Parish Newsletter - 11th January 2015

St. Thomas’, Tean
St. Giles’, Cheadle
St. Wilfrid’s, Cotton
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FEAST of the BAPTISM of the LORD - Year B; Psalter: Week 1 (Ordinary Time)
‘With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.’
The Sick
Ruth Addison, Barbara Ashton, Winifred Birch,
John Bowler, Blanche Briscoe,
Patricia Buckley, Alban Burton,
Andrea & John Butler, Edna Carr, Violet Chell,
Margaret Clowes, Josie Coates,
Reverend Ray & Anne Cummins,
Janet Daniels, Elsie Done, Joe Doyle,
George Hebda, Jane Feeney, Isabel Finney,
Michelle Forrester, Clare Green,
Joyce Harrison, Roy Harrison, Jill Jervis,
Fr Peter Jones, Alan Johnson,
Carmel Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary Jose,
Chris Keates, Trevor Kellett, Sandra Kellett,
Arthur Moult, Sheila Murray,
Barbara-Ann Nash, Andrew Norton,
Eleanor Oldroyd, John O'Leary,
Michael Phillips, Marion Pilling, Cara Plant,
Irene Poole, David Routledge,
Fr Vincent Royals, The Sargeant Family,
Dorothy Swift, Canon P Taylor, Beryl Trowel,
Jim & Ethel Wardrop, Pauline Watkins,
Betty Whieldon, Sheila Wilson.
Rest in Peace
Joe Cooke, Edward Ellkes, Harry Boucher, Mary
Johnson, all who have died recently,
those with anniversaries falling at this time,
When Jesus comes to be baptised,
He leaves the hidden years behind,
The years of safety and of peace,
To bear the sins of all mankind.
The Spirit of the Lord comes down,
Anoints the Christ to suffering,
To preach the word, to free the bound,
And to the mourner comfort bring.
He will not quench the dying flame
And what is bruised he will not break,
But heal the wound injustice dealt
And out of death his triumph make.
Our everlasting Father, praise,
With Christ, his well-beloved Son,
Who with the Spirit reigns serene’,
Untroubled Trinity in One.
(from The Divine Office)
Saturday 10 January: Christmas Feria
10.00 am Cheadle: Mass/ Private Intention (followed by Exposition
of the Blessed Sacrament until 11am)
10.30 am Cheadle: Sacrament of Penance
4.30 pm Cheadle: Confessions
5.00 pm Cheadle: Betty Matthews
Sunday 11 January:
10.30 am Cheadle: People of the Parishes
5.30 pm Tean: Priest’s Intention
Monday 12 January: Feria in Ordinary Time (see below)
9.15 am Cheadle: Peter Chandler R.I.P.
9.15 am Tean: Special Intention
2.00 pm Cheadle: Eucharistic Adoration
Tuesday 13 January: Feria (St Hilary, Bishop and Doctor)
10.00 am Cheadle: Eucharistic Service
Wednesday 14 January: Feria
9.15 am Tean: Special Intention
9.15 am Cheadle: Martin Scheuber
Thursday 15 January: Feria
9.15 am Cheadle: Nora Stephens.
1.30 pm Cheadle: Funeral: Harry Boucher,
Friday 16 January: Feria
11.00 am Tean: Funeral Mass: Joe Cooke
` 6.30 pm Tean: Special Intention
Saturday 17 January:
10.00 am Cheadle: Mass (followed by Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament till 11.00) In thanksgiving
10.30 am Cheadle: Sacrament of Penance
4.30 pm Cheadle: Confessions
5.00 pm Cheadle: Cartlidge family
Thought for the week:
Today we celebrate the baptism of the
Lord. Baptism is the first sacrament, the
gateway to all other sacraments. We are
baptised for the forgiveness of sins, to
restore us to the right relationship with
the Father and to incorporate us into the
family of believers. We understand our
need for baptism. We know that the
disobedience of the human race,
portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve,
removed us from the relationship of love
for which we were created. Our fallen
human nature inclines us to sin, and
baptism not only restores our souls to the
state God intended but gives us the grace
and gift of the Holy Spirit to help us to live
the way God intended. This gift will be
further strengthened at Confirmation
which used to be conferred immediately
after Baptism in the early Church. Since
Baptism is celebrated for the forgiveness
of sin and Jesus was sinless, why did he
need to be baptised by John? The reason
is explained in Matthew’s gospel - it is to
“do all that righteousness demands.”
Jesus did not need baptism but he showed
us that it is necessary for our redemption
and the Father reinforced its necessity as
the Holy Spirit descends on Christ as he
announces that this man – Jesus – is the
Beloved Son, confirming his identity as the
Christ, just as he confirms our identity as
his children in our baptism.
Sunday 18 January: Day of Prayer for World Peace.
10.30 am Cheadle: People of the Parishes
5.30 pm Tean: Priest's Intention
SECOND COLLECTION: Pax Christi (for Peace)
ORDINARY TIME begins on Monday. On Weekdays, until Lent,
the Lectionary follows the Year 1 scheme.
The Sunday Lectionary follows Year B (Mark)
Universal: Peace - That those from diverse religious traditions and
all people of good will may work together for peace.
Evangelization: Consecrated life - That in this year dedicated to
consecrated life, religious men and women may rediscover the joy
of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.
1st Reading: Isaiah 55:1-11
(Psalm): Isaiah 12:2-6
2nd Reading: 1 John 5:1-9
Gospel: Mark 1:7-11
At our monthly parish meeting this
week we discussed the Christmas
arrangements and how we could
ensure that next Christmas we
were able to prepare for services
and events catering for such a
large congregation on Christmas
One factor to consider was the
point that the 4pm Mass at St
Thomas' was the first of Christmas
and we had so many attending
from neighbouring parishes. We
did try to ensure everyone had a
seat but when 230 turn up in a
building with regular seating for
105, even with extra chairs we
were going to struggle. We did our
best and managed the movement
around the church as tactfully as
we could, but it was difficult. If
anyone has any suggestions for
ways to improve things for next
year please do let us know.
We dismantled our High Street crib
this week and asked around for
somewhere to store the "stable"
and figures. We asked all the local
shops and businesses if the
entourage could stay in their place
but the answer was the same at
every stop " Sorry, we have no
room" Sound familiar? Eventually,
Lynn and Eddie Plant came to the
rescue. The stable is now stored in
their barn at Teanford and the
figures have found a spot in the
loft at St Thomas' school. Thanks
indeed to Plants.
Sign writers? Know anyone? Do
let us know please as we have to
erect some signage on our
entrance wall.
POPE FRANCIS: In his Angelus address on Sunday, he spoke as follows on PEACE: Certainly, peace is not
only the absence of war, but a general condition in which the human person is in harmony with himself, with nature,
and with others. First of all, to silence arms and to extinguish the outbreaks of war remain the unavoidable conditions
to begin a journey that leads to the achievement of peace in its different aspects. I think of conflicts still shedding
blood in too many regions of the planet, of tensions in families and in communities, as well as the sharp conflicts
in our cities and towns between groups of different culture, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We must convince
ourselves, despite any appearances to the contrary, that concord is always possible, at every level and in every
situation. There is no future without proposals and projects for peace! Let us invoke Mary, the Queen of Peace.
She, during her earthly life, knew no small difficulties, joined to the daily fatigue of existence. But she never lost
peace of heart, the fruit of trustful abandonment to the mercy of God. Let us ask Mary, our tender Mother, to show
to the whole world the sure path of love and of peace.
NEW CARDINALS: On Sunday, the Pope announced twenty new cardinals. Fifteen of these come from all over the
world and will be electors of his successor. One of them, Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez, is Archbishop of Valladolid
and President of the Spanish Conference of Bishops. He is well known to Fr Tony, and I have met him - a nice man.
Others come from New Zealand, Thailand, Burma, Cape Verde, a real international grouping, and good to see.
Five are very old men, whom Pope Francis wants to remember for their sterling service over the years.
PAPAL TRAVELS: Francis is away from Rome from 12-19 January, Monday to Monday, visiting Sri Lanka and the
Philippines - poles apart geographically. Where does he get him energy from? Keep him in your prayers.
CHEADLE & DISTRICT FOODBANK: Thank you for your continued generosity. To get involved please see Glenn or Chris.
TABLE TOP SALE: Table Top Sale to take place at the Guild Hall Cheadle, on the last Saturday of each month from 9am-1pm, the
doors will be open at 8.30am to put stalls up. First sale Sat 31st Jan 2015. Proceeds to Church Lighting Fund. Wanted: volunteers
to serve refreshments for around 3 hours on the day. If we have enough volunteers we could have a rota which will mean perhaps
one Saturday morning every 3 to 4 months. Please contact Mike O'Callaghan for more details.
BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES: These days we issue them at the time of Baptism, not so in earlier years. Needed when applying to
Painsley Catholic College. We can gladly oblige, provided that you apply in writing, include a s.a.e., and do not leave it to the last
minute! THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS. DO NOT apply by phone.
ST GILES FAIRTRADE STALL: Please note there will be no Fairtrade Stall during January 2015.
PLANNED GIVING ENVELOPES: The white envelopes for non-tax payers at St Giles are available to collect from the back of
church. If you are a tax payer and would like a supply of Gift Aid envelopes, then please contact Peter Lucas on 07971 643648.
Diocese? Come along to an open evening for 30 minutes between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 26th January 2915, to Alton
Castle, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 4TT. For further information, contact Fr Michael and his staff at the Castle. This is an
initiative of the Kenelm Trust, responsible for the Diocesan Youth Service. You can also contact Maria Bracken on 07980 253565 /
[email protected] There are some cards, postcard size, at the back of Church, giving details of interesting job vacancies.
WEEK of PRAYER for CHRISTIAN UNITY: 18th-25th January. This is the traditional week for this prayer, and I shall hopefully
have available some prayer sheets, available next Sunday. We shall be holding joint services around the time of Pentecost.
PRAYER POSTERS: In Church, you will find them. One gives the names of priests to be prayed for every day. The Second gives
the dates of PRAYER & EXPOSITION throughout the diocese for 2015. Ours is due on 25th September.
CONGRATULATIONS: to our December lottery, winner Mrs J Collett from Tean, who won £90!!
LITTLE DRESSES FOR AFRICA: Thank you to the lovely people who have volunteered to make pillowcase dresses! However,
we need more volunteers, and the following items: pillowcases, sewing materials such as double bias tape, 1/2 inch elastic, thread,
ribbon and material. For more information please contact Nicole Watson (756510).
For those enquiring about the Catholic Faith. For parishioners to sponsor the enquirers on their journey.
For parishioners to invite those interested. Please contact Fr Sandy for more details.
Next meeting will be on
Monday 2nd Feb at 7.30pm
in the Presbytery (Parish Room).
It is very important to prepare for the
Sacrament so please attend.
I am eternally grateful to the good
parishioners who give their time.
Please see Fr Sandy for more details
 16 Jan: Property Advisory Comm’ 9.15am. Presbytery.
 19 Jan: Guild Hall Comm’ mtg 9.30am/ followed by
Finance Comm’ mtg 11am
 2 Feb: Baptismal preparation 7.30pm. Parish Room.
 5 March: Confirmation at St Giles. 7.00pm
Church Terrace: Friday at 3.30pm
13th Feb, 13th Mar
Daisy Bank: Wednesday at 2.00pm
14th Jan, 11th Feb, 11 Mar
Sat 10 Jan: J Blackburn
Sat 17 Jan: V Blaxhall
Sun 11 Jan: G Shaw
Sun 18 Jan: J Varghese
S.V.P: If you know of anyone in need of help, or who
would like a visit, please contact the Parish Office on
01538 753130.
REMINDER: You are ALWAYS welcome to call Jane Jones,
safeguarding Officer, at any time. Tel: 07976 516629
Churches Together Prayer Services
in Residential Homes:
Beech Lodge: Thursday at 2.30pm
15th Jan, 12th Feb, 19th Mar
READERS: If you are unable to attend please find a substitute.
Parish Finances:
St Giles: £211.04 + Gift Aid £190.88 = £401.92
St Thomas’: £72.31 + Gift Aid £163.00 = £253.31
And finally… remember
God wants full custody,
not just weekend visits...