Waterfront mall opens in Muharraq Olympic panel

Gulf Daily News
Sunday, 1st February 2015
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Scheme to reward
recycling efforts
machine that rewards people for recycling will be
set up in private schools
and universities across
Anyone who deposits a
plastic bottle or aluminium
can in the Reverse Vending
Machine (RVM) will receive
a code that can be used to
collect points online, which
can then be exchanged for
airline tickets, electronics or
The recycling technology
is being brought to the country by Green Vision Bahrain
n At the signing ceremony are, from left, Mr El Taher, Mr Al Hamed, Mr Barak and Mr Vincent
after signing an agreement with
Beirut-based waste manage-
ment firm Averda, which has
designed and implemented the
RVM in more than nine countries.
It is expected to be rolled out
by mid-February, according to
Green Vision Bahrain senior
public relations and marketing
consultant Ahlam Khalifa.
“The RVMs will be launched
in stages. First, the machines
will be placed in private
schools and universities,” said
Ms Khalifa.
“Then in major malls around
the country until the machines
are familiar.
“The idea is that the machines should eventually be
placed in industrial areas and
areas with labourers as they
consume lots of canned and
bottled drinks on sites.”
The company will initially
award gifts such as electronics,
airline tickets, household items
and toys for children, but will
eventually offer cash to people
with the highest points, said Ms
“The machines will work
sort of like an ATM machine
once you get your card after
registering,” she explained.
“You will put your card into
the machine, deposit the bottles
and cans and your account will
be credited with points which
you can redeem on our website, where we have a variety of
things to pick from.
“For example let’s say
you have 1,000 points – if a
ticket to somewhere is available, you can redeem those
points to get the ticket or
choose from a list of other
“This will motivate people
to collect more and more.
“To attract more people in
the industrial areas we will
be introducing cash redemption eventually.”
Ms Khalifa said two different types of machines
will be set up, including one
that will display information
about ways to protect the environment.
“We have two types of
machines; one with an LCD
screen and one without,
and we have specifically chosen not to put LCD
ones in schools so they
won’t distract children,” she
“The ones with the LCDs
will be placed in malls and
will display environmental
“We believe that the machines in schools will do
well as children will be
motivated by the rewards
they can get for the points
they earn.
“The hope is that they
will be motivated enough
that they will bring bottles
and cans from their homes
as well as those they use in
schools to get as many points
as possible.”
The signing ceremony for
the agreement was attended by Green Vision Bahrain
chief executive Ahmed El
Taher, general manger Asim
Al Hamed, Averda GCC operations head Jeroen Vincent
and UAE country manager
Yousef Barak.
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mall opens
in Muharraq
A NEW BD20 million waterfront
shopping mall has opened for
business in Muharraq.
Seef Mall Muharraq, a joint
venture from Seef Properties,
The Malls Company and Hayakala, covers 72,000 square metres
and is anchored by a Geant Hypermarket alongside 132 other
Among the other attractions
on offer at the mall are a food
court, restaurants, a Magic Island family entertainment centre and a 14-theatre Cineplex,
featuring Bahrain’s first IMAX
theatre, which is due to open in
July this year.
“Our new mall is our third
shopping centre in Bahrain,” said
Seef Properties general manager
Robert Addison.
“The unique location overlooking the waterfront and Arad
Fort adds to the whole shopping
“The project is 100 per cent
pre-let and we have filled the
mall with brands and restaurants
that we are sure will appeal to the
whole family.”
The new mall is expected to
become “the commercial heart of
Muharraq”, Mr Addison added.
To find Seef Mall Muharraq,
take the Arad Fort turning off
Arad Highway.
Olympic panel
‘unaware of
games plan’
BAHRAIN’S Olympic Committee (BOC) was unaware of any
plans to host a future games with
Saudi Arabia, it has been reported.
In an interview with Russian
state news agency Sputnik, BOC
general secretary Abdulrahman
Askar said he had been in contact with Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee officials following
news of the bid, who were similarly unaware of the move.
“We do not have any information regarding this, our colleagues from the Saudi Olympic
Committee have not consulted us
on this matter,” he said.
The GDN reported last week
on Saudi Arabian General Organisation for Youth and Sports
Prince Fahd bin Jalawi Al Saud’s
comments to French sporting
website Francs Jeux that a future gender-segregated Olympics
co-hosted with Bahrain was a
He proposed that recent resolutions passed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
paved the way for a games where
women’s events would be held in
Bahrain with the men’s competitions held in Saudi Arabia.
However, IOC officials were
quick to dismiss the idea.
n Al Hekma International School’s under-nine boys’ football team beat Arsenal Academy Bahrain
to win ‘Bahrain Beachcombers U9 Boys’ championship at the Rugby Club, Saar. Twenty-four
teams competed. Above, the winning team.