Vendor opportunity information

Sponsorship / Application Contract
Eastern Shore SHRM Regional Conference
Thursday, April 16, 2015
“Changing Horizons on the Eastern Shore”
The Fountains Wedding and Conference Center –
Salisbury, MD
Deadline for Sponsorship and Exhibitor registration is March 31, 2015
Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities
Vendor Fees:
$400 through March 1st
$500 through March 31st
Total Amount Enclosed
Sponsor and Exhibitor
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Product or Service:
Please mail this completed form as soon as possible to:
Eastern Shore SHRM Checks - Payable to Eastern Shore SHRM
P.O. Box 3778
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
Attn: SHRM Conference Committee
Form also available online at
Exhibitor Opportunities:
Thursday, April 16, 2015
“Changing Horizons on the Shore”
Numerous human resource professionals from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia are expected to attend the premier HR event, featuring extraordinary
speakers, thought provoking topics of HR services and entertainment. Exhibitor opportunities are available on a first come basis; we hope that you’ll join us
on Thursday April 16, 2015 for this fantast networking opportunity.
The 2015 Eastern Shore SHRM Conference will be held at the
Fountains Wedding and Conference Center at 1800 Sweetbay Drive
in Salisbury, MD. For additional information on the venue as well as
directions, please note their website:
Cost for an Exhibitor Opportunity is $400.00 prior to March 1st, 2015
and $500.00 up till March 31st, 2015. Exhibitors will receive a booth
that consists of a six (6) foot skirted table with two chairs, a
wastebasket, and electricity (limited to first come, first serve).
Internet connectivity is available at no additional charge.
Please contact an Eastern Shore SHRM Conference Committee
member for pricing and order forms. Exhibitors will also receive on
site signage and a complimentary lunch for two.
Exhibitors Setup and Hours
The exhibit hall will be available for setup beginning at 7:00AM the
morning of the conference. Booths must be disassembled
immediately after the conference.
Door Prize/ Grand Prize
Exhibitors are encouraged to donate a gift card or item for a door
prize drawing to be held at the end of the conference. Exhibitors are
welcome to announce a winner of their door prize at the closing
reception. All participants who complete their exhibitor’s card will
be eligible for the grand prize drawing, guaranteeing exhibitors face
to face contact with each participant.
In the event of an exhibitor’s cancellation, written notification must
be received by March 15, 2015. Refunds will be subject to a $100
processing fee. No refunds will be made after March 15, 2015.
Hotel Accommodations
Rooms are available at local hotels. Please contact an Eastern Shore
SHRM Conference Committee member for pricing and additional
To register, please complete the online registration form at
Please submit registration form and check to:
Eastern Shore SHRM
P.O. Box 3778
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
Attn: HR Conference
Eastern Shore Society of Human Resource Management (ES SHRM)
2015 Exhibitors Rules and Regulations
1. Contract for exhibit space: The order of the booths
assignment of space and the payment of the charges
constitutes a contract.
2. Assignment of space: Allocation of space will be made on
a first come, first serve basis. ES SHRM reserves the right
to change assignments
3. Payment of space: Applications/contracts must be
accompanied by full payment and mailed to the address
on the application/contract by March 15th, 2015.
4. Cancellation or withdrawal: An exhibitor may cancel or
withdraw from the 2015 ES SHRM Conference in writing
before March 15, 2015 for a full refund minus $100
administrative fee. After March 15, 2015, no refund will
be given.
5. Occupancy of space: The exhibit hall will be available for
setup beginning at 7:00AM the morning of the
conference. Booths must be disassembled immediately
after the conference.
6. Termination of contract: If the premises where the ES
SHRM conference is held is destroyed or damaged, or the
exhibitions fails to take place as scheduled or is relocated,
interrupted, or discontinued; or access to the premises is
prevent due to any strike, lockout, injunction, act of war,
act of God, or an emergency declared by any government
agency, this contract may be terminated by the ES SHRM.
In the event of such termination, the exhibitor waives any
and all damages and claims for damages and agrees that
the sole liability of ES SHRM is to return the payment in
7. Exhibitors’ representation: Each exhibitor organization
must have at least one person acting as its representative
with authorization to enter into service contracts
necessary for the installation and removal of exhibits, and
materials placed within an exhibitor’s booth are the
responsibility for that exhibitor. The exhibitor agrees not
to sublet any of their assigned space as provided.
8. Exhibit standards: ES SHRM shall retain the right to
prohibit any part of an exhibit that it does not deem
suitable for the exposition, or in keeping with the
character of the purpose of the conference.
9. Liability and insurance: Exhibitors agree to protect, save,
or keep ES SHRM forever harmless from any damages or
charges imposed for a violation of any law or ordinance
by the negligence of the exhibitor, as well as strictly
comply with the applicable terms and conditions
contained in the agreement between the conference
center and ES SHRM. Further, the exhibitor shall at all
times protect the board of directors for ES SHRM against
any loss, damage, liability, or expense arising from the
exhibitor’s occupancy of the exhibit space. ES SHRM will
exercise great care at to the protection of the exhibitor’s
property. By signing this contract, the exhibitor releases
ES SHRM and the conference center from any liability.
Safety: Fire regulations require that all display material
used for decoration be flame proof. All electrical
equipment including signage and lights shall be in good
condition and be able to pass inspection by the Fire
Marshall. Use of flammable materials necessary to the
exhibit where no alternatives can be used must first be
brought to the attention of ES SHRM sixty (60) days prior
to the event in writing.
Shipping: The exhibitor agrees to ship (at their own risk
and expense) all property to be exhibited. All shipments
must be prepaid. Further information will be forwarded
upon receipt of the application/contract.
Booth furniture and special work: Information will be
forwarded upon request and the receipt of this
Copyright permission: Exhibitor represents and warrants
that no work protected by copyright will be staged,
produces, or otherwise performed without the expressed
written consent of the owner of the copyrighted material.
Miscellaneous regulations: Exhibitor shall not foster or
conduct outside activities which would take participants
from the conference function and/or exposition during
the scheduled hours.
Specific site rule and regulations: By signing this
application/contract, the exhibitor agrees to all rules and
regulations set forth by the conference center as well as
any union rules specific to the location.
Amendments to regulations: Any and all matters not
related or mentioned in these rules and regulations shall
be the decision of the ES SHRM. The aforementioned
items covered in these rules and regulations may be
changed at anytime by ES SHRM in the interest of the
conference and notice thereof shall be binding.
Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to
be fully familiar with these rules and regulations.
Rights reserved. ES SHRM reserves the right to refuse
space to any potential exhibitor or advertiser.