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FEBRUARY 1, 2015
STEWARDSHIP … Your Gift to God
Feb. 1
The 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time
9:00 a.m.
+Daria Kaminski
11:00 a.m.
+Fran & John Fazio
Feb. 2
The Presentation of the Lord
8:30 a.m.
Liturgy of the Word
Feb. 3
8:30 a.m.
Liturgy of the Word
Weekly Total 2015
YTD Total 2015
Same Week 2014
Same Week 2014
If you are giving electronically, and do not wish to receive
envelopes, please call the rectory, 440-888-8220, and we
will stop sending them. Thank you.
If you would like a contribution statement for 2014,
please call the parish office at 440-888-8220.
Feb. 4
8:30 a.m.
Liturgy of the Word
Feb. 5
St. Agatha
8:30 a.m.
Liturgy of the Word
Feb. 6
8:30 a.m.
Collection totals for Jan 25, 2015
St. Paul Miki and Companions
Liturgy of the Word
Feb. 7
Vigil of the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time
4:00 p.m.
+Anthony Gute
Feb. 8
The 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time
9:00 a.m.
St. Matthias Parish Family
11:00 a.m.
+Pat Sciara
In today’s gospel, Jesus establishes his authority by his
wise teaching and healing among the people. Parents,
you have authority from God to teach and care for your
children. Do you exercise this authority in the spirit of
Jesus? Are you under His authority, seeking His wisdom when making decisions and exercising your
If you earn less than $65,000 or $95,000 for a
joint filing and are not self employed, you can file
your taxes free through the Ohio Benefit Bank.
For assistance call Elaine Fechko at 440-888-8220
ext 12, for an appointment.
Mon. Feb. 2
Raising Faith Filled Kids 6-7:15PM
PSR 6-7:15PM
First Reading: Jb 7:1-4, 6-7
Second Reading:1 Cor 9:16-19, 22-23
Gospel Reading: Mk 1:29-39 (74)
Please pray for The Sick In Our Parish
Holly Conzelman
Sue Dantin
Sarah Stoker
Pete Maisano
Jean Kula
Robert Williams
Jack McNulty
Sue Foley
Joseph Governale
Lutgarda Tolentino
Elsie Killian
Catherine Peskura
Bonnie Ciulla
Sam Fogliano
Teresa Szeluga
Roger Magyar
Virginia Kovach
Stanley Olszak
Nancy Carcioppolo
Tues. Feb. 3
Women’s Bible Study 9:00AM
Wed. Feb. 4
Men's Bible Study 9:00AM
Newsletter Meeting 4:00PM
Thur. Feb. 5
Music Ministry Rehearsal 7:00PM
Sun. Feb 8
Youth Renewal Meeting 6-8PM—Upper Room
February 1
St. Brigid of Kildare
(c. 452-c. 524)The known facts about St. Brigid of Kildare are
few, but she is revered as one of Ireland's three patron saints
(along with Patrick and Columba).
What we do know is that she was a fifth-century nun who
founded the Abbey of Kildare, southwest of Dublin. Both
monks and nuns lived there, and many accounts record that Brigid served as superior of both the men and women. In any event,
the Abbey of Kildare contributed significantly to the spread of
Christianity throughout Ireland at a time when traditional Irish
religion was disappearing.
Many miracles have been attributed to Brigid. What is more
certain is that she was an extraordinary woman who was known
especially for her generosity to the poor. Because of the prominence the Abbey of Kildare gained under Brigid's leadership,
she is considered the special patron of scholars. Her feast day is
observed on February 1.
Patron Saint of:
Cross of Petitions
There will be a cross erected in
the chapel this Lent. You are
welcome to pin your prayer request to the cross so the whole
community of St. Matthias can
intercede for you and support
you. You are also invited to
pray for all those petitions that
have been posted.
The Little Black Book is the a favorite
daily devotional for the Lenten season. A
good Lenten resolution would be to spend
6 minutes a day in prayer with the Little
Black Book. It is available in the Gathering Area for a free will offering.
Dairy workers
Palms to Ashes Prayer Service
You are invited to bring last year’s palms
to a brief prayer service on
Sunday February 15
following the 11:00 am mass.
The burned palms will be used during our Ash
Wednesday Services on
Wednesday February 18.
If you cannot attend the service please leave
your palms in the basket in the gathering area.
All those in high school mark your calendars
now beginning Friday evening, March 13, 2015
through Sunday, March 15, 2015 after the
11:00AM Mass. That is the weekend of our
Youth Renewal. Plan to attend, more information will be in upcoming bulletins, or if you have
questions you can call Randy Kula at 216-4092639
What’s Your Catholic I.Q. ?
Last Week’s Answer
The first time a person receives the real presence of Christ-body
and blood, soul, and divinity-in the Eucharist at Mass is at their
first holy Communion.
This Week’s Question
In the Catholic Church, the successors to the apostles are the
A) altar servers; B) saints; C) bishops; D) fishermen
Sunday, February 1st Youth Renewal Meeting 12-2:00PM
Sunday, February 8th Youth Renewal Meeting 6-8:00PM
Sunday, February 15th Youth Renewal Meeting 6-8:00PM
PARMA, OHIO 440-888-8220
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers & Altar Servers Schedule for Next Week
Feb. 7/8
4:00 PM (Sunday Vigil)
11:00 AM
Fr. Phil Pritt
Fr. Ted Haag
Fr. Ted Haag
Joe Medwetz - Host 1
JoAnn Medwetz - Host 2
Martin Prellwitz - Host 3
Kim Monaco - Cup 1
Mary Ann Pokorny - Cup 2
Elaine Mieyal - Cup 3
Janet Rymut - Cup 4
Paul Soska - Host 1
Rose Oehlstrom - Host 2
Michael Zumwalt - Host 3
Allyn Davies - Cup 1
Marlene Beohmerle - Cup 2
Val Cunningham - Cup 3
Philip Krasen - Cup 4
Betty Yurik - Host 1
John Barker - Host 2
Patti Bertschler - Host 3
Laura Zydiak - Cup 1
Randy Lamb - Cup 2
Ray Fazio - Cup 3
Curt Pavlick - Cup 4
Doug Lonero - Reader 1 & 2
Tom Litwinowicz - Reader 1
Gloria Litwinowicz - Reader 2
Ryan Merriman - Reader 1
John Bertschler - Reader 2
Ann Kolosionek - Senior Server
John Kolosionek - Server
Terry Mattie - Server
Al Kolenz - Senior Server
Joey Kolenz - Server
Kaity Kolenz - Server
Joel Kavaras - Senior Server
Michael Griesmer - Server
Benjamin Payne - Server
Cassidy Payne - Server
Adult Choir
Pat Tindal
Adult Choir
Altar Server
9:00 AM
Carmella Rosati
Catechist (Children Liturgy)
Stan Kerka
Eileen Fahey - Greeter 1
Pamela Ziss - Greeter 2
All Liturgical Ministers….
Also, please remember that issuing a request for a sub
does not automatically obtain a sub for you. It merely
sends emails to all other qualified ministers for your
position alerting them that you are seeking a sub.
Someone must still accept your assignment. If no one
does accept your assignment, you need to resort to
the old fashioned method. Please call someone to sub
for you.
From February 18-March 29,
you're invited to join other
Christians for 40 Days for
Life. 40 days of prayer and
fasting for an end to abortion.
You're also invited to stand and peacefully pray during a 40-day
vigil in the public right-of-way outside Preterm at 12000 Shaker
Boulevard, Cleveland, 44120 or Planned Parenthood at 25350
Rockside Road, Bedford Heights, 44146, or Family Planning at
54 South State Street, Painesville, 44077. Please help spread the
word about this important community outreach. If you'd like
more information and especially if you'd like to volunteer to
help, please contact: John Noall 216-245-9744 or email at:
[email protected]
Celeste Brajer - Greeter 1
Walt Konicki - Greeter 2
Sue Braun - Greeter 1
NOT FILLED - Greeter 2
North Royalton Community Meal
There is a North Royalton Community Meal held each month on
the last Sunday of the month. It is open to all residents and is
meant to build a sense of community spirit, and most importantly, to feed those in need in our community. This monthly
community meal is sponsored by the following community
churches in our area: St. Albert, Royal Redeemer Lutheran
Church, Abundant Life Community Church, North Royalton
United Methodist Church, St. Matthew the Evangelist Antiochian Orthodox Church, St. Paul Greek Orthodox and SRC
Church of the Nazarene. To check which church is hosting
call 440-237-6761
This bulletin is furnished to the Parish without charge. The advertisements that appear completely defray all publishing costs with
which the church would otherwise be burdened.
This week’s “Sponsor of the Week” is…
Covenant Books & Gifts
Royalwood Centre
12801 State Road
North Royalton
A Note from Fr. Ray…
St Matthias Ministries to the Homebound and/or Sick
I am writing to ask you to generously support the 2015 Catholic
Charities Annual Appeal. Each January, Bishop Lennon writes
to previous donors and new parish members asking for financial support for Catholic Charities so that it might continue its
care of the poor and vulnerable in Northeast Ohio.
If you or a friend are unable to get out or need assistance, please
know that St Matthias has ministries that can help you. If you
would like to have meals delivered to your home, get a ride to
the doctor or church, have a Visiting Eucharistic Minister come
to you or to be put in touch with a home health aid service call
Elaine Fechko at 440-888-8220, ext 12.
The theme of the 2015 Appeal is "Open Your Heart to Live
Joyfully and Generously!" It is the joy of our encounter with
Jesus that fills our heart with love for others and changes the
course of our lives. As our Holy Father "calls us to be in the
streets... inviting and serving those who have been left out," I
invite you to reflect on what it means to live joyfully and generously and ask you to prayerfully consider a significant pledge
to the Appeal.
Here in Cuyahoga County, the services provided by Catholic
Charities and funded, in part, by the Annual Appeal are vast
and numerous. Cosgrove Center provides a warm meal and
shower facilities. St. Augustine Health Ministries is a multifaceted organization serving people of all ages, backgrounds and
walks of life through skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted
living, long term care, hospice care and a child enrichment center. Three family centers provide support to residents of all ages
in the St. Clair- Superior, Glenville, Forest Hills and Hough
neighborhoods through early childhood programs, senior programs, food and clothing assistance, summer camps, congregate meals and more.
Dignity, Hope, Concern, Justice and Generosity — these are
the values of Catholic Charities. Through the grace of God and
the generosity of donors, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland is a beacon of hope, helping people in need. You can help
others change the course of their own lives. There is joy in
serving and joy in giving. Please give generously to the 2015
Catholic Charities Annual Appeal.
If you have already received your request from Bishop Lennon,
please respond today, In addition to the Bishop 's mailing, our
parish will conduct an in pew process on the weekend of February 14-15 in order to allow those who did not receive the mailing, or have not responded to it, to make a pledge. In an effort
to make it easier to give, pledges are payable in installments.
Catholic Charities gratefully accepts your donation of any
amount and payments may be made with a check, on a credit or
debit card, through automatic debit or bank draft and even
online at www.catholiccommunitv.org/2015Appeal.
I thank you for your financial support of the mission of the
Church in our parish, our diocese and throughout Northeast
In God’s Love,
Fr. Ray
St. Matthias Endowment Fund
The St. Matthias Endowment Fund is a permanently invested
fund designed to provide for the future of the St. Matthias Community. It is invested with The Catholic Community Foundation of the Cleveland Diocese. Ways you can contribute are:
direct gifts, bequests, memorial gifts and life insurance.
Please contact Mike Starinsky at the rectory for more information, 440-888-8220, ext 15.
St. Matthias Meal Ministry reaches out to
parishioners who are returning from the hospital
or for another reason need help with meals. They
may provide meals for a short time or an extended
time. Recipients of the service are very thankful
and overwhelmed with St Matthias generosity. Right now they
are in need of more cooks who can say yes when they get a call
from our coordinator, Ginger Price. To join the ministry call
Ginger at 216-524-4003.
Please pray for our military and their families, especially Christopher Dominick, Tim
Ryan, Joshua Haugh, Sean Sirl, Teran Chapman, David Schmidt, Timothy Schmidt, and
Patrick Chalupa.
The following items are ones we are able to send, and are
needed by the troops: Band-aids, purell, shampoo, sun
block, lip balm, hand lotion, Kleenex (individual packages),
dental products, deodorant, Dr. Scholl’s foot pads, foot
powder, breath mints, hard candy, dried fruit, “to-go”
powder drinks that are added to bottled water, crackers,
cookies, Gatorade (powder), granola bars, gum, nuts, raisins, Ramen Noodles, instant soup, white or black socks
(not dress) and sausage-beef jerky.
Items can be dropped off in the “Military” bench in the
Gathering Area. Thank you.
We have a container in the Gathering
Area for any loose change you may
have. Let’s see if we can bring clean
water to more people, start a school
and support it, or do some other GOOD
works….the change collected will be used to help make
a change!
PARMA, OHIO 440-888-8220
St. Basil Job Support Group ~ Meets every 2nd and 4th
Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Mentoring, networking,
combined with outplacement training. Free of charge with no
pre-registration. Meetings held in parish rectory. Contact Bob
Kestranek (216) 701-7661 or [email protected])
St. Basil Adult Singles ~ an adult Christian singles group
serving the Greater Cleveland/Akron area. Monthly meetings
are held the first Friday of every month at 7:30pm in the
Parish Center. For additional information, call: 216-8560946 or http://www.basilthegreat.org/singles/index.htm
St. Michael ~ROSARY for LIFE ~ Every FIRST
Tuesday at 6:30 pm in St. Michael Church, Independence.
Come and pray with us --- for the unborn, for families, for the
elderly...ALL are welcome!
2015-16 Saint Anthony of Padua
School Registration is now open!
Saint Anthony of Padua School is currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Registration is open for
grades K-8 through February 20, 2015. Registration packets are
available in the school office. The school office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 3:00 pm. Feel free to contact the
school office if you would like to schedule a tour of the school,
Seeds of Literacy, a nonprofit organization offering free, one-toone tutoring in adult basic education and GED preparation, has
an urgent need for more tutors for both our west side and new
east side locations. Founded in 1997, we are an award-winning
organization and the only nationally accredited adult literacy
provider in Cuyahoga County.
Volunteer tutors work individually with adult students on reading, writing, and math skills, offer encouragement and support,
and help students develop confidence and positive attitudes
about learning.
Please attend one of our upcoming tutor
training sessions:
Saturday, February 21st 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday, March 21st 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday, April 25th 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Trainings and tutoring held at our west
side location: 3104 W. 25th Street, 3rd
Floor • Cleveland, OH 44109
Please visit us at www.seedsofliteracy.org or at facebook.com/
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
February 3, 2015. Understanding the Gift and
Power of Emotion. Over the past 20 years remarkable discoveries have been made in the field
of neuroscience about the human brain and the
significance of emotion in every person. This
retreat will provide conversation and reflection
on a diversity of perspectives regarding the central importance
of emotions and emotional intelligence in everyday life settings
and their impact upon effective relationships, leadership and
well-being. Facilitated by Rick Krivanka. 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.
Cost is $35.
February 9, 2015. Building a Vision for Retirement: The Next
Chapter of Life. What will the retirement years be like? Can it
be a time that is truly life-giving and hope-filled? This day will
provide an engaging presentation, interactive conversation, and
time for personal reflection session for individuals looking
ahead to, or already in, retirement. It will explore the different
aspects of one’s life and build the foundation for a vital spirituality and a meaningful and purposeful way of living after 60…
or whenever! Facilitated by Fr. Norm Douglas & Rick
Krivanka. 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. Cost is $40.
February 16, 2015. Walking the Pilgrim Way with Ignatius
Loyola: Lent…Spiritual Exercises…My Journey. This retreat
will invite you to enhance your prayer life by experiencing your
Lenten journey through Ignatian Spirituality. We'll examine
the major dimensions of the Spiritual Exercises and how they
correlate with prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Mass and homecooked lunch are included. Facilitated by Dr. Andy Kereky.
9:00 am – 3:00 pm Cost is $35.
February 19, 2015 from 6pm – 9pm. “Tap” into JRH-An Evening of Fun, Conversation & Raffle. A JRH Fundraiser held
at Great Lakes Brewing Company Tasting Room, 2701 Carroll
Ave., Cleveland. Guest Speaker: Michael McLaughlin “85”,
Saint Ignatius High School Head Soccer Coach and Department
Chair, Theology. Fun, raffle, and great conversation. Tickets
$30 each -- includes appetizers and 2 beer drink tickets.
February 22, 2015. Fortifying Our Foundation. The Principle
and Foundation (P&F) is Saint Ignatius’ mission statement for
the Spiritual Exercises. This day will provide an opportunity to
return to the P&F and make it your own. Using scripture, poetry and song, we will prayerfully explore the themes of
the P&F and clarify our own vision for discipleship. This will
be a great way for all of us who practice Ignatian Spirituality to
begin our Lenten journey. Dinner will be provided. Facilitated
by Patrick Cleary-Burns. 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Cost is $35.
February 23, March 2,9,23, April 6,13,20, 27, 2015. Meeting
Christ in Prayer. Is your prayer life stuck in neutral? This program will give it a jump start. This is an 8 week introduction to
Ignatian prayer. It will take you from meeting God in your own
experience to meeting the Risen Christ. A perfect Lenten experience. A workbook will be provided, plus guidance by Fr. Matt.
It is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Facilitated by Fr. Matt Roche, S.J. 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Cost is $75
for the series.
To register for any of the above events contact Jesuit Retreat
House 440-884-9300 or visit www.jrh-cleveland.org
Natural Family Planning Class
Come learn a healthy, effective method of family planning that
will increase your communication, strengthen your marriage
and enrich your faith! Great for any time in your marriage –
whether you are just engaged or have been married for 20
years!. The first session of an NFP Class will begin Weds, Feb.
10th, at 6:30pm at St. John Bosco in Parma Heights. Register
online at www.ccli.org or call Jenny & Rich Amiot at 440-8433981 for more info.
MARRIED COUPLES - Do you know that
more than 1,500,000 couples in over 92 countries have experienced a Worldwide Marriage
Encounter Weekend? They found something
worth passing on. The next weekend is scheduled for February 13-15, 2015 at the Cambria
Uniontown. For more information call Scott or Lori at 330305-9963 or visit www.wwme.org
Free Lunch-n-Learn Event:
Therapy and Music in Dementia with Angela Salazar
The 2015 Catholic Charities
Annual Appeal invites us
open our hearts to live joyfully and generously! Dignity, Hope, Concern, Justice and Generosity are the values of
Catholic Charities. Through the grace of God and the generosity of donors, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland is a beacon of hope, helping people in need.
Many parishioners received letters in January, inviting their
support of the Annual Appeal. You can help others change the
course of their own lives. There is joy in serving and joy in
giving. Please give generously to the 2015 Catholic Charities
Annual Appeal and prayerfully consider an increase over your
last year’s pledge.
We invite you to view stories of inspiration and more information at www.catholiccommunity.org/2015Appeal.
The First Friday Club of Cleveland
“Prayer, There’s an App for That!”
Thursday, February 5, 2015
Tuesday, February 10th from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm at
Arden Courts of Parma
9205 Sprague Road
Parma, OH 44133
Seating is limited, call 440-886-5858
or e-mail [email protected]om for reservations.
Please join the First Friday Club in welcoming Fr. Michael Denk
as our speaker. Father Michael J. Denk is the Parochial Vicar at
St. Joseph in Amherst. Fr. Michael J. Denk was ordained into
priesthood for the Diocese of Cleveland on May 12, 2007. He
received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts from St. Mary
Seminary in Wickliffe, OH and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, with a specialization in Video and Audio Production
from Cleveland State University in 2001.
Listening, Encouraging, and Assisting Families
Fr. Michael is dedicated to helping others encounter Christ
through the celebration of the Eucharist, Preaching, Confession,
Spiritual Direction, and Prayer. He is devoted to the poor especially in Africa and El Salvador where he has been on mission
Support for Families and Loved Ones of Incarcerated
All are welcome, irrespective of faith affiliation
If you have a loved one or family member who is incarcerated
and are looking for a safe, welcoming community where you
can feel comfortable and where you will be accepted without
judgment, please plan to join us on one of the below dates.
LEAF Ministry is a new initiative of the Catholic Ministry to
the Incarcerated of the Diocese of Cleveland, dedicated to
serving the special needs families face when a loved one is
incarcerated. Although we are a ministry with limited funds
and are unable to offer financial help, we will offer an opportunity for you to listen and share community, network and
learn from others who understand your situation, challenges,
fears and emotions. Child care provided.
This is a non-denominational gathering of fellow travelers
who share your burden. For more information visit our website at www.leafministry.org
Thur. Feb 19, Mar 19
Church of the Holy Angels
18205 Chillicothe Road
Chagrin Falls, OH 44024
Wed. Feb. 11, Mar. 11
St. Ladislas Church
23345 Basset Rd.
Westlake, Ohio 44145
With a focus in communications, Fr. Michael tries to incorporate
new media into his ministries. He has worked to produce a mobile application called The “EXAMEN” App, which was designed to help people connect to God all throughout the day with
their smartphone or tablet. Fr. Michael is also an avid blogger;
you can read his blog at www.TheProdigalFather.org.
In 2014, Fr. Michael launched his latest venture, a non‐profit
organization called “The Prodigal Father Productions”. The
non‐profit’s tagline is “God’s Love, Graciously Given” and its
mission is to provide programming, educational tools, and training utilizing existing and new media to bring forth personal
awareness, health, and spiritual growth worldwide.
To reserve your seat contact your table chair person call 440-390
-0172 or Email: [email protected]
Tickets are $20.00 CASH or CHECK ‐made payable to:
First Friday Club Cleveland
Luncheons are Held at The City Club of Cleveland 850 Euclid
Avenue, 2nd Floor Cleveland, OH 44114