Family tried to dissuade jihadist killed in Iraq

Gulf Daily News
Thursday, 29th January 2015
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Family tried to dissuade jihadist killed in Iraq
n A picture reportedly of Mr
Al Jowder circulating online
RELATIVES of a Bahraini reportedly
killed in an Islamic State (IS) suicide
mission in Iraq had unsuccessfully tried
to persuade him to turn his back on the
militant group and come home, sources
close to the family told the GDN.
The family of Abdulaziz Al Jowder,
who is believed to be in his late teens, is
understood to have accepted new reports
of his death as credible, even though it is
the second time such claims have been
Last October, another Bahraini IS vol-
unteer, Mohammed Binali, claimed Mr
Al Jowder died fighting in Iraq.
However, Mr Al Jowder later contacted his father while he was receiving condolences to say that he was still alive.
It has now been claimed that Mr
Al Jowder has since died in a suicide
bombing in northern Baghdad, although
that could not be verified yesterday and
Foreign Ministry officials could not be
reached for comment.
Mr Al Jowder’s immediate family declined to speak to the media, but a relative said attempts had previously been
made to persuade him to return home.
“His parents and elders had been trying to reach out and talk to him in the
hope that they could convince him, get
him out of whatever he was into and
bring him back to Bahrain,” the relative
said on condition of anonymity.
“But unfortunately they couldn’t do
this and, to my knowledge, he has not
called back since last October.”
The relative said the family was taking latest reports of his death seriously.
“We believe the report this time is
true, though unfortunate, because he
was involved with dangerous groups,”
they said.
Mr Al Jowder is believed to have
joined up with IS last July, a decision
that the relative said caused “shock and
pain” for his family.
“It is a shame on our family, which
has a name and good reputation in Bahrain,” they added.
“The boy’s father has refused
to speak to anyone in the family
or outside about this.”
If reports of his death are
true, Mr Al Jowder would be
the sixth Bahraini believed to
have died fighting in Iraq and
Syria since 2011.
The GDN reported last July
that at least four Bahrainis had
reportedly died since 2011 after signing up to fight in Syria
against President Bashar Al Assad’s forces.
Last September Bahraini
teenager Ibrahim Al Awadhi
was reportedly killed in Iraq
during US air strikes on IS targets.
Young musicians
vie for honours
SIX musicians have gone
through to today’s final of
BSME Young Musicians
of the Gulf competition.
The semi-final of the 16th
British Schools in the Middle East’s annual competition was held at St Christopher’s School last night.
Pianists Hei Wei Li and
Xiaolin Zhang, who was last
year’s winner, made it into
the final, along with singers
Zahid Siddiqui and Alaw
Henderson, St Christopher’s
School student and tabla
player Sriram Venkatesh
and cellist Joonwoo Jeong.
Three music experts from
the UK have flown in to
judge the competition.
They are conductor and
examiner Richard Dickins,
conductor Christopher Adey
and flautist and teacher Atarah Ben-Tobin.
The grand finale tonight
will be held at
the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and
Spa starting at 7pm.
The same month a video allegedly featuring four Bahraini
IS fighters was released online,
in which they sought to provoke Bahrain’s Sunni community against the government,
the Shi’ite population and
American installations, while
also calling for a boycott of last
November’s election.
The men in the video were
identified in subtitles as Abu
Isa Al Selmi, Abu Al Feda’ Al
Selmi, Qaswra Al Bahraini and
Abu Laden Al Bahraini.
Bahrain’s Interior Ministry
has warned that anyone who
travels abroad to take up arms
in regional conflicts would face
prosecution upon their return,
while the country was among
five Arab nations that joined
US-led military action against
the IS in Syria last year.
Arab traveller
caught with
drugs quizzed
n Participants in last night’s round, from left, Michel Toutoungy, Sandip Roy and Lulu Al Sugair
The contest is being sponsored by Euro Motors.
The competition, which
has grown into a premier
music event for young
n A section of the audience
was inaugurated by St Christopher’s School in 1998.
Ten schools from Kuwait,
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah,
Doha and Bahrain are taking
part in the contest.
For ticket details for the final,
call 17788101 or 17598600.
[email protected]
n The panel of judges
THE Public Prosecution has
questioned an Arab traveller,
who was caught with 99,457
captagon pills weighing 17kg
at Bahrain International Airport
last week. They were found in
his luggage during a search by
Customs officials.
The suspect told the Prosecution he was planning to travel to
Saudi Arabia by land and that a
person had asked him to hand
over the haul to someone else
Muharraq Prosecution Chief
Abdulla Al Dossari said he was
taken to the Saudi side of King
Fahad Causeway and attempts
to contact the other suspect (s)
He said the information provided was not serious and the
suspect was taken back for
He admitted that his role
consisted in delivering the
drugs for money.
He was accused of smuggling
drugs into the country with the
intention of selling them and
has been remanded in custody
for further investigation.