Elective Course Catalog - University Heights High School

University Heights High School
Spring 2015
Elective Catalog
Table of Contents
Graduation Requirements
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Instructions for Online Course Registration
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Elective Course Descriptions ….........................................................................................
Graduation Requirements
The requirements listed below show the minimum number of credits and other requirements
necessary to graduate. Students at UHHS take courses beyond the minimum in order to better
prepare themselves for college and to fulfill DOE senior requirements..
UHHS Diploma
UHHS Diploma
(Honors Program)
8 credits
Regents Exam
7 or more
English PBAT
History PBAT
Science PBAT
1 or more*
55 hours
8 credits
Regents Exam
7 or more
English PBAT
History PBAT
Science PBAT
1 per semester*
55 hours
English Language Arts
US History & Government
Global History & Geography
Participation in Government
Arts and Music
Foreign Language
Physical Education
(Performance-Based Assessment Tasks)
College Course
Community Service
*Note: All students are encouraged to take as many colleges courses for which they qualify. Students must have 3
years of honor’s courses with the minimum requirements to qualify for an honors diploma.
Students graduating from University Heights High School must complete their PBATs
(performance-based assessment tasks) in order to earn their high school diploma. In New York,
students may only graduate after completing the state requirements on assessment. Currently this is
the New York State Regents examination. ​
, our school along with other consortium schools
has been granted a waiver from all of the state examinations except for the English Regents. Although
all students are required to take and pass the English regents with a minimum score of 65, ​
they are
still required​
by the state to complete their English PBAT. The state has allowed our students to earn
their Regents requirements by demonstrating mastery through PBAT’s. To this point, ALL STUDENTS
get their Regents Diploma by completing their ​
four PBATs​
in Math, Science, English and History. For
information on consortium schools please visit​
Students with IEPs (individual education plans) still need to complete PBAT’s, which will follow their
IEP modifications. Students who have transferred in their last year may request an administrative
review. Only a Regents diploma can be given. If a student does not complete their PBAT’s, they will
not be able to get their Regents diploma, and thus ​
. In addition to PBAT’s,
students need to successfully complete all course and credit requirements in order to be eligible for
Instructions for Online Course Registration
For the 2014-15 school year, students at University Heights will be able to choose their elective
courses online. Like college students, University Heights High School students should review the
courses available from an online catalog of course descriptions, consider their options carefully and
choose a course that interests them.
Instructions for Registering Online:
1. Read the information in this Elective Course Catalog. The catalog has the listing of all electives
offered this coming semester. If you are unsure about an elective, feel free to find a staff
member who will assist you.
2. Once you finish reading the catalog, go to the University Heights High School website and click
the registration link.
Important: Registration may require you to login with your Hawk Account.
3. Follow the instructions on the online form. Make sure all your information is correct when you
fill out the form. Failure to do so may cause your submission to be lost.
4. Click Submit at the end of the form. If you don’t click “submit”, the system will not record your
Important: After you click submit, a message will be displayed confirming your
5. The administrative team at University Heights High School will make every effort to program
you for one of your 4 choices, in order of your preference, provided you meet the
prerequisites, miscellaneous school requirements and the courses have not reached
maximum enrollment. Course availability is subject to change.
If you have any questions, contact your advisory teacher or school administration. Any students who
have not registered by the registration deadline will forfeit their scheduling priority and will have an
elective chosen for them after all other students have registered.
Elective Course Descriptions
Computer Drawing and Animation Using JavaScript ​
Prerequisite(s): Geometry
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (Math or Art)
In this course, you'll learn how to use the JavaScript language and the ProcessingJS library to create
fun drawings and animations. If you've never programmed before, start here to learn how.
Introduction to Philosophy ​
Pre-requisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (Social Science)
Introduction to Philosophy: Why do we exist? Have you ever found yourself questioning man’s
existence or the meaning of life? How did the world get the way it is anyway and what does it mean
to live a meaningful life in a changing world? These questions and more we will be discussed and
analyzed during this course. Many students already have thought about these questions but have
limited tools for asking and engaging with them in meaningful ways. In Philosophy 101 we will
consider why does man exist and do we have choice or are our actions predetermined. Through
debate, discussion, analysis and reflection, Philosophy 101 will strive to provide a way of questioning
the world and learning to live with the questions and answers in a meaningful way.
Media Production ​
Pre-requisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (English)
Students will discover how media influences thoughts and actions through a behind the scenes look
at audible and visual media production. Students will have an opportunity to produce their own
media content and contribute to the Heights News Network (HNN), a student run news program.
History of America Through Film ​
Pre-requisite(s): Global 1-4
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (History)
Starting with ​
The Birth of a Nation​
, students will view classic American cinema with differing views on
culture, and social issues of specific time periods. Movies such as ​
Sergeant York,​
which can be viewed
as a war propaganda movie for the U.S., will be shown in conjunction with the movie ​
Born on the
Fourth of July,​
which is an anti-war movie. Other movies with social commentary will be viewed as we
well, such as ​
Boyz in the Hood​
Cider House Rules, ​
to name a couple.
Sports and Society ​
Prerequisite(s): ELA Regents
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (History or English)
We will use sports as a lens to study history and critique it’s influence on society at large. We will
examine elements of race, gender, politics, money, and ethics to better understand how the time,
place, and date of an event can change the meaning and importance of it. An interest in sports and
reading about sports will be key to the course. You will need to be able to write, read, analyze and
listen. This course will not serve as a forum for debating what player is best; instead we will examine
why that debate is even important.
Personal Wellness ​
Prerequisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (Health)
Here is the description for the wellness elective. Students will have an opportunity to learn how to
make healthy lifestyle choices in this course. Physical activity will be included as part of our
curriculum and students will participate in weekly yoga sessions. Since wellness also encompasses
healthy eating habits students will also be required to take part in gardening activities.
Prerequisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (TBD)
This course will help students learn the concepts and skills necessary to properly prepare for the
mathematics portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. You will review topics including, but not limited
to, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc. In addition, students will learn advanced test taking skills.
This course is recommended for students that will be taking the PSAT or SAT exam in the fall.
Anatomy and Physiology ​
Prerequisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (Science)
Anatomy and Physiology delves into the structure and function of the human body and investigates
how the integrated human body systems work. Throughout your journey, you will discover and
explore the body systems, current research and discoveries in the scientific world, and how science
influences your everyday life. Students interested in medicine, physical therapy and the health
sciences would benefit from this class.
Writing Through Film ​
Prerequisite(s): None
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (History or English)
In Writing Through Film students will look at controversial films. This will lead to having in depth
conversations, debates and creating essays on key elements. Students will be exposed to different
ways in which people from different cultures, societies, races and time periods handle adversity.
Culminating grades will be project based in nature.
Cycling ​
Prerequisite(s): No academic or extracurricular conflicts on
Tuesday and Thursday
Grade(s): 10-12
Credit(s): 1 (Gym or Health)
The Cycling elective is a class that focuses on challenging yourself by setting goals and reaching
them as a team. While learning aspects about nutrition, physical fitness, cycling skills, strength
training and classroom skills, students will complete the course with a 100 mile bike ride. All
additional requirements are outlined in the cycling contract if you are selected to participate in the
program. All equipment will be provided once accepted in the program.