Presented and Sponsored by the Roy G. Post Foundation
Poster Session: a poster session is intended to be an effective and enjoyable method of
presenting scientific papers. In this informal atmosphere, speakers become discussion leaders.
Careful adherence to the guidelines below will contribute to the success of your presentation.
By now, you have already submitted an abstract and a 50-word summary of your poster
If you have forgotten your username and password to the WMS website, it can be
retrieved HERE
Student Posters will be presented on Monday, March 16, 2015, at the Phoenix
Convention Center. Every student presenting a poster in the competition will receive
complimentary registration and housing to the WM2015 Conference.
At this time, you should already be deciding upon a logical and attractive layout for your
presentation. One poster board (3’ 8 1/2” high x 7’ 7” wide and that is Velcro or push pin
compatible with a black poster board and black frame) will be provided by WMS for your
presentation. Your booth poster board will be identified by your abstract number as listed
in the final WM2015 conference program. Each booth space will include push pins and a
4’ x 18” draped table.
All artwork supporting copy, including data points and tabular material, should be easily
legible at a distance of 5’. If this seems unrealistic for a specific item you have in mind,
that information would probably be best conveyed in a handout. You may want to
provide samples or models as appropriate.
Do not merely display data; it is also important to visually convey the implications and
significance of the work on the poster.
The poster title / author / affiliation label, which you must provide, should be 2” high. Plan
to place this at the top of the poster board.
Creating your poster in a PowerPoint slide will probably be the most desirable as we
may use this slide for other items in the conference. More information on this to come
Don’t forget to email your YouTube video to [email protected]
Do not forget to bring along the “little extras” that may facilitate explanation and
discussion. A tablet of sketch paper and marking pens will probably be essential, a
pointer, handouts, models and experimental samples may be worthwhile. Good visuals
attract more people!
Product samples and “giveaways” are discouraged as being too commercial.
Your poster board must be completely set up at least five minutes before your session
begins at 1:30 PM. The posters will remain displayed until the exhibit hall closes on
Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 at 1:30 PM. Please be sure to remove all materials from
the poster board at this time.
Please remain at your poster location during the entire presentation time,
Monday 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM to field any questions and to be available to the
WMS photographer that will visit poster to take your photo.
During the presentation, discuss your topic conversationally rather than lecturing or
simply reading a summary. The discussion may begin with a question from an interested
attendee. You may initiate a discussion by pointing out the figure that depicts the
conclusions of your paper, and questions and answers can flow from that point. Most
importantly, RELAX and ENJOY!
Please review the following voting rules as a guideline for your poster presentation:
Is the poster legible and visually stimulating?
Presentation purpose stated?
Presentation conclusion stated?
Are the significance and benefits communicated?
Presenter understands and conveys poster content successfully?
Conference attendees will vote on the student poster competition along with the judges.
Voting forms will be available near the posters and must be completed by the attendee.
Forms that have been pre-filled with student poster presenter information will not be
The winner of the WM2015 Student Poster Presentation will be announced at the
Honors & Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. All student poster
presenters are encouraged to attend this luncheon and sit in reserved seating near the
stage. The winner of the Student Poster Competition will receive $500 cash at the
Good Luck!