September 6, 2015 - St. Peters Catholic Church, Waldorf Maryland

A Catholic community
devoted to deep and
abiding friendship
with Jesus Christ
Established 1700
3320 St. Peter’s Drive
Waldorf Maryland 20601
Mission Statement
Saint Peter’s Church is a Catholic community devoted to deep and abiding
friendship with Jesus Christ. We strive to build upon the legacy of faith entrusted
to us by the Catholic pioneers who courageously established Saint Peter’s – an
ethnically and economically diverse community unified through the power of
the Holy Spirit in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Mindful of this legacy as well
as our need for ongoing conversion amidst new challenges, today, in our fourth
century, we seek friendship with Jesus through our commitments to:
• Understand and proclaim His saving truth revealed in the
Bible in union with the official teaching authority of the
Catholic Church.
• Worship joyfully His living presence in the sacraments,
especially the Eucharist.
• Recognize His face in those we are privileged to serve and
protect, particularly the poor and vulnerable.
• Welcome Him in each other through our fellowship and
unity amidst the rich diversity of our parish community.
• Encounter Him and the beauty of His creation by preserving
our parish as a peaceful and prayerful sanctuary.
• Hear His personal call to holiness and help families embrace it
in all vocations, especially to priesthood or consecrated life.
• Imitate His generous self-giving as a way of life that expresses
our gratitude to Him and our love for God and neighbor.
Mass Schedule/Misa
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil:
5:00 pm
8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, en Español 1:30 pm
7:00 pm
3:30 pm
Parish Office
Hours: M – F, 8:30 – 4:30
301-843-8916 Fax: 301-843-3163
St. Peter’s School 301-843-1955
Office for Christian Formation
Rev. Cezary Kozubek
Parochial Vicar
Msgr. J. Wilfrid Parent
Deacon Robert Martin
Tom Abell, Parish Facilities Manager
Alice Culbreth, Director of Christian Formation
Sr. Theresa Frere, IHM, Coordinator of Ministry
to the Sick and Homebound
Marianna Hamilton, Coordinator of Christian Formation
Alicia Moore, Parish Secretary
Msgr. Oliver McGready
Msgr. Andrew Cassin
Fran O’Neill, Parish Accountant
Pastor Emeritus
Cara Tiffin-Johnson, Music Director
J.R. West, Principal, St. Peter’s School
Parish Life & Service
Christian Formation
Adventures in Ministry with teens,
tweens, and “Young” Adults
Today is a challenging time to be a Christian. One
simply has to turn on the news, watch a few minutes
of reality television, or skim through social media to
realize that human culture has once again dismissed
our faith as dated, unnecessary, and irrelevant. We
are persecuted daily in obvious and subtle ways for
believing in the teachings of Christ.
Youth and young adults face challenges daily as they
walk the halls of their schools, colleges, and
businesses for believing in the teachings of the
Church. These challenges are having a startling
effect. Sherry Weddell cites several alarming
statistics in “Forming Intentional Disciples.” “Only
30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic
are still practicing (p. 24),” “10 percent of all adults
in America are ex-Catholics (p. 25),” “79 percent of
those who have dropped the name "Catholic" and
claim no religious affiliation of any kind have done
so by age 23 (p. 33).”
Our youth deserve to know precisely how the
teachings of the Church make sense of the moral
decline, ethical relativity, and narcissism they
experience each day. They deserve more than
programs that treat Jesus as some bearded fun uncle
that feeds them pizza. Programs that focus primarily
on a “feel good gospel” are simply not cutting it.
Our Catholic youth are hungry for answers, hungry
for authentic Christianity, and hungry for the real
Now more than ever the Church needs youth and
young adult ministries that help Catholic parents
create bold and empowered young disciples of Jesus
Christ who understand that the Gospel and the
Church are both relevant and necessary in the chaos
of the modern world. Here at St. Peters, we are
identifying ways to build and grow a vibrant,
comprehensive ministry for tweens, teens, & young
St. Peter's will be offering regular catechetical
sessions on Sundays beginning September 13th. The
elementary and middle school sessions will be at
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
11:30 AM and the High School sessions will be at
1:30 PM 2 times per month. In these catechetical
sessions there is an emphasis on learning the faith
through intentional catechesis. Our youth will use a
variety of methods to learn about various topics of
the faith. They will go deeper than they have ever
before with topics like the Creed, the Sacraments,
Sacred Tradition, and of course Sacred Scripture in a
way that will make them thirsty for more.
St. Peter's will also be offering a monthly event
which will happen the first Saturday of each month
where teens 13-18 are able to, without fear, open
themselves up to a real and intense encounter with
the Lord. There will be music, praise and worship,
adoration, intense talks, games, bonfires, and time to
hang out with friends. The launch party will be on
October 3rd beginning at 7:00 pm here in the
Our mission is to help families support the
discipleship journey of their youth and young adults.
Our prayer is that all will embrace their friendship
with Jesus Christ by being vessels of grace, truth,
and light that pour out faith, hope and charity to a
hurting world.
Sincerely in Christ,
Gavin Arvizo
Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
[email protected]
301-843-9583 x160
September 6, 2015
Sunday, September 6, Twenty-third Sunday
in Ordinary time
5:00 p.m.
Deceased members of the Hawkins,
Chapman and Brooks families
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Barbara Ives
10:00 a.m.
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
12:00 noon
Helen Miller
1:30 p.m.
Intentions of the celebrant
Monday, September 7
8:00 a.m.
Albert Goldsmith
Tuesday, September 8, The Nativity of the
Blessed Virgin Mary
8:00 a.m.
Ernest Middleton, Jr.
Wednesday, September 9, St. Peter Claver
8:00 a.m.
Lemon Moses
Thursday, September 10
8:00 a.m.
Special Intention
Friday, September 11
8:00 a.m.
Rose Gowen
Saturday, September 12, The Most Holy Name
of Mary
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Daniel and
Dorothy Rogers
5:00 p.m. Vigil
Della and Lloyd Janssen
Sunday, September 13, Twenty-fourth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
8:00 a.m.
Jeremy Williams
10:00 a.m.
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
12:00 noon
Intentions of Ben & May Oteyza
1:30 p.m.
Intentions of the celebrant
Nothing is actually known about the
circumstances of the birth of the Blessed
Virgin Mary. Joachim and Anne, as her
parents are traditionally known, are not
mentioned in the Bible. An ancient
tradition in the West identifies Nazareth
as her birthplace, but another favors
Jerusalem, even citing the neighborhood
of the pool of Bethsaida, where a crypt
under the church of St. Anne is
venerated as the actual location of
Mary’s birth. September 8 may have
been chosen for this particular Marian
feast because it is exactly nine months
after the feast of Mary’s Immaculate
Conception [December 8]. This feast is
on the General Roman Calendar and is
also celebrated by the Greek and
Russian Orthodox Churches and the
Church of England.
Excerpts from LIVES OF THE
SAINTS by Fr. Richard P. McBrien
The sanctuary light will burn this week in loving
memory of the DiGiovannantonio family.
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6, 2015
If someone you know is seriously ill and asks to be included in the prayers for the sick, please call
the parish office. Names will remain on the prayer list for four weeks. At that time if you wish to
have the name put back on the prayer list, please call the parish office.
Our Parish Prayer Requests
Please pray for God’s grace for those who are ill:
John David Yamnicky
Doris Ann Bradburn
Leo Bradburn
Susan Lunceford
Loula Phoebus
Winzola Swann
Cheryl Binch
G. Oliver
Marvin Steffensmeier
Lee Dupont
Belinda Windsor
Michael Negbenebor
John Thomas
Mark Sheehan
John Smith
Elaine Moses
Tiger Hebert
Frank Bowie
Debbie Ruley
Michele Mitchell
Jhonry Dela Cruz
Kayla Savoy
Isabel Velazquez
Barbara Lueders
Kate Clemont
Bob Greenwell
Alaina Hebert
Patty Martone
Tina Modlin
Mike Tierney
John Mayhew
Please also pray for:
●For PO2 (Navy) Nikolas Wirick deployed to Middle East
●For an increase in vocations, especially in our parish and
●For our parish priests
From the Catechism
C2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of
conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as
having the rights of a person -- among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being
to life. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I
consecrated you” (Jer 1:5; cf Job 10:8-12; Ps 22:10-11). “My frame was not hidden from
you, when I was being made in secret, intricately wrought in the depths of the earth” (Ps.
2271 Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has
not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a
means, is gravely contrary to the moral law: “You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the
newborn to perish” (Didache 2, 2).
Please note: Our weekday Mass on
Federal Holidays will return to 8:00 a.m.
beginning this Monday, September 7, Labor Day.
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6, 2015
Make-up ‘Parent’ Orientation- Growing In Faith Together
Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30p.m. is the ‘Make-up’ Parent
Orientation for our GIFT programs. This is for adults only, with
children in PreK-12 and it is a required step in completing their
You will hear what’s new for this upcoming “season” (returning families) and
how the faith formation process works here at St. Peter’s (new families). You
will have the opportunity to meet our catechetical team, learn about the
expectations for your child(ren)’s level, and pick up books. Our regular sessions
begin on September 13 at 11:30 a.m.
Passport to Discipleship/ Pasaporte a Discipulado
Here's an exciting opportunity for all parish youth entering the 7th
grade this academic year (and their parents)!
Aquí hay una gran oportunidad para todos los jóvenes de la parroquia de
entrar en el séptimo grado este año académico (y sus padres)!
You are invited and encouraged to attend one of our Passport to Discipleship
meetings being held in late September. Come learn about the amazing spiritual
journey of preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation beyond the classroom.
This first year provides for activities in service, worship and fellowship to
enhance the young person's movement from believer to disciple, with the
support of family, sponsors, catechists, youth leaders and the parish. Your
"passport" will guarantee your entry into the final year of preparation for the
sacrament, which will begin with the Rite of Enrollment in September 2016!
Se la invita y anima a asistir a una de nuestras Pasaporte a Discipulado reuniones se celebra
en a finales de septiembre. Venga y aprenda acerca de la increíble viaje espiritual de la
preparación para el sacramento de la confirmación más allá del aula. Este primer año
contempla actividades en el servicio, el culto y becas para mejorar el movimiento de la joven de
creyente a discípulo, con el apoyo de la familia, los patrocinadores, a los catequistas, líderes
juveniles y la parroquia. Su "pasaporte" garantizará su entrada en el último año de
preparación para el sacramento, que comenzará con la consagración de la La inscripción en
septiembre 2016!
This is not an elective part of Confirmation preparation, so plan to attend on
Sunday, September 27 at 11:30 a.m. or Wednesday, September 30 at 6:30 p.m.
Remember, this is for the youth and at least one parent/guardian. Please contact
the Office for Christian Formation for more information.
Esto no es una parte electiva de preparación para la Confirmación, así que planea asistir el
Domingo, 27 de septiembre a las 11:30 am o Miércoles, 30 de septiembre a las 6:30 pm
Recuerde, esto es para los jóvenes y, al menos, uno de los padres / tutores. Por favor, póngase
en contacto con la Oficina de Formación Cristiana para más información.
Discipleship Invitation
A Year toFamily
on the
A Perfect
The months leading up to this
More than anywhere else,
year’s World Meeting of
the family is where we daily
Families offer each of us an
our own limits
opportunity to come together
in faith to offocus
on and
recommit to the mission of
love givenintoliving
us through
baptism in Christ. Parishes
not exist.
We should
the country
encouraged to join in the
World Meeting of Families
but rather
learn how to deal adult
opportunities, The
them constructively.
where we keep
one the
our limits and sins, thus
offered the
a opportunity
school of
forgiveness. Forgiveness is
and life that is the family.
For ideas and ways you
join in theis excitement
expressed visit:
possible to restore and
rebuild the communication
which broke down. A child
who has learned in the
family to listen to others,
to speak respectfully, and to
express his or her view
without negating that of
others, will be a force for
dialogue and reconciliation
in society.
-Pope Francis
Message For the World
Communications Day,
January 23, 2015
© the WORD among us Press
Families are invited to participate in the St. Vincent de Paul’s 4th Annual Friends of the Poor®
Walk Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00AM hosted here at Saint Peter's. The event is open to all
levels of walkers and there will be refreshments, face painting, and door prizes after.
Participation in the walk is free, but walkers are encouraged to collect pledges or make a
donation. To register online, go to and follow the prompts.
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6, 2015
Designated Charity: St. Vincent de Paul Society
This week the Designated Charity is the St. Vincent de Paul Society. They will receive
at least 1% of the regular Sunday offering. You may use the envelopes available at the
entrances to Church. Please put your envelope in the regular collection basket. The
Designated Charity next week will be the Catherine Foundation.
Support Group at St. Peter's
St. Peter's is a local host site for Al-Anon meetings on Thursdays in
St. Peter’s School from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Please call the Office for
Christian Formation at 301-843-9583 if you have any questions.
Parish Directories
Thanks to everyone for their questions and support of the upcoming St Peter's Parish and
Ministry Directories. Just to let you know, the project is in the creative stages of postproduction. Stay tuned here for updates.
Court St. Peter 1618 Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Court St. Peter will hold its September meeting this Thursday, September 10, in Sank
Auditorium. Social time will begin at 7:00 p.m. and our business meeting will start at 7:30
p.m. Visitors are welcome! For more information, please call Trudi Hinze, CDA Regent,
Next weekend, the annual collection is for The Catholic University of America, the national
university of the Catholic Church in the United States, located in Washington, D.C. CUA provides
an academically rigorous education guided by Catholic intellectual tradition to nearly 7,000 students
every year. More than 4,000 students directly receive scholarship aid from this Collection, including
many from our diocese. Thank you for your generosity. Please put your envelope in the regular
collection basket.
The 8th Annual Saint Vincent de Paul 5K Friends of the
Poor ®Walk will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at
Saint Peter's Church in Waldorf, Maryland at 9 A.M. The
event is open to all levels of walkers and runners.
Participation in the walk is free, but walkers are
encouraged to collect pledges from sponsors. For more
to and click the
"walker" tab on the left hand side of the screen or contact Jennifer Tersero at [email protected] Help
families in need by supporting this event. You can make a difference by walking with us on October 3 rd.
All monies raised in the event go directly to support services to the poor in the Waldorf and White Plains
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6, 2015
Parish Socials Move Indoors!
The mornings are cooler, kids
are back in school, summer
vacations a memory. It’s time to
move the socials indoors again!
First social is September 27 in
the Sank Auditorium. Host
Ministry is Court St. Peter’s, CDA.
The 2015-2016 host schedule is being
prepared, so please check the list
below and advise Marian Jenkins at
[email protected] by Sept. 18
if you have a preference. More than
one ministry is needed for each social except December and January.
September 27
Ct. St. Peter 1618
January 31
St. Peter’s School
October 25
No social during Lent
November 22
March 6
Ministry to Sick, Homebound & Elderly
December 20
Christian Formation
April 24
Catholic Information Booth at the County Fair
September 17 –20
It’s time again for the Charles County Fair and your help is
needed at the Catholic Information Booth. Since Pope Francis
will be coming to Washington soon, we’re sure to attract plenty
of visitors! This year the booth will feature a different location, a new design and lots of new pamphlets
plus the usual balloons and life-size cutout of Pope Francis! The schedule is almost filled, but still needs
a few more volunteers. So find a friend or family member and please come help. Sign-up sheets are
available at the Spiritual Literature Corner in the church.
Contact Marian Jenkins at
[email protected] or 301-645-5084. Thanks very much!
of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) meeting on Saturday,
September 19, 2015 at the Church of the Resurrection in Burtonsville, MD.
Catholic women working in the area of domestic abuse will discuss what we can do
to make our parishes a source of safety and healing. Information can save lives. 9:00 AM Registration and Rosary,
9:30 AM Mass; Continental Breakfast and program following. Close at 12:00 PM. Please pre-register so that we
have enough coffee at [email protected], or Carmen Boston, 301-984-3934.
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6, 2015
A Word from Pope Francis
“Embrace the Joys and Sufferings of the World"
As a priest, Pope Francis fed the pigs and did the laundry while running the seminary. What his
example teaches us in our ministry of love and service.
Anthony Bosnick, keynote speaker
Please join us for a Communion Breakfast
Sunday, September 27, 2015
Feast of St. Vincent de Paul
Mass at 8:00 at St. Aloysius Church, Leonardtown
Breakfast immediately following Mass in the cafeteria of
Fr. Andrew White, S.J. School
Tickets $5 (Full Breakfast; Rest of Costs picked up by SVdP)
Contact Damien Wanner if interested or with questions
301-645-8405 [email protected]
Sponsored by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
District of Southern Maryland Council
Aventuras en el Ministerio con
Adolescentes, Preadolescentes y
Adultos “Jóvenes” Hoy
Hoy es un momento difícil ser Cristiano. Uno
simplemente tiene que encender las noticias, ver unos
minutos de televisión de la realidad, o leerlo a través de
las redes sociales para darse cuenta de que la cultura
humana ha rechazado una vez más nuestra fe como
anticuado, innecesario e irrelevante. Somos perseguidos
diariamente de maneras obvias y sutiles por creer en las
enseñanzas de Cristo.
Jóvenes y adultos jóvenes se enfrentan a retos diarios,
ya que caminar por los pasillos de sus escuelas, colegios,
y negocios por creer en las enseñanzas de la Iglesia.
Estos desafíos están teniendo un efecto sorprendente.
Sherry Weddell cita varias estadísticas alarmantes en
“Formando Intencional Discípulos”. “Sólo el 30 por
ciento de los estadounidenses que fueron criados
Católicos siguen practicando (p. 24),” “10 por ciento de
todos los adultos en Estados Unidos son ex-Católicos
(p. 25),” “79 por ciento de los que han abandonado el
nombre de “Católica” y reclamar ninguna afiliación
religiosa de ningún tipo lo han hecho por 23 años (p.
Nuestros jóvenes merecen saber con precisión cómo las
enseñanzas de la Iglesia tienen sentido de la decadencia
moral, la relatividad ética, y el narcisismo que
experimentan cada día. Ellos merecen más que los
programas que tratan a Jesús como algún tío barbudo
de la diversión que les da de comer pizza. Los
programas que se centran principalmente en un
“sentirse bien evangelio” son simplemente no están
teniendo éxito. Nuestra juventud Católica tienen
hambre de respuestas, con hambre de cristianismo
auténtico, y con hambre para el Jesús real.
Ahora más que nunca la Iglesia necesita jóvenes y
ministerios para adultos jóvenes que ayudan a los padres
Católicos crear discípulos jóvenes audaces y
empoderados de Jesucristo que entiendan que el
Evangelio y la Iglesia son pertinentes y necesarios en el
caos del mundo moderno. Aquí, en San Pedro, estamos
identificando maneras de construir y hacer crecer un
ministerio vibrante y comprensivo, para preadolescentes, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes!
San Pedro estará ofreciendo sesiones de catequesis
regulares los domingos comenzando 13 de septiembre.
Vigésimo-tercer Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Las sesiones de escuela primaria y escuela media serán
a las 11:30 AM y de las sesiones de la Escuela
Secundaria estarán en 1:30 PM 2 veces por mes. En
estas sesiones de catequesis hay un énfasis en el
aprendizaje de la fe mediante la catequesis intencional.
Nuestros jóvenes usará una variedad de métodos para
aprender sobre diversos temas de la fe. Van a ir más
profundo que tienen nunca con temas como el Credo,
los Sacramentos, la Sagrada Tradición, y por supuesto
la Sagrada Escritura de una manera que les haga
sediento de más.
San Pedro también estará ofreciendo un evento
mensual que tendrá lugar el primer sábado de cada mes,
donde los adolescentes de 13-18 son capaces de, sin
miedo, abrirse a un encuentro real e intenso con el
Señor. Habrá música, alabanza y adoración, intensas
conversaciones, juegos, fogatas, y el tiempo para pasar
el rato con los amigos. La fiesta de lanzamiento será el
03 de octubre a partir de las 19:00 aquí en la escuela.
Nuestra misión es ayudar a las familias a apoyar el viaje
de discipulado de su juventud y los adultos jóvenes.
Nuestra oración es que todos abrazarán su amistad con
Jesucristo por ser vasos de la gracia, la verdad y la luz
que vierten a cabo la fe, la esperanza y la caridad a un
mundo herido.
Sinceramente en Cristo,
Gavin Arvizo
Coordinador del Ministerio de la Juventud y Jóvenes
[email protected]
301-843-9583 x160
06 de septiembre 2015