Global Sustainability Services

Global Sustainability Services
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Address sustainability and integrated
reporting has became a necessity.
In today’s market, companies of any size
are adapting to the reality that
sustainability issues like resource
scarcity, climate change, regulatory
pressure and stakeholders’ influence are
driving up the costs.
An increasing number of companies
and organisations are looking to make
their operations sustainable and
contribute to sustainable development.
What are the benefits?
Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
can help organisations achieve this by
measuring, understanding and
communicating their economic,
environmental, social and governance
• Increased understanding of risks and
Systematic sustainability reporting helps
organisations to measure the impacts
they cause or experience, set goals, and
manage change. A sustainability report
is the key platform for communicating
sustainability performance and
impacts – whether positive or negative.
• Influencing long term management
strategy and policy, and business
Crowe Horwath’s global, multidisciplinary
team combines our core experience in
assurance, tax, transactions and advisory
with climate change and sustainability
skills and deep industry knowledge.
You’ll receive a tailored service
supported by global methodologies to
address issues relating to your specific
Benefits for companies and
organisations can include:
• Emphasising the link between
financial and non-financial
• Streamlining processes, reducing
costs and improving efficiency.
• Benchmarking and assessing
sustainability performance with respect
to laws, norms, codes, performance
standards, and voluntary initiatives.
• Avoiding being implicated in
publicised environmental, social and
governance failures.
• Comparing performance internally,
and between organisations and
industry sectors.
• Improving reputation and brand
• Enabling external stakeholders to
understand the organisation’s true
value, and tangible and intangible
• Demonstrating how the organisation
influences expectations about
sustainable development
• Minimising the risks in the supply
chains and improving operational
efficiency of businesses
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Sustainability strategy
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How we can help
Our range of Global Sustainability
Services provide you with expert,
international processes to help your
company to:
• Identify the context and the
financial and non-financial impacts on
your organisation.
• Develop a sustainability strategy
aligned with corporate strategy.
• Produce reports under global
• Provide Assurance to non-financial
reports (Sustainability, Integrated, CSR
Services to develop, deploy and
communicate sustainability strategy,
aligned with stakeholders’ views and
corporate strategy.
Through our strategy services, we
develop strategic plans for sustainability,
models for integrated capitals
management, materiality analysis for
sustainability and <IR> and
strategy-execution services like
development of roadmaps, design of
scorecards and tailored execution plans.
Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
Reporting is the most visible
deliverable of our work. We help
customers to produce their Integrated
Reports, GRI Sustainability Reports and
UNGC Communications of
Progress, among other non-financial
types of reports. We also help to develop
and deploy the management systems to
sourcing the information for the
reporting cycle and to ensure compliance
with norms and regulations.
Sustainability management
Services to assess the capacity of
management and management systems
to develop and maintain maximum
sustainability value enhancement.
Environmental solutions
Strategic advisory to ease the transition
process to low-carbon and
energy-efficient economies.
Sustainability performance &
materiality diagnostic
Services to assess sustainability
materiality and value enhancement
Report assurance
External assurance of report contents
(integrated / sustainability) and of carbon
Supply chain services
Services to improve the supply chain
ESG compliance, supplier appraisal
and / or provide third-party audit of
supply chains for sustainable
Environment, social & governance
due diligence
Due diligence procedures for supporting
valuation from a environment, social and
governance viewpoint.
Environmental, social & governance
Risk assessment and comprehensive risk
management strategy for environmental
and social risks to complement your Risk
Management Approach.
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