Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Sylvester Catholic Church
Father John F. Kelly,
Father Alvaro Pio González,
Parochial Vicar
Charles Sukup,
Mass Schedule:
Mon., Wed., & Fri.
Tue., & Thu. 6:00pm
Sat. 4:00pm
Sun. 9:00am, 11:00am
& Spanish 5:00pm
Sacraments and Services
Welcome. . . . .
New Parishioners:
Please register at the Welcome
Table in the vestibule after Mass
or stop by the office.
Active Membership is determined by:
Registration in the parish
Faithful attendance at Sunday Mass and
on Holy Days
Support of the parish through time, talent
and treasure
Anointing of the Sick Call the parish office
• Must have Baptism Preparation Class
• English classes on Second Sunday of each mo.
English Baptisms are on 3rd Sun. of each mo.
Text or call Erica Meyer, 850-978-2624
Email – [email protected]
• Spanish classes 1st and 2nd Thu. of each mo.
Call Mayra Lucero, 850-797-0256
Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
First Fridays - 7:00pm
Marriage Arrangements
Six months in advance; please call the office
• English - Saturday 3:00 - 3:30pm
• Spanish & English - Sunday 4:30 - 5:00pm
• By appointment
Available during 9:00 am & 11:00 am Masses
Religious Education Classes
ROCK (1st-5th) Wednesday 6pm - 7:15pm
EDGE (6th-8th) Sunday 6pm - 8pm
LIFETEEN (9th-12th) Sunday 6pm - 8pm
Note: (Confirmation Class incorporated into
Lifeteen Classes)
Various dates and times check bulletin
RCIA (Children Grades 4 - 8) Wednesday 6pm - 7:15pm
RCIA (Teen Grades 9 - 12) Wednesday 6pm - 7:15pm
RCIA (Adult) Wednesday 6pm - 7:30pm
Children’s Liturgy of the Word (4-6 yrs. only)
Sundays during the 9:00 or 11:00am Mass.
No registration is required. The teacher will call the
children to the front of the sanctuary before Mass
begins, and they will return during the offertory.
St. Sylvester Parish Office
Phone: 850-939-3020
FAX: 850-936-5366
Email: [email protected]
Bulletin Items: [email protected]
Hours: Monday - Thursday
9:00am to 2:00pm
Sun. 8am-12pm Caring & Sharing Clothing Drive
Nov 15 9&11am Sunday Masses
Reconciliation (Spanish & English)
Spanish Mass
Mon. 8:30am
Nov 16 7:30pm
Daily Mass
Grupo Oracion
Tue. 3pm
Nov 17 4pm
Grupo de 3rd Edad
Pro-Life Group Leaders Meeting
Pro-Life Group
Grupo de 3rd Edad Thanksgiving
Daily Mass
Knights Council 1st Degree
Edge Core Meeting
Men’s Rosary Fellowship
Wed. 8:30am
Nov 18 7pm
Daily Mas
Choir Practice
Thu. 9:30am
Nov 19 6pm
Lil’ Saints Play Group
Daily Mass
Women of Grace
Choir Rehearsal
Nov 20
Daily Mass
Nov 21 10am
Columbiette 1st Degree & Set-up
St. Vincent de Paul
Columbiette 1st Degree
Reconciliation (English)
Vigil Mass
Sun. 9am
Nov 22
KofC Assembly Corporal
Sunday Masses
Patriotic Rosary
Reconciliation (Spanish & English)
Spanish Mass
This Week the Sanctuary
Lamp above the Tabernacle
burns in Loving Memory of:
Keith Elwood
Mass Intentions
For World Peace, For Christians
in the Middle East and the Sick:
Diana Adams, Fred & Kathy Albertson,
9:00am † Michael Burke
by Robert Kruk Zoe Allen, Roberta Anderson, Mary Ann Ballangee,
11:00am † Fred Garcia
by Ellen Stanley Selena Barthe´, Kathy Benson, Pat Birke,
Beverly Blackwell, Dennis Boyce, Frank Brehm,
5:00pm † For the Parish
Lanie Brewster, Randall & Margie Butler,
Monday, November 16
8:30am † Arlene Sauer
by Robert Sauer Stanley & Pam Butler, Mrs. Bill Carle, Bill Combs,
Mike Cox, George & Lorraine Crepeau,
Tuesday, November 17
Donald Crowley, Nancy Daniel, Bob Dasho,
6:00pm † Joseph J. Schitting
by the Pigoski Family
Louis Diaz, Robert Dubin, Barbara Donahue,
Wednesday, November 18
Ellie, Ron Fontaine, Elsa Garcia,
8:30am † Maria Eling Garcia
by Zeny Guthrie Luciano Giangiulio, Paul Hanson, Holly Hoskamer,
Thursday, November 19
Becky Howell, Jerry Hutchinson, Fay Johnson,
6:00pm † Briell Harrah
by the Harrah Family Tom Kurtz, Gloria Larreamendy, Sandy Laverty,
Friday, November 20
Al Martin, Debbie Martin, Jackie Neville,
8:30am † Kenyon Nessel
by Frank & Emily Brehm Fr. Phi Nguyen, Susan Odom, Sharon O’Neil,
Dan Ramsey, Ben Salls, Ramona L Simon,
Saturday, November 21
4:00pm † Donald Crowley
by Mom & Dad Shannon Smith, Cathy Spoffard, Jackie Stillman,
Diane Watkins and Eric Watts
Sunday, November 22
Sunday, November 15
9:00am † Raymond Moses
by the Neville Family
11:00am † Frances Hicks & Garryn Wildman
by Stephanie Mussi
5:00pm † For the Parish
Year B
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ready for the Lord
Daniel 12:1-3 (Daniel’s conclusion to the apocalypse)
Hebrews 10:11-14 (Christ’s eternal sacrifice)
Gospel: Mark 13:24-32 (the second coming
Key Passage: Jesus said, “Beware, keep alert; for
you do not know when the time will come.”
(Mark 13:33)
Adult - What would you be doing differently in your
life if you truly believed you would meet Christ soon?
Child - What would you do for others today if you
thought you would not have another chance to do it?
Loving God , raise him to
eternal life and hold him
in the palm of your hand.
Ramon Rangel
brother of Maggie Gatzman
Please notify the Parish Office if someone is in need of prayer.
Names will remain on the list for four weeks unless the office is notified.
Attention Prayer Warriors!!
In addition to our “Prayers for the Sick” listed
above, the Columbiette’s have an email Prayer
Chain. We all know the Power of Prayer! If you
are interested in joining this prayer chain please
email Ellen Stanley at [email protected]
You will be added to the email chain and will
receive prayer requests to pray for family &
friends during times of great challenges.
Readings for the week
Mon. Nov 16 1 Mc 1:10-15, 41-43, 5457, 62-63
Tue. Nov 17 2 Mc 6:18-31
Wed. Nov 18 2 Mc 7:1, 20-31
Thu. Nov 19 1 Mc 2:15-29
Fri. Nov 20 1 Mc 4:36-37, 52-59
Sat Nov 21 1 Mc 6:1-13
Lk 18:35-43
Lk 19:1-10
Lk 19:11-28
Lk 19:41-44
Lk 19:45-48
Lk 20:27-40
Sunday, November 22
Dn 12:1-3
Heb 10:11-14, 18
Mk 13:24-32
Save the Dates
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat in
Mobile, AL - December 4-6, 2015
The pain of abortion is real & not easily healed.
Rachel’s Vineyard offers hope, mercy, and
compassion by combining Scripture reflection,
Sacraments, and psychological principles to heal
wounded hearts of mothers and fathers who have
lost a child through abortion. If you or someone
close to you is suffering, please prayerfully
consider making this retreat. What better way to
open yourself to the grace of the Holy Father’s
Year of Mercy? For more information, call or text
Fr. Dan Good at (251) 610-1847 or
Bridget Hannahan at (251) 421-4313 or email
[email protected] We protect
& maintain confidentiality.
Come join us for an Advent Pilgrimage to the
Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and EWTN
Studio from November 30th - December 3rd.
If interested or for more information, contact
Julie Perez at St. Ann Catholic Church at
Comfort Kits for the Homeless
Please help support our Lifeteen ”Comfort Kits for
the Homeless” service project. During the month
of November, we will be collecting travel-size
toiletries, batteries (all types), adult-sized socks,
hats, mittens, and gloves. You may drop off items
in the designated containers in the vestibule of the
Parish Center or the Youth Office.
Thank You for Supporting our
Youth Programs!!
Women of Grace—THIS WEEK
“Women of Grace” meets on the 1st and 3rd
Thursdays of the month from 6:30pm - 8:00pm in
Room 205 in the Activity Center.
Each week a different topic is discussed, which
allows you to join in for one or all of the classes.
The next study group will take place on:
Thursday, November 19th
and the topic of discussion will be about:
“The Fruit of the Spiritual Life”.
Come join the “Women of Grace” to Learn, Share
and Pray! Free Childcare is also provided!
To join a mailing list to get information about the
meetings contact Ashley Whelan at:
[email protected]
A Clothing Drive will be held this weekend, which
is a combined effort of Interfaith Ministries and
Caring & Sharing to benefit the needy in South
Santa Rosa County. And Remember:
1 Bag of Clothing would be NICE
2 Bags would be even BETTER
And 3 Bags would be JUST SUPER!!!
(No under garments or swimwear, please )
Save the Dates
From the Desk of the Music Director:
Attention All Children
2nd Grade through Middle School!!
The Children’s Choir Rehearsals for the
Christmas Eve Vigil Mass will begin on
Monday November 23rd from 6:00-7:00pm.
All rehearsals will take place in the church.
The rehearsal Schedule is as follows:
Monday November 23rd
Monday November 30th
Sunday December 6th
Monday December 14th
Monday December 21st
The children will sing at the Vigil Mass on
Christmas Eve December 24th at 4:00pm
We understand that there may be circumstances
that arise that prevent children from attending all
rehearsals, but it is encouraged that they attend
as many as possible.
If you have any questions you can contact our
Music Director, Connie Smith at
[email protected]
Family Advent Day
A Time for Watching & Waiting
As the holiday season approaches, many of us
find ourselves caught up in pre-Christmas
activities that may leave us exhausted rather than
hopeful. Join other members of the parish as we
reclaim the wonder and purpose of Advent and
look at ways to keep the season filled with joyful
Family Advent Day will be in the afternoon of
Saturday, December 5th 1:30pm - 3pm
See details and registration form on the back
page of this weeks bulletin. Detach and return
to the church office or place in offertory
Christmas Giving Trees
“Giving Trees” will be in the Parish Center the
weekend of November 28th and 29th. Angels and
Stars will be on the trees and the gifts will be due
back preferably on December 5th & 6th but no
later than the weekend of December 12th & 13th.
1) Make sure you sign the Signup Sheet
Fill out the family number and the child’s
name/gender found on your Angel or Star
tag. Include your phone number.
2) If your child is 13 or older and still in school,
he/she will receive a $35 gift certificate purchased by Caring & Sharing instead of gifts.
Write a check payable to Caring & Sharing.
If available, amounts in access of $35 will be
used for the general fund that provides
socks, shoes and underwear certificates to
the families. (We cannot accept gift
certificates from other sources)
Please provide gift wrap with your gifts so
that the parents of the children can
participate in wrapping the gifts for their
children. Don’t feel obligated to spend more
than $35 per gift; however, any additional
generosity is appreciated by all.
4) Place your gift in a bag and firmly tape your
Giving Tree tag on the outside of the bag.
Return Gifts and/or checks to the church on
the weekend of December 5th & 6th.
A child will be happier this Christmas because of
your generosity!!!
Breakfast with Santa
Save the Date for Breakfast with Santa on Saturday
December 5th from 9:00am-11:00am.
Breakfast will be served at 9:00am followed by
time for the children to meet with Santa.
Watch for More Details!!
Volunteers Needed for Son Treasure!
Do you have a calling to assist or mentor a special
child? It will be a rewarding experience in your life
and in the lives of our children who need a helping
hand learning about our faith. We are seeking
volunteers to assist with our ministry on Sundays
during the 9am Mass.
For details or more information, contact
Holly Hoskamer at 936-5722 or 313-1996.
Students from our parish have achieved academic honors in the first quarter grading period at
Catholic High School.
The criteria for First Honors, which is the
highest honor, requires a minimum unweighted
GPA of 3.70. Those who have attained Second
Honors have attained an unweighted GPA between 3.49 and 3.69
First Honors
Jacob Paul Cutts - Grade 10
Kathryn Rose Harman - Grade 9
Nelson Phillip Libbert - Grade 9
John Dennis McDonald - Grace 10
Second Honors
Annie Elizabeth Brown - Grade 12
Angie Estefanny Gonzalez - Grade 10
Harry Mac Metz - Grade 12
Matthew Tristan Reynolds - Grade 11
Michael Brian Trabold - Grade 11
Congratulation to these students and their
families for the strong support they have
given these talented young people!!
2015 Catholic Sharing Appeal Report
Total Pledged $146,291
Total Number of Pledges 395
Total Pledges Paid $126,564
Capital Campaign
Total Pledged: $1,352,323
Total Number of Pledges: 434
Total Pledges Paid: $483,825
Pregnancy Resource Center
Baby Bottle Fundraiser!!
Please return your filled Baby bottles from the
October Fund Raiser for the Pregnancy Resource
Center. There will be a collection point in the
Breezeway after each Mass next weekend.
Thank you for your generosity &
participation in this fund raiser!!
The Navarre Pregnancy Help Center is now named:
This resource center operates as a stand-alone
pregnancy center in Navarre. The address is the
Harvest Village
7552 Navarre Parkway Suite 6
Navarre, Florida 32566
New email address: [email protected]
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
We have changed the time of our
Tuesday meetings to 6:30 pm (1st Tuesday each
month) and continue to meet on the 3rd Saturdays
at 10am. We are working on two community
outreach activities serving those in need – watch
the bulletin for more details as they come about.
We also wish to thank two anonymous donors for
their support.
The Conference has begun serving individual
families in the community. During the month
of October, through your gifts, the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul was able to bring God’s
love and mercy to 2 families, providing help
with utility payments, home repair and an
If you or someone you know is in need, please
call 850-516-8927.
Attention Young Adults
From the Desk of Sister Margaret Kuntz:
Faith Sharing on the Sunday Gospels & Pot
Luck - Tuesday November 24th 6:00pm at
Chris Fernandez House.
Email [email protected] for the address.
This will take place every other Tuesday
Faith Sharing - Tuesday, November 24th at
6:30pm at St. Paul Parish Offices. This group
meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.
Theology on Tap - Thursday, November 19th
at 7:00pm at Goat Lips Deli with
Father Chris LeBlanc as speaker.
Finding Your Mission, an afternoon for
Girls 13-18 on Sunday, November 22nd from
2-3:30pm at the Pastoral Center. Searching for our
own road to God requires prayer and discernment.
Come, take time to look at your life and where God
might be calling you.
For more information contact:
Sister Margaret Kuntz @ 850-435-3523 or
[email protected]
Attention All Knights of Columbus and
Corporal Communion & the Patriotic Rosary have
been moved to November 22nd. Corporal
Communion at the 9am Mass with the Rosary
immediately following.
Knights of Columbus
2015 Calendar Drawings
#368 - David Weniger
November 8th - 2nd Sunday of Month Drawing - $50
Interfaith Ministries
November Needs!
Interfaith Ministries are very thankful for your
constant support. They want you to know that
you are making a tremendous difference in
providing food for those in need in our
Below is a list of the Pantry needs for the month
of November.
Pancake Mix & Syrup
Diaper 2 & 5
Chili Mix Packets
Beef Stew Packets
Boxed Potato
Dressing or Stuffing Mix
Gravy Mix Packets
Gravy Jar
Canned Gravy
Canned Fruit
Canned Yams
Dried Milk
Interfaith is also in need of volunteers at their
Thrift Shop. Volunteers are needed in the
following areas:
Clothing Department
Hosewares Department
Floor Monitors
If interested in volunteering, stop by the Thrift
shop at 4339 Gulf Breeze Parkway, to see where
you might fit into this awesome organization.
Each week we highlight one of our bulletin sponsors.
Because of these ads we are able to get our bulletins
FREE. Please support
these businesses. Our
“sponsor of the week”
Support our sponsors!
Please make a note that due to the
Thanksgiving Holiday, there will be no choir
rehearsal on Wednesday November 25th.
Please email ALL bulletin ads, announcements,
requests, names for prayer list, notes, etc. to the
bulletin editor at [email protected]
Un Regalo para ti
Sacramentos y Servicios
Unción de los enfermos: Llamar a las oficinas de la parroquia
Clases para la Preparación del Bautismo: 1o y 2o jueves de
cada mes a las 7:00 pm. Registrarse primero con Mayra Lucero
850-797-0256 de lunes a jueves de 9:00 am a 2:00 pm.
Matrimonio: Con seis meses de anticipación. Favor llamar a
las oficinas de la parroquia para una cita
Reconciliación o Confesión: Domingos de 4:30 pm a 5:00pm
Para cualquier información puede comunicarse
con Consuelo Floyd 850-499-9811
Clases Educación Religiosa (en inglés)
ROCK (1-5 grado) Miércoles 6 pm-7:15 pm
EDGE (6-8 grado) Domingo 6 pm-8 pm
LIFETEEN (9-12 grado) Domingo 6 pm-8 pm
RCIA (Grades 4-8) Miércoles 6 pm-7:15 pm
(Grades 9-12) Miércoles 6pm - 7:15pm
2o Martes de cada mes Salón de conferencias # 2 a las 7:30 pm
Grupo de Tercera Edad : 3er martes de c/mes 3:00 pm
Activity Center Salón 204
Pastoral de parejas: último viernes de cada mes 7:30 pm
Activity Center Salón Conferencias # 2
Grupo de Oración: Lunes 7:30 pm Activity Center Salón 204
Reunión de Consejo Pastoral del Ministerio
Hispano: Padre Alvaro invita a todos los líderes el
19 de diciembre
St Joseph the Worker Parish
1664 Main Street, Chipley, FL
Favor confirmar asistencia con
Consuelo Floyd
Les recordamos devolver los biberones o
botellas con sus donaciones que se
distribuyeron para recolectar fondos para el
Centro de Recursos para el Embarazo.
¡Gracias por su generosidad y participacion!
El Jubileo de la Misericordia dará inicio el
próximo 8 de diciembre, Solemnidad de la
Inmaculada Concepción,
hasta el 20 de noviembre de 2016,
Solemnidad de Cristo Rey del Universo
FORMED es una plataforma digital Católica con una gran
variedad de programas para la formación de fe Católica que
incluye videos, audio y libros digitales del Instituto
Agustino, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Lighthouse Catholic
Media, Ignatius Press, St. Paul Center, and Word on Fire.
Abra su propia cuenta y utilice, Parishioners,
y utilice el código : FM6ZJV
Arbolitos de Navidad: Como todos los años
tendremos los Angeles y las Estrellas en el
arbolito para hacer feliz a una niña/o esta
Navidad el fin de semana de 28 y 29 de
noviembre y deben devolverlos el 5 y el 6 de
diciembre. Favor tomar en cuenta lo siguiente:
1. Firmar la hoja de inscripción con su nombre, su
teléfono y el nombre del menor que está en el
Angel o la Estrella.
2. Si el niño/ña es mayor de 13 años, recibirá una
tarjeta regalo que la organización Sharing &
Caring ha comprado con anticipación. Puede
girar su cheque a nombre de Caring & Sharing
por $35 el cual se utilizará para el fondo que
compra medias, zapatos o ropa interior (no
aceptamos tarjetas regalo.
3. Favor no empacar los regalos. Debe traer el
papel de regalo para que los padres de las
niñas/os disfruten empacándolos.
4. Favor colocar su regalo en una bolsa y pégue
completamente la etiqueta del árbol con cinta
pegante en la parte de afuera de la bolsa.
Favor devolver el regalo y/o los cheques la
semana del 5 y 6.
Tiempo de reflexión en familia
(en inglés)
Un tiempo para observar y esperar
Para reunirnos con la comunidad y volvemos a
maravillar del propósito de Adviento y buscar
formas de llenarnos de gozo para la Navidad
Día de Adviento con la Familia el Sábado,
Diciembre 5 de 1:30pm - 3pm
Ver detalles en la hoja de inscripción al reverse
del boletín y devolverlo en la oficina o en el
canasta de la colecta.
A time of watching and waiting
Who: All people of the parish
What: A fun dynamic workshop designed to teach and explore practical
ways to help individuals of all ages, families, and the St. Sylvester
Community. We will come together to share faith and learn how to
make the most of Advent through prayer, reflection and acts of caring for others
Where: At the Parish Center
When: Saturday, December 5th 1:30 - 3:30pm
Please RSVP by Monday, Nov30th to ensure we have
sufficient supplies for the activities .
Please detach and return to the office or place in the offertory basket
FAMILY NAME: ______________________
Gat Name
Please Provide Names & Ages of all family members.