LA TAEKYON club Arezzo

FITA Emilia Romagna
9th – 10th May 2015
Via Carpi - Riccione (RN) – Emilia Romagna - Italy
9th-10th May 2015
Saturday 9th May
From 9 am to 7 pm (approximately)
SENIOR Male Green - Blue/Red - Black belt
SENIOR Female Green/Blue Red/Black belt
JUNIOR Female Green/Blue Red/Black belt
Sunday 10th May
From 8:30 am to 6 pm (approximately)
CADETS B male and female Green/Blue Red/Black belt
CADETS A male and female Green/Blue Red/Black belt
JUNIOR Male Green/Blue Red/Black belt
All athletes must have their Identity Card (waver of responsibility/Identity card for minors) – Membership
card 2014/2015 (Official Membership) - Compulsory APPROVED protective equipment.
Weight divisions:
CADETS B (born in 2004, 2005)
Cadet Male:
-27kg -30kg -33kg -37kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg +57kg
Cadet Female:
-27kg -30kg -33kg -37kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg +57kg
CADETS A (born in 2001, 2002, 2003)
Cadet Male:
-33kg -37kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg -61kg -65kg +65kg
Cadet Female:
-29kg -33kg -37kg -41kg -44kg -47kg -51kg -55kg -59kg +59kg
JUNIORS (born in 1998, 1999, 2000)
Junior Male:
-45kg -48kg -51kg -55kg -59kg -63kg -68kg -73kg -78kg +78kg
Junior Female: -42kg -44kg -46kg -49kg -52kg -55kg -59kg -63kg -68kg +68kg
SENIORS (born in 1998 or before)
Senior Male:
-54kg -58kg -63kg -68kg -74kg -80kg -87kg +87kg
Senior Female: -46kg -49kg -53kg -57kg -62kg -67kg -72kg +72kg
WEIGHT IN: The weight-in will be on Friday 8th May between 6 pm until 8 pm and on Saturday 9th May
between 5 pm until 7 pm at the Play Hall.
All applications are to be made online on: The closing date for applications is 2nd May
2015 or once achieved the number of 350 registered for Saturday and 350 for Sunday. Payment must
be received by the closing date.
The entry fee for each contestant is € 20.00. Entry fees must be paid in advance to the following bank
account: CCP n° 82660044 to FITA - Comitati Regionali reason for payment EMILIA ROMAGNA We
won’t take in consideration applications without document of payment of €20,00.
In order to avoid disqualifications, only FITA, E.T.U, W.T.F official member teams and respective coaches
(with official coaching qualification) regular membership 2014/2015, can take part to the competition.
Athletes must bring their regular membership, regular health certificate to compete.
Regarding to preliminary operations and regular match development, the current rules prescribed by the
New Federal Regulations – WTF will be applied.
The matches will take place on seven regular square rings (m. 8x8).
All coaches must show and collect their passes personally. Coaches will only be permitted at ringside in
appropriate sportswear, no shorts.
Equipment: all players will be provided with a Daedo electronic body protector. According to Italian
Taekwondo Federation, all players must wear the required protective equipment.
Cadets (A & B): compulsory head guard with face mask, optional gum shields.
Equipment Check: all contestants will be required to proceed to the inspection desk for officials to check
their dobok and protective equipment before entering the competition area. Any contestant wearing unofficial
equipment will not be permitted to compete.
Weight divisions: in order to provide all athletes with at least one match, the Organizer allows to modify
some weight divisions.
Warm-up area: 200mq area available for the warm-up.
Seating: n.1250.
Match schedules: the match schedules will be published on:, only after the end of the
weight in.
Athletes without opponents: athletes without opponents can fight with athletes of upper weight division.
Online Streaming: Thanks to IT@M by TKD TECHNOLOGY system, it will be possible to follow the
matches real time.
Individuals: 1st 2nd 3rd place ex-aequo
Team trophies:1st 2nd e 3rd Team
Olympic rank system will be used to determinate the competition rank.
Athletes must fight at least one match to gain points for the team ranking score.
Teams must provide sufficient number of coaches so as to cover seven square rings. If the lack of coaches
overpasses one minute, the athlete will be disqualify, according to the regulation.
All competitors are considered to be participating at their own risk. The organizer and the committee assume
no responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses.
Each club is responsible for its athletes and therefore economically, civilly and criminally for any damage
caused during the event to things and people outside the square ring. Signing the application for the
Championship you accept and sign the above conditions.
Hotels provide free shuttle transportation to the Play Hall.
Contact EXTE VIAGGI TEL 0541-831650 to have further information.
Taekwondo parties INCLUDED in the most famous clubs of the Riviera.
All the information about hotel and restaurant agreements, further details, map to get to the Play Hall, and
any other changes will be published on:
For any further information:
Davide Berti– Pres.Comit.Reg.le Emilia Romagna – +39329-2286086
Daniele Frascari –vice president c.r.e.r. – +39328.4555511.
Vecchi Elisa – Head Referee +393200105427
The organization will give you all the information about body protectors, changes in schedule and categories.
President of Emilia Romagna Committee
Davide Berti
Go to the following website:
Search for “Subscriptions” and click on it.
[Operation required on first access. If you have already signed up for previous competitions, please
go to the next step.] Go to “Registrati” and enter your information. You’ll be asked to enter your
name, surname, e-mail, password, mobile phone and club.
Now you are welcome to the registered users area. Please note: you can only create one account
per club. Otherwise you can click on “aggiungi utenti” (add users) to create more account for the
same club.
Please register the athletes to the competition. It won’t be possible to modify or delete information
about athletes at the closing date for application and once achieved the maximum number of
If you want to modify some information, please click on “Support” and add the changes you want to
apply. NB: 1) You can’t modify/delete information in national championship in any case. 2) Once the
Organizer check the membership number of the athletes all changes will not be saved.
• Upload all receipts of payment. If you have to pay for more competitions (or the same competition
but with different registration forms) please upload ALL sections related with the receipts of payment.
We suggest you to write (on the receipts of payment) the partition of payment of different registration
Once you have uploaded the receipts a link will appear. If the link doesn’t appear please repeat the
upload. You can display the file you have just uploaded. The file will keep the following caption “in
attesa di approvazione” (waiting for approving).
After the administrator check, this caption will be “approved” or “deny”.
If you have any problems with the upload, please check the type of error.
• For any further information please go to FAQ on: (You can access
the Support Area from the homepage).
• You can check the enrolled athletes list, sorted by category or club, updated real time on “enrolled
athletes list” section or directly on:
Andrea Vizzari
TKD Technology Administrator