with a full report on the state of our Cuba partnership on Wednesday evening, February 11.
Welcome New Members
Anabelle Malcolm
Mark Malcolm
(as Associate Member)
14 Lakeview Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31405
by letter
We also welcome their son,
Alex Malcolm.
Amelia Dreese
Hospice Savannah
Hospital Discharges
Jennifer Hartenhoff
Children’s Time on February 8
Lauren Colwell
Family Night Menu
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
chicken tetrazzini
steamed broccoli
cranberry salad
Hospitality Hosts
Doug and Tricia Craig
Sanctuary Flowers
If you would like to purchase
flowers in honor or in memory of
a loved one, please contact Karen
in the church office.
Ushers Serving in February
Joe McNellage, captain
John Rabun
Harrell Roberts
Marilyn Tarver
Deacons Serving in February
Karen Terry, captain
Nicki Brewer
Martha Davis
Chris Hendricks
Tricia Kilgore
Wyc Rountree
Lay Reader on February 8
Donna Plunkett
Greeters on February 8
Lynell Gay and Bebe Willoughby
Nursery Volunteer February 8
Keith Dion
Ash Wednesday Service
Wednesday, February 18
6:00 p.m. in Lewis Hall
Clearing a Path...
All are invited
to join our family and friends
at a reception honoring
Cilie Sutton
on her 90th Birthday
Sunday, February 15
Lewis Hall
following morning worship
Audio: Bill Wright
Greeters: J oan Pusser
Ordinances: Les and Barbara Stull
Sanctuary: Reed Creaser
Task Forces offer a way for members of our
congregation to use their unique gifts to serve the
church in a variety of ways. Anyone is welcome to
join a Task Force at any time. This week we are
highlighting the Member Care Task Force.
The Member Care Task Force concentrates
on caring for all of our members, especially those
who are sick or grieving, or who are unable to attend
our services or come to the church on a regular basis.
This Task Force is responsible for visiting members
at home or in the hospital, bringing them flowers on
Sunday mornings, and providing food when a family
experiences a death in the family. While members
of this Task Force serve in many ways, not all
members serve in every capacity. If you are
interested in helping with any of these tasks, please
contact Task Force chair Eve Brawner or staff
liaison John Finley.
On Sunday, February 8, all children are
invited to participate in a mission project following
worship. We will meet in Lewis Hall for a pizza
lunch and will then make Valentines crafts to be
delivered to some of our members at home. We will
end our afternoon with some fun ice cream creations.
Bring a friend and let Lauren know if you plan to
attend that afternoon.
facing Chippewa Square
at 223 Bull Street
Offices located behind the sanctuary
at 102 West McDonough Street
Phone 912-234-2671
Fax 912-236-4493
Email [email protected]
Office hours Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00
First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 9551
Savannah, GA 31412-9551
Address service requested
John M. Finley - Senior Minister
[email protected]
Lauren E. Colwell - Associate Minister
for Spiritual Formation and Families
[email protected]
Kyle J. Ballantine - Organist and Choir Director
[email protected]
Faye Anderson - Secretary
[email protected]
Karen Jerald - Secretary
[email protected]
Janice Quarterman - Custodian
Bill Roberts - Custodian
Vol. 81
The Calendar
Lauren Colwell, Editor
February 4, 2015
No. 5
Schedule of Activities
February 8-14, 2015
SUNDAY, February 8
7:00 IHN guests depart
9:45 Sunday School
11:00 Morning Worship
12:15 Children’s Mission Project
Lewis Hall
MONDAY, February 9
10:00 Staff Meeting
Conference Room
5:15 Budget and Finance
Conference Room
5:45 Diaconate
Lewis Hall
TUESDAY, February 10
5:45 Spiritual Formation Comm.
Conference Room
WEDNESDAY, February 11
5:00 Family Night Meal
and Activities
7:00 Adult Choir Rehearsal
Room 300
SATURDAY, February 14
9:00 Savannah Book Festival
The Worship of God
Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
February 8, 2015
Eleven O’clock
“Twenty-four Hours in
First Lesson:
Isaiah 40:21-31
Second Lesson:
1 Corinthians 9:16-23
Gospel Lesson:
Mark 1:29-39
“Who Is He in Yonder Stall?”
by Robert H. Young
Family Night Activities
February 11, 2015
Family Night Meal
Lewis Hall
Nursery Opens
Room 201
Prayer Concerns
Lewis Hall
Joyful Voices Choir
Room 300
Adult Gathering:
Cuba Mission Report
Lewis Hall
Children’s Gathering
Room 202
Youth Gathering
Room 402
Bell Choir
Room 305
Adult Choir
Room 300