“Request for input - Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Dear Sir,
In relation to your discussion paper (above) the following comments are offered on behalf of the
Motor Trade association of SA Inc., a federally registered employer organisation representing
approximately 1100 automotive businesses in SA.
Whilst attempts to contact the Dept. of Immigration and Border Protection by phone were
unsuccessful, it is hoped our specific concerns will be considered along with the other interested
The key issues raised on page 5 of this discussion paper –were stated in 3 questions. Please see
our replies below.
“Request for input
At this early stage of the review, the department is seeking general input from stakeholders on
elements raised within this discussion paper. Questions have been developed to focus input and
assist the department in analysing views of a range of stakeholders.” Stakeholders are encouraged
to provide input to the following points where applicable”:
Question 1. Are there any specific aspects of the programmes or the processes that could be
MTA answer:a) Yes, for small business there are issues of determining whether there are appropriate
methods for assessing suitable transferrable skills particularly for trade level skill migrants
from non-European migrants
b) Assessment criteria should be clear, developed in concert with each Skills Council (e.g. Auto
Skills Australia). Then the assessment process should be completed prior to leaving the
country of origin, any skills gaps identified, an assessment of whether such skills gaps can be
rectified in a reasonable time, and appropriate training program signed off prior to
migration. Such program to be completed prior to placement unless Host business has
capacity to do so.
c) Red Tape delays seem to be prevalent between processing applications at State Migration
Authorities which then have to be vetted via Federal Authorities. Some form of checklist
should be achievable at the State level to minimise this delay in finalising applications.
d) The other issue is that where there are skills gaps identified under temporary visa
arrangements, rather than returning to the country of origin, astute migrants seem to go
underground, seeking further work and joining like support groups to beat the system – we
had experience of this up to 3 years ago – one questions such persons bona fides for the
purpose behind migration and frustration of small business
Question 2. Do you have skilled migration needs that are not being currently met within the
existing skilled migration visa programme?
MTA answer:Yes, largely among small business, due to incapacity to assess skills of persons from largely
non-European Countries purporting to have equivalent tradesperson competencies and
finding on arrival retraining necessary (at high cost for temporary visa holders) or incapacity
to achieve standards required
Question 3. To what extent should the current key visa components be incorporated into a new
skilled migration visa programme?
MTA answer:The financial aspect of temporary visa holders having to receive $53000(approx.) as a
minimum salary is a disincentive to small business in filling gaps in regionally disadvantaged
areas where the nature of the work and capacity to pay is limited. Certainly aces to
permanent visa holders is available but they are nervous where skills recognition is a risk –
this also causes delays in filling skills gaps and in a few cases leads to business closures
where due to age/health/poaching, key staff are lost.
Please consider these issues based on our experience with 457 visas particularly for our small
business members.
We acknowledge our larger members, especially Dealers, have the capacity and do travel to Europe
in their pursuit of quality applicants – resulting in few problems foreshadowed above.
Thank You Paul Eblen
On behalf of Paul Unerkov,
Chief Executive Officer.
Paul Eblen | Industrial Relations, Health, Safety,
Environment and Training C
Level 1, 81 Greenhill Road, Wayville SA 5034 |
t 08 8291 2015 | m 0417 814 916 | f
08 8291 2099 | www.mta-sa.asn.au
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