¿Cómo el taller puede ayudarle a implementar el PSA en - Redlac

Proyecto de Capacitación de RedLAC para Fondos Ambientales
RedLAC Capacity Building Project for Environmental Funds
Taller #5 Oportunidades para Fondos Ambientales en Esquemas de Compensación y Offset
Workshop #5 Opportunities for Environmental Funds in Compensation and Offset Schemes
Nombre | Name Bob Tumba
Fondo | Fund Fondation Nationale pour les Aires Protégées du Congo
¿Cómo planea aplicar los conocimentos adquiridos en éste taller para diseñar y/o implementar mecanismos de
compensación o offset, de acuerdo con la realidad de su fondo y de su país? Por favor describa los pasos que piensa
seguir, a mediano plazo.
How do you intend to apply the knowledge acquired in this workshop to design and/or implement compensation or offset
mechanisms according to the reality of your fund and your country? Please describe the steps you are willing to take in the
medium term.
D.R. Congo is the Africa’s richest country , in terms of natural resources and potentialities, not only for
its biodiversity and the raining forest, but for its mining resources as well. The main productions from
Congolese mines are : copper and its associated metals (cobalt, uranium, zinc, lead); tin and its associated
metals too (wolfram or tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, quartz, topaz, fluorite); gold, diamond and crude oil.
The hydroelectric potential of the DR Congo is estimated up to 774 000 GWH, e.g.35% of the entire continent,
or 8% of the whole world potential. Actually, the country is recovering from 40 years of wars, rebellions and
mismanagement since the Independence Day in 1960. With the resumption of the cycle of political elections
since 2006 (the second term is just running this November 2011) a modern and reliable state will take place in
Congo and, consequently, in a medium term, a lot of projects will spring in all the economical sectors (mines,
agriculture, energy, etc.) , and help implementing the compensation and offset schemes in the field of Nature
Conservation policy.