Student Crime Stoppers Poster Contest 2015

Be a Hero
The winning poster will be used for the
Student Crime Stoppers Program
Get involved , make a difference
Winning posters are eligible for a cash
reward of $250 and will be unveiled at a
press conference in January
11” x 17” format
Photoshop, Publisher or Illustrator
Help us promote Crime Stoppers in your school by creating a poster illustrating how you
can “Be a Hero” in your school and your community. Just like your favorite comic book
Superheroes, Crime Stoppers Tipsters are Masked Heroes just the same, making a
choice to do the right thing. They choose to stand up for something they believe in and
MAKE THE CALL, while remaining anonymous. This results in safer schools and communities for everyone. Individual and group submissions welcomed. Please include the
Student Crime Stoppers and Follow us on Facebook logo in your poster. They can saved
by right clicking on the images on our Student page at
Email your pdf submissions to:
750 By DECEMBER 18, 2014
Please include school and student name