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Rev. Daniel I. Kubala, Pastor
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Assisting Priests:
Rev. Msgr. Franklyn Casale, Fr. Julio Estada, Fr.
Robert Vallee, Fr. Jairo Tellez, Fr. Frank Permuy SJ
Pastor’s Assistant: Rosario Bergouignan
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Dir. of Religious Education: Barbara Woroniecki
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Music Director: Dora Cardona
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Parish Secretary: Lois Montanarello
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CONFESSIONS - 3:00PM Saturday and by appt.
BAPTISMS - To make arrangements for Baptism,
please call the Parish Office.
BAUTISMOS - En Español: Los sábados. Para más
información llamar a la oficina.
MARRIAGE - By appointment with the pastor. Please
make arrangements six months in advance.
If you have questions concerning the Catholic Faith,
call the Parish Office (954) 458-1590.
School. Two years of religious instruction required
for Sacramental Programs.
Pastoral Services and Ministries
Please notify the Parish Office when someone is
hospitalized or homebound and unable to attend
Mass, as the Priests and Eucharistic Ministers would
like to visit.
SACRAMENT OF THE SICK: First Friday of every
month during the 8:30am Mass or by calling the
Parish Office anytime.
Every Monday from 7:30 - 10:00am
SETON, First Native Born USA Saint
Every Tuesday at the end of the 8:30am daily Mass
Meets 9:30am every Tuesday in the Parish Hall
Meets 7:00pm every Thursday in the Parish Hall
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St. Matthew
542 Blue Heron Drive, Hallandale, FL 33009-5799
(954) 458-1590 *
Monday - Friday
Daily Rosary Monday - Friday 9:00am
Saturday Vigil
8:30, 10:00, 11:30am &
1:00pm, Spanish
Holy Day Vigil
7:00 PM
Holy Day
8:30 AM & 6:00pm English;
7:00pm Spanish
Page Two
From the Pastor’s Heart and Desk:
~~~~ Transfigurations are big business because we are very aware of
the face we present to the world.
And we will alter our face to our
advantage if we can. Sometimes
the change is not just in looks but in our
whole image - including our name. Larushka Shikne did not like the image he
thought his name projected, so he
changed his name to Laurence Harvey.
Issur Danielovitch Densky did the same
thing and became Kirk Douglas. In the
same way, Frances Gum transfigured herself and her image into Judy Garland.
Archibald Leach became Cary Grant.
Asron Schwalt became Red Buttons. And
would you have paid money to see Marion Morrison in the movies? Maybe, but
Marion didn’t take that chance, he became John Wayne. Remember that in Holy Scriptures many people got new
names to go with a new life and a new
image. Abram became Abraham. Sarai became Sarah. Jacob became Israel. Saul became Paul. Simon became Peter, “the
Rock.” Transfigurations are not the exception. They are the rule. We are all being altered in the appearance of our face,
our countenance. We are all changing. To
live is to be continually transfigured. So
who are we becoming?
~~~~ David A. Redding tells in one of his
books about Orville Kelly - a man who
was informed years ago that he was suffering from terminal cancer. He and his
wife went home to cry and to die. Should
they keep it a secret? They wondered
and they prayed. The answer, they decided, was that they should not only pray
but also play. They decided to put on a
big party. They invited all their friends.
During the festivities, Orville held up his
hand to make an announcement: “You
may have wondered why I called you all
together,” he said. “This is a cancer party. I have been told that I have terminal...
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Second Sunday in Lent
March 12, 2017
Del Escritorio y Corazón del Pastor:
~~~~ Las transfiguraciones son un
negocio grande porque estamos
concientes de la cara que presentamos al mundo y alteramos nuestras caras hacia nuestra ventaja si podemos. A veces el cambio no es solamente de como lucimos sino en nuestra
imagen total incluyendo nuestro nombre.
A Larushka Shikne no le gustaba la
imagen que ella pensaba que su nombre
proyectaba, entonces se cambió el nombre a Laurence Harvey. Issur Danielovitch Densky hizo lo mismo y se cambió
a Kirk Douglas. Del mismo modo,
Frances Gum transfiguró su imagen en
Judy Garland. Archibald Leach se cambió a Cary Grant. Aaron Schwart, se volvió Red Buttons. Y usted tendría que pagar dinero para ver a Marion Morrison
en el cine?. Tal vez, pero Marion no tomó
ese chance, se hizo John Wayne.
Recuerden que en las Escrituras Sagradas mucha gente alteró su nombre para
seguir con una nueva vida y una nueva
imagen. Abram se volvió Abraham.
Sarai, se volvió Sarah. Jacob se volvió
Israel. Saul se volvió Paul. Simón se volvió Peter "la roca" . Las transfiguraciones no son la excepción, son la regla.
Todos somos alterados en la apariencia
de nuestros rostros, nuestros aspetos, todos estamos cambiando. Vivir es estar
continuamente transfigurados. Entonces,
en quién nos convertimos ? .
~~~~ David A. Redding nos dice en uno
de sus libros acerca de Orville Kelly, un
hombre quien fue informado hace algunos años que estaba sufriendo de un
cancer terminal. El y su esposa fueron a
su casa a llorar y a morir. Debian ...
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Page Three
Saturday, March 11, 2017
4:00 PM †Delfia Sanchez Rojas by Alvaro &
†Leo J. Polek bt Tina Polek
†Raymond Marceau by Jack Renner
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Second Sunday of Lent
8:30AM†Harvey Weiss by Patricia Weiss
†Cecilia & Thomas Grimes by Patricia Weiss
†Nicola Argento by his children
10:00AM †Ingrid Lopez by her parents
†Ambrose LeBlanc & Irene Talbot by Colette
†Antonia Cappelluti by Joe & Nella Farinola
11:30AM †Teresa Marmolino by her husband Sal
†Salvatore & Tina Fava by Eleanor & Joseph
†Michael Giudice by Jim Giudice
1:00 PM †Oscar Ernesto Guerra by his wife &
†Itrea Lo Presti by Antonella Latino
People of St. Matthew
6:00PM †Katherine Wasylczuk by family &
†John Weitz by his wife Loretta
Monday, March 13, 2017
8:30 AM †Ricarda & Domingo Montenegro by
Zulaima Loynaz
For the special intentions of John Sammon
†John Monteleon by Abby & Ken Hutnick
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
8:30AM †Brian White by Dee Oakley
†Matthew Kelly by his friend Dee
†Poor Souls in Purgatory by John Sammon
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
8:30 AM †Poor Souls in Purgatory by John
†Marie Albert by Ken & Abby Hutnick
†Deceased members of the Manna family by
Mario Manna
†Leonor Araujo by Maria Araujo
7:00 PM (Spanish) For the people of St. Matthew
Thursday, March 16, 2017
8:30AM †Lorraine Marie Victory by Abby & Ken
†Deceased members of the Tani family by
Mario Manna
†Silvio Juan Silveira by his parents
Special intentions for continued employment
by John Sammon
Friday, March 17, 2017
8:30AM †Eileen Quigley by Robert Quigley
†Helen Barrett by Robert Quigley
†Francis Murphy by Tess Gwozd
In honor of Our Lady of the Roses & St. Joseph
by John Sammon
Saturday, March 18, 2017
For the six weeks of Lent
starting March 2, 2017 to
April 6, 2017. Classes will
be held on Thursdays at
10:00am and 7:00PM in Parish Hall.
If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Woroniecki,
D.R.E. at [email protected] or call
the Parish Office.
A new stained glass
window of St. Teresa
of Calcutta and St.
John Paul II will be
installed in the
Rectory Front Office.
It is available to memorialize a loved
one or a family.
Please stop by the
Rectory and Lois
will give you the details.
The offertory collection for
March 5, 2017 was
$16,159.31. God bless you
for your generous support.
Saturday, March 18, 2017 continued
9:00AM †Lolly by Marie & Joe Minnelli
†Jorge Lodena & Ana Luisa Morel by his
mother & her son
†Carmen Toro by her family
(L) Samuel Patrick McLaughlin by Pam &
Page Four
Second Sunday of Lent
March 12, 2017
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Our outing to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Miami will include a bus from St.
Matthew, a Mass said by Fr. Kubala, a Tour of the Cathedral, a Catered
Lunch at the Cathedral and all gratuities. Total cost is $25.00 per person.
Bus departs St. Matthew PROMPTLY at 10:15am. We return by 3:15pm.
Checks are to be made payable to ST. MATTHEW CATHOLIC CHURCH
RSVP ………………. RSVP …………………..RSVP
Name(s) of those attending
________________________________________________Phone #_______________
# of persons attending ________ Total Amt of Check or Cash $________
LUNCH SELECTION (Total number of each)
_____ Chicken with Bacon OR_____Pork Chop with Tomato Sauce
Rice Pilaf, salad, beverage & dessert included.
The bus seats 57 people. Be sure to get your RSVP with
Lunch Selections and check to Lois ASAP
_____ Handicap Seating Requested (Please check if applicable)
A net profit of $10,852.46 was made at this
year’s Parish Festival. THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the Festival such a
success. Thank you to Joan Ochoa, Chairperson, all the booth heads, terrific volunteers and
those who donated to this important
fundraising event for your St. Matthew Parish.
Additional Donations made
to the 2017 Parish Festival:
*Mireya Smalzer
*Frank Finley
*John & Dorothy Tomsic
*Mickey Irgang in memory of
Mary Irgang his mother
*Vincent Storino
*Amunategui Chiropractic Ctr
*Café Café at the Waterways
The holy season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1. Both Ash Wednesday
and Good Friday, April 14, are days of abstinence from meat for all who are 14
years and older. They are also days of fast (one full meal and two small meals) for
adults from 18 to 59 years of age. All Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence from
meat for those 14 years and older.
El tiempo santo de Cuaresma comienza el Miércoles de Ceniza, el 1 de marzo. Tanto el Miércoles
de Ceniza y el Viernes Santo, el 14 de abril, son días de abstinencia de carne para todos los mayores de 14 años. También son días de ayuno (una comida complete y dos comidas pequeñas, sin comer nada entre comidas) para los adultos de 18 a 59 años de edad. Todos los viernes de Cuaresma
son días de abstinencia de carne para los mayores de 14 años.
Page Five
Continued from page 2 … cancer. Then
my wife and I realized we are all terminal. We decided to start a new organization. It is called M.T.C. - ‘Make Today
Count.’ You are all charter members.”
Since that time that organization has
spread across the country. Orville’s
recognition of his mortality was a new
beginning. Such an attitude is not as rare
as you might think. Former Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin noted years ago
that some people meet tragedy and fall
apart at the seams. Others meet the same
adversities and see their troubles as a
challenge to their faith and courage. They
make their troubles work for them, and
the harder they fall, the higher they
Bingo at St. Matthew
Every Wednesday in
Parish Hall
Doors open at 10:00am
Games start at 11:00am
Fr. Quinn
wishes to
extend his sincere
thanks to everyone who
helped him celebrate the
50th Anniversary of his Ordination
at Mass on Sunday, February 26th.
Thank you to Fr. Kubala for his
invitation to have the Mass here at
St. Matthew and to Archbishop
Wenski for attending and giving
the Homily. Thank you to Eva
Hart, Joan Ochoa and their
wonderful volunteers for the
beautiful luncheon provided after
the 10:00 Mass. It was a lot of work
and was appreciated by Fr. Quinn
very much. God bless all of you.
2017 Archbishop’s
Charities & Development
Our Parish Goal for the
2017 ABCD is $80,731.00.
To date, $58,475.06 in
pledges have been
If you have not yet pledged, you may
do so by filling out the pledge
envelopes in the pews.
May God bless your generosity.
Viene de la Pagina 2 … mantenerlo como
un secreto? Se epreguntaron y oraron. La
respuesta, ellos decidieron, que no solo
debían orar sino gozar. Decidieron hacer
una gran fiesta. Invitaron a todos sus
amigos. durante la fiesta, Orville levantó
la mano para hacer un anuncio : "Ustedes
se preguntaran por qué los llamé a todos
juntos? les dijo. "Esta es una fiesta del
cáncer. Me han dicho que tengo cáncer
terminal. Entonves mi esposa y yo nos dimos cuenta que todos somos terminales.
Decidimos empezar una nueva organización. Se llama M.T.C. ( make today
count), Haga que hoy dia cuente. Todos
ustedes son miembros titulares". Desde
ese tiempo esa organización se ha difundido en todo el país. El reconocimiento de
la inmortalidad de Orville fue un nuevo
comienzo. Tal actitud no es tan rara como Ud. cree. Un Sociólogo de Harvard Pitirim Sorokin notó hace unos años que algunas personas encuentran una tragedia
y se desmoronan. Otros encuentran las
mismas adversidades y ven sus problemas como un reto a su fé y coraje.
Hacen que sus problemas trabajen para
ellos, y por más duro que caigan, más alto se levantan.