The Maria Chan Scholarships for International Studies in Business

Completed applications are to be submitted to the appropriate person listed
below no later than FEBRUARY 28
Questions or Concerns? Email [email protected] or contact the person
Name: ___________________________________________________________ Student #: _____________________________________
Email:___________________________________________________________ Faculty:_______________________________________
Program: _________________________________________________________ Level: ________________________________________
Travel Location: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
N/A Fall Term (Sept-Dec) _____ Winter Term (Jan-Apr) _____ Fall & Winter Term _____
Travel Time: Spring/Summer (May-Aug) _____
The Maria Chan Scholarships for International Studies in Business
Established in 1999 by Professor Luke Chan and his family in support of students in the School of Business who wish to pursue
academic studies abroad. A variable number of scholarships to be awarded to students participating in one of McMaster’s
formal exchange programs who, in the judgment of the Faculty of Business, demonstrate notable academic achievement.
Value: $1,000 each
Please attach the following. Be sure to include your name and student number on all pages:
Referencing the terms above, describe your exchange plans and the benefits of the exchange (limit one page)
A curriculum vitae/academic resume (limit two pages)
A McMaster University transcript
One academic letter of reference supporting your exchange in an envelope sealed by the referee.
Completed applications are to be delivered directly to your Faculty Award Chair or designate no later than February 28.
Arts & Science
Shelley Anderson
Commons Building, Room 105
School of Business
Sriyani Dissanayake
DeGroote School of Business, Room 104
Faculty of Engineering
Diana Maltese
J. Hodgins Engineering Bldg, Room 261
Bachelor of Health Sciences
Del Harnish
Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning, Room 3308
Faculty of Humanities
Christine Kawerau
Chester New Hall, Room 107
Eileen Hutton
Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning, Room 2210
School of Nursing
Lynn Martin
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2J19
Faculty of Science
Charlene Mifflin
Burke Science Building, Room 129
Faculty of Social Sciences
Kelli Cale
Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room 126
Do not staple pages together. Use paperclips. Do not print on both sides.
All documentation must be submitted together by the due date.
Incomplete and/or late packages will not be reviewed.
In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and McMaster University’s Statement on the Collection of Personal Information
and the Protection of Privacy, where notice is given, the University is permitted to publish an individual’s name, Academic Group, plan, and award information.
McMaster University publishes the names of recipients of scholarships listed in the Calendar, in the University’s Convocation program and other award
publications. Further information can be found in the General Academic Regulations section of the Calendar.
The University Senate, acting on behalf of generous benefactors and donors to the University, bestows academic awards on entering, in-course and
graduating students to encourage and recognize high levels of scholarship.
In recognizing such scholastic achievement, the University requires all recipients of academic awards to fulfill a set of general conditions, in addition
to meeting the particular terms attached to individual academic awards. The general conditions and terms have been established to ensure equity
in competition and a high academic standing. Any interpretation of the conditions attaching to academic awards is solely the prerogative of the
Undergraduate Council.
These awards are based on competition across the University or within a Faculty or program. To be eligible, students are required to submit an
application to their Faculty/Academic Area by February 28. The award numbers in this group begin with a "35" (e.g. 35056).
These awards, which are granted in March, are provided exclusively for first baccalaureate degree students registered full-time qualifying on
the basis of work included at the May review (or deferred examinations resulting therefrom), in other than their graduating session. The
previous Summer grades and the current grades from Term 1 of the current session are also considered.
Students must be registered in 24-units at the time of application and must normally remain registered in 24-units during the Fall/Winter
session immediately following the travel or exchange for which the award was given.
Students must have obtained a Cumulative Average of 8.0 as a full-time student and had no failures in the previous Fall/Winter session to be
Students normally participate in exchange programs in their third year. Approval of their Associate Dean/Director is required.
Students participating in summer travel must have completed a minimum of 36 units at McMaster at the time of application. (e.g. 24 units
in Level I and at least 12 units in Term 1 of the current Fall/Winter Session.)
Travel/Exchange scholarship funding cheques will be issued to students in March to assist with travel expenses. Students who make the
decision not to travel as per their application must return the funds to the University.
Students choosing to withdraw after the May review will retain the transcript notation but forfeit the monetary benefit. Students who transfer
to graduate may retain the monetary benefit.
Students are required to submit a report of their travel experience by November 1st following their
return to study to the Awards Officer in the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.
The University reserves the right not to grant an award in the absence of a suitable candidate, and to limit the number of awards when there are too
few suitable candidates. The University also reserves the right to withdraw, or amend the terms of, any award, and to suspend granting of an award
or to adjust the stated value of an award in years in which insufficient investment income is available due to fluctuations in investment markets.
Students who are named to receive a Travel or Exchange Scholarship will be notified by e-mail by the end of March.
An award recipient who changes travel plans must inform the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships in writing.
A change in travel plans may affect eligibility to retain the award.